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    It had gotten to the point that staring at the wall had become a hobby. Never before in her life had she not had someone she could talk to when she was bored- except for now. She had had a few friends at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and even on Dathomir where she had no true friends at least she had her family, but here- she hadn't really met anyone, never yet bothered to get to know the people around her.

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    Syren was walking to her quarters when she that an unnoccupied room had its door closed. Curious to see who had moved in, she lightly rapped on it with her knuckles.


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      Kasi spinned around to face the door. Curious to know who might be knocking on her door, seeing as she most definitally wasn't expecting anyone, she opened the door to face a girl she had neer met before.

      "Can I help you?"


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        She shrugged.

        "Depends on what kind of help you give."

        Syren's blue eyes gazed over the occupant - who was clearly not expecting anyone. "Sorry if I was disturbing you .. It's just that I've never seen this room occupied."


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          "Obviously you haven't been paying attention then.... because this room has been occupied for some time...
          And, it would be impossible to have disturbed me, seeing as I was doing nothing in the first place."


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            "How could I see that you were doing nothing when I was walking down the corridor?"

            This girl had an obvious attitude, making Syren's upper lip curl into a slight sneer. She turned around and began to make way down the hallway. Funny, how some people chose to be disagreeable for no reason.