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The first of many....

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  • The first of many....

    Tempist walked into the medbay, followed by Klis, his first apprentice. He had just finished his first training session, and done well.

    "Just sit back, and let the droids do their work. That's what they're made for. It's actually rather amusing to watch them, they look so stupid as they scurry around and get the supplies."

    The closest droid apparently overheard his remark and gave a few beeps, probably a curse in some strange binary language. He turned to it and smiled.

    "Nothing personal."

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    Klis entered the bay, following his Master close.
    The desciple finds the first open seat and sits down slowly. Groaning and moaning from his first beating. First of many he's sure. But he lets off a slight cackle at his Master's words.
    Klis let's the droids work their duty, relaxing in his seat. Smacking an occasional droid that applies some liquid that'll induce pain. Or just for the hell of it..


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      He sat down accross from his apprentice, only a few feet away, and waved off a droid what was looking at his cut. He'd grown used to letting them just turn into scars unless they were life threatening or near crippling, and intended to let this one do it as well, a reminder of his first training session as the teacher.

      "So now you know that there is a purpose to everything. I wouldn't stear you into a dead end, just trust me in my actions and words. We'll start your next session in two days, it'll give you time to rest and converse with others of the Empire."


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        Klis nods. Looking at the wound he had caused his Master.
        "I'm sorry Master. I didn't mean to injure you badly."


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          He stifled a small laugh at Klis's remark.

          "Don't worry, you didn't hurt me badly... this time. I expect that in the future, you will though, and that is when I'll know that I have succeded in training you. You'll learn with time, it's a long process. Mos Esley wasn't built in a day, you know."


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            Klis nods, letting the droid's work. Still smacking a few.
            "I understand Master. I hope I will turn out to be what you expected."

            OOC: Did you mean Two days irl? If so, that's fine. I'm just wondering.


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              ooc: no, two days IC. i'm going away irl on tuseday for a few days, i'm making the thread the day i get back

              "Do not hope, achieve. I do not take disapointment well, but I do reward when I am pleased with what happens."

              He looks at the droid that Klis is smacking, and chuckles slightly to himself.

              "Having fun?"


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                Klis nods.
                "I won't fail you Master. You have my word. You have my loyalty. I'll be an apprentice to be proud of."


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                  He smiled. AI were fun to abuse, espically when they were small and not too bright.

                  "I agree, but it'll be interesting to see the droids fight back one day..."

                  He was already getting ideas about other training sessions for Klis later on. Eventually he would use the sim, but it would take a wile before that happened. Most of the things in the sim were very strong, and realistic. People underestimated them far too much.

                  "Feeling any better?"


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                    Klis smacks his arm a few times, clinching his fist and rotating his arm.
                    "Good as new."


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                      He looked at his cut and then back up at Klis.

                      "I've got a secret for you Klis... my species is a genetic creation, an unnatural breed. We were made to fight, we were created to kill. We were made in a way that allowed us to change our physical make up... to shapeshift. I am one of the last two, the other is my son. Watch."

                      Tempist looked down at his wound, and it seemed to fill in with a metallic looking liquid. It solidified, and left a pale scar. It still hurt very much, but now the scar that was left was much less than it would have been had he taken the time to let it heal the conventional way.

                      "All I have to do is re-arrange my molecules and the wound is closed. It still aches with pain, but it is oftentimes the difference between a day and a month in medbay."


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                        Klis' eyes brighten and dim at what he just saw. Not sure if he truely saw it.
                        "That's astonishing Master."


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                          He simply noded.

                          "My former mate and love, Demonnight, gave birth to my son Lasarian about a year or so ago. He's growing fast, and looks about 12 or 13 in human years. Soon he'll probably be trying to join..."

                          His voice started to trail off, half in worry of his son's joining. As it was, he already created more mischeif than most children his age, he was looking forward to what he'd do once he gains access to the darkside.


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                            Klis stares in disbelief. He sits down, not entirely sure why he can't believe Tempist is a father. But Klis can grasp that his son, will be a hell ova warrior.


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                              As if on cue, a comm link is patched through to the medbay, a message for Tempist.

                              --Hey, this is the tender from Rama's. Your kid is here, someone just slipped him a glass of vodka. You may want to come down here and get him--

                              "Thanks, we were just on our way there anyway."

                              The comm link died, and he turned back to Klis.

                              "It seems that you'll have the opportunity in a few minites. Ready?"