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  • The Dream

    `She was climbing up the embankment, struggling to catch her breath; stabbing pains were screaming down her back. Blinding rain was pouring down on her steadily; lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance. It seemed endless as she looked above her, seeing the top just a few inches from her, but she still kept going... going and as she reached, it was so far away. Helpless, she cried out in the darkness, but there was no reply.`

    `She kept staring at the top of the hill above her and saw a man peering over the ledge, the features of which she couldn´t describe. He had his arm extended toward her, only inches from her as she reached out to grasp it. She stretched as far as she could, but couldn´t reach it... Taking another exhausting attempt toward the top, darkness enveloped her vision as she gave out and collapsed face down on the wet, rain-soaked ground.`

    `Her vision was clouded as her eyes opened. From what she could tell, she was lying on a bed or a cot upon her back, covers draped over her from where she had been drenched from the soaking rains. A dim, yellow tinged light danced on the ceiling above her. Her entire body ached as if she had been beaten and bruised.`


    ` Her voice was barely audible, but someone was there beside her, who had taken care of her since her collapse on the embankment.`

    `"You are safe.. do not fear. Rest.. and save your strength"`

    `The voice was familiar to her, a deep, thunderous sound she had remembered from some time ago. A memory sent her TSE headquarters, where she had heard that voice, but it was very brief as her body had suffered a great amount of trauma and could not access the memory completely. She attempted to look over to where the voice was coming from, but her neck felt like it had been wrung out like a wet towel. She cried out and winced, the pain being imeasurable.´

    "Where am- What... happened...?"

    `", Nikka. You are fine..."`

    `A light touch grazed her forehead in an affectionate, caring manner. She managed to smile weakly, and then close her eyes. Soon after, someone took her hand in theirs, holding it until she fell asleep. The hands that held hers had a masculine feel to it and another memory returned to her as she drifted off... a fond memory. A close friend had been injured and she remembered bandaging up someone´s hand, but she couldn´t place who it was, but it was a very familiar sensation that was comforting.`


    :Sith Disciple Nikka Darkstorm tossed over on her back and sat up, opening her eyes from her deep slumber. This dream had always woken her up even though it wasn't the type of dream that would jolt her out of bed. This was the kind of dream that made her wonder about certain events that were going to take place. Or would they at all? She exhaled and laid back down, taking in everything she remembered from the dream, but she couldn't fall back to sleep. It was such a real feeling; so real, she couldn't shake it for several hours and remained awake, tossing and turning... :

    :After having enough, she finally climbed out of bed and made her way into the bathroom to throw some water on her face. She yawned deeply, thinking that didn't help and made her way back to the bedroom.:

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    After wandering for an extended... duration. Klis decides he's lost. He sags his shoulders, looking for the closest source for help. Ah! A door. He walks to the door and taps lightly on it with his knuckle. Waiting patiently for a response.


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      Who could that be at this hour?

      : Nikka thought to herself as she heard the knock at her door. She made her way over to the door and opened it, seeing the man standing there, who towered over her a few feet. She was startled at his appearance at first, but nodded in greeting after taking a deep breath. :

      "Can I help you with something?"

      : She smiled slightly as she leaned in the doorway, obvious that she was overtaken by exhaustion, but she didn't let it bother her for the moment. :


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        Klis is surprised by who it was that answered. Not really expecting anyone in particular.
        He bows low, trying his best to get shorter than her in his bow.
        Klis straightens himself and begins to let his waves echo into her mind.


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          : Nikka's eyes widen slightly as the voice spoke in her mind. It wasn't all that different from Force communication, but it still startled her just a little bit. Composing herself, she smiled at him, trying not to hide the fact that she's tired as hell and continued to lean on the doorframe.:

          "I'm fine, thank you. Exactly what is it that you are looking for? I'm not really that familiar with all of the headquarters, just a little bit of it."


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            Klis composes himself. His arms dangling freely. Not entirely sure what to say. Wishing he could make it up to her for waking her at such an hour.
            "If you could just point me back to the training grounds..."
            Klis' eyes dim a little bit.
            "I apologize again for the hour."


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              : She smiled at his consideration and then gazed down each end of the hallway, seeing it was perfectly deserted. :

              "Oh it's alright. I can't sleep anyway. I'll walk with you if you'd like."


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                The newcomer stands there for a moment. Thinking he wouldn't mind the company.


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                  "It's no bother at all. I need to go for a late night walk myself and clear my mind."

                  : The Disciple nodded and stepped out of her quarters, shutting the door behind her. She motioned toward the end of the hall where another corridor leads to the training area and the two walked slowly down the corridor. The torches and candles gave an orange glow off of the sleek, ebony walls. :

                  "So how's your training going?"


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                    Klis nods and follows her. Once he hears her question. He subconsciously touches his bandaged shoulder.


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                      "It's going quite well. I'm learning so much in so little time."

                      She noticed his bandaged shoulder and how he seemed to cringe slightly when she mentioned training. A slight smirk crossed her face.

                      "Injuries heal with time. A day won't go by when you won't be injured."


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                        Klis has the glow of a grin in his eyes. Listening closely to his words. Wanting to learn just about anything thre is to know.


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                          She chuckled as they turned the corner and into the next corridor. Judging by his size, he would probably have many advantages over her.

                          "I'll take you up on that offer someday...but I doubt I'd win even though anything is possible."


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                            Klis nods as he turns the corner with her.


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                              Nikka blushed as she realized she didn't introduce herself. She stopped in her tracks as he did and nodded her head as he introduced himself.

                              "An honor meeting you, Templar. I'm Nikka Darkstorm, Disciple of the Empire."