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Life without a meaning.

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  • Life without a meaning.

    Jezebella silently roamed the empty shadowed corridors and thought to herself. Her skills and self-image had improved along with her social life. But she wasn't here to make friends and hang out...she was here to train and that she would do.

    Turning a corner, she stopped, and slumped lazily back against a wall. Glancing over the emptiness in front of her. She frowned and stood there quietly, thinking over her life's accomplishments

    "Okay Jezebella....face the facts....your life sucks when you are by yourself." she mumbled blandly to herself, brushing back a long strand of jet black hair.

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    ::Saharia felt a presence in the dark corrodor, coming back from the blasted ship that still didnt work, and noticed a woman slumped on the wall. She decided to stop and converse with the woman for she apparently wasnt going anywhere for the moment, thanks to the damn ship::

    Anything be wrong?


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      Jezebella's yellow cat-like gaze shot upward the moment the woman spoke. With a grunt she shook her head. The woman looked as though annoyed with something....she would certainly fit right in with her

      "I guess you could say...I am bored. But...I think I am beyond that."


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        Walking towards his quarters the young sith came around the corner and saw the two female sith.They hadn't noticed him, he quickly shot around the corner and sent a chain of thought to Jez,*Jez what do you mean by your all by yourself? We are all sith and we are never alone,we are always there for each other. I may not be that aquainted with you but I care strongly about all my fellow sith so if you ever need anything i'm here for you.*

        Borsk stayed hidden.


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          ::Saharia nodded. She did not pretend to understand for she did not know what the woman talked of fully::

          What are you beyond?

          ::if the woman did not reply then, she would not press, it was none of her business::


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            Borsk pondered on her words.He then came to what he thought might be a conclusion, *Your're alone this must mean you have no loved ones or any other that cares for you.....if this is the case then i will try to get to know you better,others feelings always surpass mine.*

            Borsk decided to come around the corner and walk towards Jez. In a generous, caring voice he spoke,"Will you accept this offer of friendship?"


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              Before the man decided to join them Jezebella thought blandly about what she was beyond...right now it seemed like everything...but she didn't want to seem like a lost little girl...that she would never be. Shrugging slightly, she frowned..not knowing the answer to the question as of yet.

              Than...she heard the voice echo through her dark mind. With an impish smirk she thought about the word...caring...she hadn't shown any of that to any other individual while she had been at the empire.

              The bodiless voice had revealed himself to be a young Sith Disciple. With a curt nod, she accepted his offer of "friendship"....currently not knowing anything about him


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                Borsk smiled at Jez.

                "Then so be it."Borsk started to walk then stopped and turned to Jez and generously asked her a question."Would you like to go to either of our quarters to get better aquainted,"Borsk lifted his hand up for her to grab then with a concerned smile he spoke,"We can't stay in the corridors the entire time."


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                  ::Saharia nodded::

                  Well if you need to talk my room is five doors down. You may also have my friendship if you ever wish for it.
                  Good day to you both

                  ::She nodded curtly, smiled and left for her room, grumbling about the ship::


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                    Re:Life without a meaning.

                    OOC: I'll leave it to you two <img src= ALT="">
                    Perhaps we could do another rp sometime.


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                      Re: Re:Life without a meaning.

                      ooc: Yeah. That would be great. :

                      ic: Jezebella looked to Saharia feeling rather guilty to leave their conversation so soon. Turning her attention back to the other Sith, she smirked and slid past him toward her quarters, which were not far away.

                      Nodding toward her door, directing him to follow, she smirked and opened her door

                      "I'm nothing special....neither is my room. Make yourself comfortable."


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                        Re: Re:Life without a meaning.

                        Borsk looked as Saharia walked away he felt a sense of guilt coming from Jez one that he too felt.He then followed Jez to her room and and walked in the doors closing behind him.

                        With a smile he looked at Jez. He then quickly studied the room and spoke,"Your room is way better than mine, and it smells better."Borsk gave a slight chuckle and then stood with Jez.

                        "You know i have to differ on that first remark, you are special but the thing is i don't know how, i'll find out when our little 'get-together' proceeds farther."


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                          Re: Re:Life without a meaning.

                          Jezebella slowly shifted her gaze over her room. It was empty except for a bed and a few candles that lit the pitch black walls and floor. She hated the light and every part of it...even the slightest-bit made her uneasy. The designed candles were the only light she would admit in her room.

                          Shrugging slightly, she stepped forward and snapped up some matches that had rested upon her bed. Igniting one, she lit a cone of incense and sat on her bed

                          "I hate the light...I hope you don't mind the incense. I'll get rid of it if you'd like."

                          She favored incense because it reminded her over her home which was now destroyed. With a slow shake of her head, she glanced up to her guest

                          "I am not special. Trust me."


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                            Re: Re:Life without a meaning.

                            "No i don't mind i like incense."

                            Borsk stood a few feet away from Jez.

                            "Like i said i will find something."

                            Borsk walked over to a candle playing with the flame, he then stopped and looked at Jez."So were in the galaxy can such beauty be found?"


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                              Re: Re:Life without a meaning.

                              Jezebella smirked and waved her hand in a dismissing manner toward the comment

                              "Me? Bah! My planet is long gone and forgotten."

                              She looked down and sighed....she didn't hate the fact so much....if her planet hadn't been destroyed she probably never would have set out to find The Sith Empire

                              "Oh well...."