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    The whole interior was white - the ceiling, the walls, the tiled floor, and even the doors. The only other thing that wasn't white was the huge mirror that took up one whole wall. As she tried to sit up, she realized that she was strapped down to some sort of table. Panic began to rise like a lump in her throat as she desperately tried to break free to no avail, for she was too feeble and weak. After a while, she closed her eyes, becoming lost in a realm of darkness.

    "Hand me the needle, I'll need it to inject her with the formula." "Here you go, DK .. Just please, be careful. It's never been tested before." "What do you think I'm doing right now?" The mumbling of voices caused Syren to stir and open her eyes. She saw a man and a woman hover over her, each one wearing a white suit with an oxygen mask.

    "... What are you doing to me?" She managed to rasp out, her throat hurting with every word.

    They both remained silent, and all that could be heard was their breathing. The man held up a clear needle that had a red fluid in it, then lowered it to her arm. The point pierced her skin and the liquid was injected into her body. Her whole body twitched, then remained still, her eyes glazing over. "It was a failure," came the man's voice, who was obviously disappointed. "It seems that it won't activate the mitochondria to -" His words were interrupted by the violent shaking of the patient infront of him. "Jesus .." mumbled the woman next to him.

    Syren was having some sort of seizure as changes rapidly occured in her body. The new fluid contained some sort of "virus" and was instantly met by her white cells. About a minute later they were infected and the virus had almost completely spread throughout her body.

    In a cold sweat, the Sith Disciple woke up. She blinked, becoming adjusted to the darkness of her room then reached over and turned on the lamp. Breathing out of a sigh of relief, Syren found herself aggitated. She wasn't even a child and she was still having nightmares. Heaving herself out of bed, Syren climbed out, clad only in a simple nightgown. It was at times like these when she wished she had company; somebody's presence to at least comfort her.

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    As if those thought had power to them there came a quiet knock at the door. The ancient Sith Lord stood on the other side, his eyes closed. Whilst he had not been prying into her dreams, he could tell she had had a nightmare and that bothered the kindly Sith.

    Being over six hundred years old the youthful looking Force Vampyre considered all the Sith like children to him and as such sought their well being. TSE had a moral officer and DarkStar made no attempt to detract from that position, he was simply a shoulder to cry on or a indominable presence for comfort.

    That was why he was here, to comfort the young Sith he could sense inside the room. He could sense her rise from her bed, with a sigh he knocked gently again. If she didn't answer he would leave, his presence was an offer, he did not force himself upon others, it just wasn't his way.


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      She was going to go to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face when she heard a knock. Slighty puzzled, Syren walked over to the door and opened it, the chain lock only allowing her to open so much. Peering out from the crack, she saw a man looking back at her. Reaching out with her mind, Syren could sense that he was a member of the Sith Empire and unlocked the door, opening the door up fully.

      "... Hello," she whispered.


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        DarkStar inclined his head in a sort of bow,

        "Hello young one...I sensed your distress as I passed and thought perhaps I would offer a comforting pressence,"

        DarkStar considered for a moment

        "But where are my manners, my name is Lord DarkStar, Sith Lord of TSE,"

        He bowed low and then straightened up, rapping his cloak around him as he did, he still couldn't get used to the cold that surrounded him.

        "May I step inside, or do you wish to speak here, on the doorstep?"

        He asked with a slight smile


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          "Greetings, Lord Darkstar. I am Syren, a Disciple of the Empire."

          Nodding her head in a greeting towards the Sith Lord, Syren stepped back from the door, allowing him to step in. After he did, she shut the door behind him.

          "I presume that you know your way around the rooms at TSE fairly well, being that they are all built the same."


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            DarkStar chuckled

            "Actually no...I had some major redecorating done to contains a table,"

            She expected him to say more, but he didn't he just smiled, he looked around the room for a moment before grabbing a chair, spinning it so the back faced her and sat down, legs straddling the back.

            "You will forgive my old solider instincts of having a hard surface between me and who ever I am talking to..."

            Though the words were as a command, the tone was a request. He smiled at her again.

            "Now young one...tell me what troubles you..."


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              Allowing herself to smile slightly, Syren leaned against the wall.

              "They say nightmares are the dark things in life that your mind collects over time," she stated flatly, not answering his question directly.


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                DarkStar smiled back,

                "For normal people dreams are a gateway to the past and to your subconcious, for Force sensitives they are also gateways to the future,"

                DarkStar cast his eyes around the room, wondering what sort of person she was, a person's quarters could tell you alot about them.


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                  The redhead caught him looking around her quarters and her smile turned into a slight smirk. There was really nothing special in the living room - it was just ... white. The couches, the walls, and even the chair Darkstar was sitting on. There was a marble table infront of one of the couches and a potted creeping murtle adorned it.

                  "There's nothing really interesting about these quarters so far. I haven't had much time to do any decorating."


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                    DarkStar chuckled,

                    "White does not match your hair...I sujest you redecorate soon...before someone like my wife sees it and has a heart attack,"

                    He laughed at the thought of his wife, but he missed her but he didn't let it show as he turned his attention from the room to the eyes of the young woman. Eyes were a gateway to the soul and DarkStar could see into anyone's soul through their eyes.


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                      Canting her head to the side, the smirk remained on the Disciple's lips. She didn't quite know why he was peering into her eyes and felt slightly uncomfortable, but didn't show it. Maybe he wants to see your soul, suggested the nasty little voice in the back of her head. Syren's soul .. well, did she have a soul ? She didn't quite know if she did, but if so, she knew it wasn't a pleasant one.

                      "Would you like something to drink or eat?" She said, breaking the silence.


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                        DarkStar could see the darkness in her soul, he wasn't suprised, what else would he expect to see in the soul of a Sith. He chuckled to himself at his foolishness.

                        "Just a glass of water thankyou,"

                        DarkStar watched her as she went to get the water, his ancient mind was working quickly, something didn't sit right and he wasn't sure what it was but he intended to find out.


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                          Slightly relieved to be away from him, Syren went into the kitchen and opened up the cupboards, taking out a glass. Something about him unnerved her, the way he was examining her as if looking for a weakness. Yanking the refridgerator door open, she took out the water purifier and poured him his water. It seemed like the most popular drinks were JD and water.

                          Walking back to DarkStar, she handed him the glass and resumed leaning against the wall, arms crossed.



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                            DarkStar sipped the water, his eyes never leaving her,

                            "You seem...disturbed by my presence,"

                            He sipped the water again

                            "I can assure you, I am not searching for weaknesses, only answers,"

                            It was as though the ancient Sith had just plucked her thoughts from inside her head, yet she had felt not the slightest touch of the Force from him.


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                              "Answers for what?"

                              Quirking an eyebrow at him, she waited for a response.