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Returning from the Keep...(open)

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  • Returning from the Keep...(open)

    Jodah walked down the hall towards his old room. His thick robe seemed dulled with age, and Jodah seemed troubled somehow, much more disturbed than usual. His traveling pack was overly full and rode low on his back. His thoughts drifted back home...

    Of the year here, he was uncertain. On Altyr, his homeworld, it was 4212. Giva was gone. In his absence, a line of faulty rule had been set upon the throne, young kings who squandered their wealth and used their power for no more than wine and women. The Dark Lord Firin Al'tac noticed, and rose his limitless armies of undead against it. The fat *******s on the throne hadn't a chance. When Jodah had 'walked in, he was in the midst of a bloodbath, the rotting flesh and hollow bone of the enemy overrunning his time-tested city walls. The guards had been dead for a while. He fought alongside the Knights of the White Wyvern, Giva's largest guard left, but lost. The undead overran his Keep before his eyes. He remembered watching, unable, as the first of the stone walls fell to the pounding hands of ancient warriors. He had shed as much blood as he could, and when it was done, all he could do was weep over the loss. He had gathered his most important belongings from his underground armory, equipping himself carefully. He still had Ein'Haveen, his old elven Motte and Bailey deep in the Dark Wood, but he doubted that would last long. Even so, he warned them before returning to the Empire. He prayed the other kingdoms could resist the now well-supplied armies, but he doubted it. Giva was the world's capital, and held the best armies until the unruly King's had them disbanded. Now it was nothing, quite literally.
    Altyr was a lost cause, that much was obvious. His home would be here now, until a new home could be found, or made. As he stepped through the door into his room, he threw off his pack and robe, revealing a suit of carefully gilded and studded plate mail, ornately carved. His pack clanked as it hit the floor. He cast off the armor as well, surveying his new home. It paled in comparison to the former. Something was different for Jodah now. They had taken his homeland. He would exact his revenge on any who stood before him, innocent or guilty. He had their technology now, a flux of magic and science. He slid the arm of his bind up, revealing a simple black bracelet of a dull black material, like smooth obsidian. He looked at it, concentrated, and felt the cold numbness of his skin as it enveloped his hand, making a hard yet flexible liquid glove. He willed it to change, and the fingertips became long, sharp claws. He then willed it back to the bracelet, and it did so. He layed on his lowered bed, crossing his arms over his chest and flipping the switch for it to raise him into his quiet place. He would have to think later, too much was now.

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    All we built began to fall, as I begin to lose it all.. Jared mentally hummed to himself, looking back on what he had become. A ghoul, a cannibal, a ghost in the night, and he loved it!

    His metal toed boots clanked loudly on the floors of TSE's housing quarters. Black duster swayed back and forth as he walked, a large hilt stuck out from the back giving question to it's full size. If it was something to have question about.

    The Sith Warrior passed doors after doors of other Sith members as he walked: 692, 693, 694, 695. The numbers meant nothing to Jared, they were just names. But one interested him the most in his walkings. A room with the number of 696. The room door hadnt been moved in quite a while, les it was moved during Jared's untimely absence.

    His mind searched for the room owner, if he knew the owner.. and he did. Another apprentice of his own Master, Darth Snack. The owner of the room was Jodah Starlen, a odd fellow in Jared's mind but the 'odd fellow' could tinker up anything you needed with a matter of hours, which earned Jared's respect easily.

    Slowly, Jared rapped six times on the door with a dark cloth bound hand...


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      Pressure sensors in the door went to work, activating the lift on the bed and lowering it to the floor. A gentle tone sounded in Jodah's ear, alerting him of a visitor. He slid off of the bed easily, stepping onto the floor in bare feet and padding over to the portal. A sort of 'sixth sense' he had honed in his travels told him who it was. He touched a panel lightly, and the gate to his domain slid open almost noiselessly. He looked at Jared. The tatoo sitting on his neck was new, as was the glint in his eye and the half-revealed smile. Jodah bowed and stepped backwards in a single move, inviting his old friend into his room through body language. He spoke quietly, an audible whisper and no more: "Hello, Mriad. I trust you're doing well?"


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        Jared curtly returned the bow before taking the offer and stepping inside the Warrior's room.

        "Indeed, Starlen. I have been doing quite well, and have you?" Jared replied and asked, moving over to the table and awaiting for Jodah to sit first as par custom, also it gave time for the warrior to remove his weapon from under the duster and placing the long wrapped item on the edge of the table.

        Only the hilt protruded from the white cloth binded together with black buckles suggesting a blade of sorts. But the package together was nearly as tall as Jared, lacking only a few inches.


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          Jodah stepped over to the low-hovering, padded platform he used as a couch and sat, resting his bare feet on his tatami mats and flipping a small, birghtly hued ball up and down in his hand. "Same as always. And, if I may, from the looks of you it seems that you've been doing a bit better than 'quite well'." He glanced quickly from Jared to the sword. From it's length, it could be...anything. It had a hilt, which gave Jodah the impression that it was a sword, but, especially with Jared, looks could be decieving. He decided to quench his friend's obvious desire to show off his new found weapon. "What's in the wrap?"


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            Jared sat with a grin on his face for the interest in the binded package.

            Unclipping the first set of binds, Jared spoke, "Have you heard of a weapon known as Etemenanki? Or rather, the sword known as Endurance?" Both questions received a 'no' from Jodah, and Jared continued.

            "Well, Long ago the Jedi constructed a blade with a special ability. As long as the blade was in the hand of a user, the user would be immune to all attacks. They would be a god so to speak. Its name is "Endurance", and very well named, it is. The creator made the weapon, with good intent. Anyone who used it, was said to be untouched by an opponent or an enemy. One would not even need to move at all in a battle, as long as they were touching the sword. This was because, a Force generated energy field was created around the being...and nothing could penetrate it."
            he paused for a moment, recalling other things that he had read about this weapon and clipping the second set away.
            "The creator turned to his own desires when he realized the power of the weapon. He began using it for selfish purposes....defeating enemies by tiring them out, and then taking their possessions for himself. The Jedi at that time banned him from their order and took the sword into their possession, hiding it in the jungles there forever. Not too long ago, I tracked the location to a planet on the outter rim. Unfortunatly, The Jedi Xazor and a student of her's beat me to the weapon and made away with it." Jared stopped again, unbuckling the third set of binds. "Etemenanki was then constructed for the protector of Endruance, the sword could cut through anything if it's weilder desired so.." The white cloth fell away reveiling a large sword. Long encrusted with blood and burnt with flame, the sword's blade had etchings in red near the crossbar.
            "I give you, Etemenanki." Jared added at the end, grinning like a madman.


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              Jodah stood, padding over to the table and examining the sword. He ran his finger across the razor edge, stared into the clean, shing parts of the crossbar, and then turned back to Jared. "What powers it?" He said, his voice that of a scholar.


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                "I have no clue as of yet, although. It works with the Force, I tell you." Jared stared at the blade, "It has it's own unique way of working.."

                Jared stood and walked around Jodah to the hilt, grasping the old leatherbound hilt, he flipped it over to reveal a large diamond in the crossbar, but inside the diamond a streak of red crossed it's center vertically and horizonally.

                "This, I belive, is the key source..."


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                  Jodah examined the gem and then stood up straight. "Interesting. Interesting indeed. Well, it seems we both have our trinkets from times past..." Jodah slid his bind sleeve up, revealing his black wristband. "I recieved this from an undead knight. Quite the toy, if I do say so. " He stared longingly at the band.


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                    Jared halted his recovering of Etemenanki to study the wristband. It was quite interesting.

                    "From a undead knight? Interesting.. Whatsitdo?"


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                      Jodah smiled and laid his hand on Jared throat. He willed the band open, letting it flow over his hand and Jared's neck. The coldness enveloped his fingers, and he heard Mriad gasp slightly as it wrapped around his throat. Jodah willed it to tighten, and it slowly began to constrict Jared's neck. Just as his face began to turn blue, he willed it to open in the back. The Creep broke into two strands, making his hand part of them, and hung for a moment before Jodah finally willed it back to his wrist. Once it coalesced, he urged it up his arm, sliding over hsi shoudler and around his neck at his command. He tightened his will and let go, leaving it as a torque. "Interesting, huh?"


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                        Jared had not been expective of the hand, nor thing, around his neck and instictivly activated the weapons in his hands. Although he did not activate the sabers themselves, the plates slid out shortly followed by the activators.

                        Once the weapon had removed it'self from the Sith Warrior's neck, the weapons within his hands retracted.

                        "Interesting.. Word to the wise, don't do that again.." Jared spoke, with a slight grin.

                        "Now that the boy's have shown their toys so to speak, where have you been off to in the past months?"


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                          Jodah smiled as well. "Far away, too far away to be valuable. It is enough said for now that I have lost my kingdom to the leigions of a truly evil man." He reflected for a moment, and his voice became icy steel. "I will make all pay for their failure..."He turned his head away. "It is of no matter now." He then looked back. "And you? What has occupied you these long months?"


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                            Jared frowned, "Lost.. everything? Hmm.. Next time you go to reclaim what you have lost. Send a call my way.."

                            Jared sat back at the table, the sword reclipped and ready for transport once more, "Me.. I've been around."

                            Of course, it was true. Jared had traveled around the galaxy, outrim and inner. Aquiring new tastes and skills, "You do know of the vampires of the Galaxy? I've become somewhat like them, but with a differance. I eat the flesh of my slain, sick isnt it? I cannot help it." A hint of regret in his voice, along with revenge and contempt.

                            "I've been traveling, through the galaxy, aquiring things.."