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Until Death Do Us Part... (Open)

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  • Until Death Do Us Part... (Open)

    Until Death Do Us Part.

    Such a small line, but such a huge meaning.

    That line ran back and forth through Daegal's mind. Was she dead? Could she be? Why hadn't he heard from his wife in ages? So many questions, so few answers. Like he normally did when he had all questions and no answers, Daegal went for a walk. Usually it helped him clear his mind, but he wasn't sure whether it would help now or not. He felt a Dark presence around the next corner, but he couldn't quite put his finger on who it was...

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    "Something amatter, Murdoch?" chimed a husky voice.

    Elena paced into view, settling her arms across her chest as she regarded Daegal.


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      Daegal nodded as he stopped walking to speak with the woman.



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        She smiled slightly.

        "What's troubling you, friend?"


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          Daegal's gaze fell slowly to the ground as he thought of ways to skirt around answering that question. He decided against it, though.

          "My wife. I haven't spoken to her in weeks, and I'm worried."


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            "Ah, the elusive Lana Murdoch,"

            Elena gave a soft shrug of her shoulders.

            "Can't say I've seen her either, but then she seems to avoid me these days."


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              Daegal sighed, his frown turning further downward.

              "I'm worried that something has happened to one has seen her for weeks. Do you think something could have happened?"


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                "From my experience with her Daegal, she can hold her own in tough situations. I'm sure wherever she is, she's fine," she said, offering a reassuring smile.

                "If she's been away for so long, there must be some important reason behind her dissapearance. I wouldn't worry."


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                  Daegal shook his head.

                  "Normally, I would agree with you. But I have felt a gaping emptiness...much deeper than it should be just for her being away for a while. It is as if she is just suddenly gone, picked from the universe by an uncaring, cold-hearted being.


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                    "Perhaps she has travelled out of reach of your connection with her,"

                    Elena canted her head, looking at the distraught man.

                    "If she had been in trouble, would she not have contacted you?"


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                      "If she was able, yes, she would have contacted me. But somehow I think that she is gone. I can't explain it, it is more of a gut feeling."

                      Daegal sighed and looked down the hallway, hoping silently that she would walk around the corner.


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                        One hand rose and gave the Sith Knight a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder. She wasn't really sure what to say at this point.

                        "I guess you just have to keep faith and hope in your heart then."