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Sithmas Hitlist: Spawning

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  • Sithmas Hitlist: Spawning

    Tempist sat in his quaters, with an old quill pen, an ink well, and a long peice of paper. He had pulled a barrel over to the anvil, and turned the two into a chair and table. He wiped the 'table' clean, and started writing. What had first seemed to be a journal, just psycotic ramblings, quickly turned into a list of names, most of which jedi. They ranged from some of the lowest ranking lightsiders to the very highest. There were a few oddities on the list as well, and a great deal of anger in his writing. Ink splattered in a few places on the paper, as he wrote furiously. He looked it over, and realized he had forgotten one important person to be added.... Vega Van Derveld. No one betrayed the Empire without punishment, no matter what their rank had been.