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    Brigid slowly made her way down the winding corridors of the Sith Headquarters. Silently brushing past the many doors, she continued on hallway after hallway. She wasn't really paying attention to where she was going....just wandering as some would do when in deep thought.

    Stopping at a dimly lit corner, she slumped back against the wall and stared blankly off into the secluded shadows in front of her. She realized she was all alone....although silence was a beautiful thing...she couldn't help but wonder what was to be ahead in her path...the many dangers she would face....

    She invited them...

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    Klis was wondering down the hall, the shoulder flaps of his leather overcoat was laced around his mouth, and his hat securely placed on his head. His glowing orange eyes glancing over a book he had recently picked up.


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      Brigid slowly shifted her ice blue gaze to the one whom had put his hands upon her neck. Though her eyes seemed to still be absent and lifeless, she smiled and nodded curtly.

      "No. But...I haven't been all right for seven years..."

      She shook her head at her was almost laughable not knowing whom one was or even where one was from. With a deep sigh, she rolled back her shoulders and tilted her head to the side.

      "And you are?"


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        Klis removed his hand from her neck once he noticed she was still alive and kickin.
        He grinned, but the grin couldn't be seen from behind the laced cover around his mouth.
        "It's almost pointless to ask if something is wrong with anyone around here. Because the answer will always be a smart comback or a simple yes."
        He stood straight and tall, clasping his hands to his sides and bowing.
        "I am called Templar Klis, but just call me Klis. I'm a new disciple here, apprentice to Tempist Opps. I was just heading back to my room. Would you like to come? I could fix you a drink or something if you'd prefer."


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          Brigid nodded and pushed off the wall with her left heel. She hadn't the slightest idea where her own room was...she just figured she stay in the training grounds most of the time.

          But now...she had met someone whom was kind enough to offer her a drink. Puzzling slightly, she pivoted on her heel and nodded again in conformation of his offer.

          [i]"A drink would be wonderful, Klis. By the name is Brigid McKnight. You can call me Brigid or Bri."


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            Klis nods, turning, facing the direction his was walking before he ran into Brigid.
            "Follow me then, Brigid." He motions with the wave of his hand. With that he begins walking.
            "I like that.. Brigid. It's got a nice ring to it."
            The disciple goes silent for a moment.
            "How long have you been with the Empire?"
            He didn't know where else to start, and he didn't want to be a bad host. So he tried starting a simple conversation, and hoped it didn't backfire.


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              Brigid smiled and strode beside him. The three sabers that hung at her side clanked against the many thermal detonators that also hung upon her utility belt. She began to puzzle....

              "Not long at all. A few days..."

              She felt silly saying she had only been there for a few days and already felt welcome. Shaking her head, she looked down and closed her now sapphire eyes.

              Her eyes were like no other....they seemed to change the very instant her mood was the color for calm and contentment of course.....

              [i]" do you feel you are wise?"


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                Klis was flipping through his book, his eyes rapidly looking over the text and across the pages.
                With the response to his question he looked up.
                "Astonishing.. someone newer than me. I've been with the Empire for a couple weeks."
                He looked back at his book. Flipping through is a few times then they reach his door, standing by it, he answers her question.
                "Good, I s'pose. My Master says I'm doing well, but sometimes I don't know. Have you begun your training yet?"
                Klis opens the door and walks in, the door shutting after Brigid steps in.
                "Please, have a seat. What would you like? My variety of drinks isn't wide, but I think I could have something to your liking."
                Klis undoes his leather coat and tossed it on his bed, then flings his hat on top of it. He wears a black robe underneath that seems unusually foreign.


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                  Brigid watched as Klis flipped through the pages of his book. Reading was one thing she loved to do as well....knowledge could be gained from any type of book...and one of her goals was to read them all. With a curt nod, she stepped into the room and curiously looked around.

                  She, herself, had yet to be in one of the rooms yet...and she evidently liked what she saw. Smiling slightly, she quickly assessed what she wanted to drink and spoke quietly.

                  "Red wine if you have any...."


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                    Klis nodded, he reached blindly into his cupboards, trying to find his bottles of drink, at last he pulled out one. Not a great vintage, but not one of poor quality. Klis had dabbled in fine wines and drinks on his home planet, the memory of the drinks was beginning to depart from his memory as of he was getting rusty.


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                      Brigid smiled slightly, although happiness was not an emotion she had ever felt. Nodding in agreement to the toast, she sipped her wine and returned her ice blue gaze to him.

                      Pondering the mystery of her new acquaintance, she tilted her head slightly to the side and leaned back against the wall behind her.

                      [i]"....Do you like to read?"


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                        Klis was caught off guard by that question. Although random, it was good enough to start a conversation.
                        "No... I don't like it at all, I find it a waste of time and a pain to the eyes."
                        He glances over at his book, scooting against the wall.
                        "But If it aides me in getting better at what I do.. Then I'll read whatever."
                        He glances at Brigid.
                        "What about you?"


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                          "I don't know why.... but it is one of my favorite things to do. I guess it has something to do with my past which... I can't remember anyway.. so it makes no difference."

                          Shaking her head slightly, she twirled the wine about in her glass and than quickly finished it off. She came over to lean back against the wall in which he too was leaning and smiled. Something she couldn't remember doing for a long while.

                          Tilting her head back, she stared up at the ceiling, although a great deal of her attention was lingering upon her new acquaintance.


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                            Klis took the last swig of his drink, filling himself up some more.
                            "Would you like another glass?"
                            Once she answers he either fills up the glass or just leaves it.
                            Klis gulped down the second glass of his drink and slid the container on the table. He had been holding a desire to drink something new for a change... being stuck in that self-preservation armor for too damn long.
                            He massaged his eyes for a moment before leaning back against the wall.
                            "So what brought you to the Empire?" He didn't mean to pry into a tender history.. Just a simple question to hopefully get a conversation rolling.


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                              "....I wanted to have a future... since I don't have a past. I never liked the Jedi and it felt so right to fight against them.... I figured I could continue my life here."

                              She shook her head at her own responce and quickly looked down... the sudden urge to sit on the floor and stare hit her... yet she refrained.

                              "What about you?"