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Bringing back home (Callista)

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  • Bringing back home (Callista)

    A tall man walked through the halls of the HQ, with a brused and bloody woman in his arms. There had been quite a spar between the two of them earlier, and Callista didn't want to go to the medbay. Tempist brought her to her quaters, and pushed the door open. The door was conviently unlocked, and easy to open. He brought her in, and layed her down on her bed.

    "Don't worry, you'll heal up well soon. May I reset your leg? If that isn't addressed soon, then it will heal wrong. I don't think you want to be walking around with your leg bending the wrong way..."

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    Despite being set gently on the bed, Callista grimaced and hissed through her teeth as her dislocated knee was jostled around ever so slightly. Propping her upper body up with her hands, she eyed Tempist. He was right; the leg would have to be set...and it was going to hurt. Gritting her teeth she braced herself before nodding and giving the go ahead to Tempist.


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      Seeing that she was ready, he grasped the broken part of her leg, and gave a sharp pull, re-alligining the bone peices. He pushed it lightly, making sure that it was set up properly, and smiled. Now, it would heal properly if it was watched over and no wounds opened there.

      "That wasn't too bad, was it?"


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        Callista bit the inside of her cheek hard as the leg was snapped back into place. The salty flavor of her own blood filled her mouth as she sucked in a breath and looked to Tempist. “Not-” she sharply inhaled again as he nudged the leg to see if it were set, “- too bad.” Pulling herself back further onto the bed she flopped her head against the numerous pillows. “Thank you…”


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          Tempist looked at Callista and smiled.

          "Don't mention it, it's nothin'. You may want to stay off of that leg for a while though, or it may not heal right. Anything else I can do while I'm here?"


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            A frown etched it's way across her features as she realized she wouldn't be doing much while her leg healed. A pity really...she wasn't one to sit around and vegetate. Perhaps she'd have to tough it out.

            "No, thank you have been much help..." Her frown melted into a coy smile. "For one that did this to me in the first place..."