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  • confused...(open)

    for one of the fewest times jenobi was confused. as he walked from the council room he was wondering about the new turn of events. he reached his room and opened it, he sat down in a chair but was lost. suddenly anger just filled him completely as he jumped out of the chair, grabbed his dagger and flung it at the wall. still full of anger, it started to lessen as he realized he left his door open, and he could her foot-steps coming down the hall

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    A figure leant around the doorway. She smiled uneasily, looking on the one who had - in her makers form - been her apprentice.

    "You stormed off quickly... what's troubling you?" Elena said, knowing the answer inside but wanting to make sure.


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      as he pulled his dagger from the wall he heard someone speak to him. it looked like Elena, although they never really met he had heard of her. " it's...vega" jenobi smirked that was the first time he ever called him by his first name " he just left, now he's with black hand. he's offered his apprentices the choice of keep training with him, or get a new master. i'm might be one of the few people who aren't angry at him,but his leaving did have a major impact on me. if i stay with him people might think i left too, and brand me a traitor. if i stay here i don't want to think that one day i might meet him again, only this time in a battle. thus my problem." jenobi taps himself on the head " sorry, where are my manners you are welcome to come in if you like."


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        She placed in slowly as she listened to the Warrior speak.

        "I suggest," she began, gesturing one hand out towards him,

        "That whatever choice you make you inform both Vega and the Council of it to make it completely clear where you stand. This way, no wrong conclusions can be drawn by either side."


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          "yeah, i guess you're right. so are you related to Vega?"