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    For the past several months the Sith Lord known as Varlon had been slipping more and more into alcoholism and had begun to ignore his children more and more, rarely leaving his room until recently when he had dissapeared into the desert a week ago. Now, the Sith Lord ran as if the minons of Hell had broke loose and were chasing him as he shoved and plowed through the many inhabitants of the Empire's headquarters building, rushing towards the medical bay after having been tracked down by his son. Shoving past the doors to the medbay as they opened, what seemed like an army of security personnel and doctors rushed Varlon, quickly trying to restrain him. After a brief struggle, the massed blockade failed to keep the Sith Lord back as he finally broke through towards the back.

    Again the Sith Lord was blocked from getting to his wife, whom he could see doctors laboring over her with an array of equipment while he could hear their muffled talking, but couldn't make out anything. Throwing one of his restrainers from him, he slowly started to make his way forward, through the crowd of that had gathered to stop him. "Let me go!" He shouted, fighting harder against them as he watched the doctors become slightly panicked as the heart monitor in the room suddenly flatlined.

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    ::Watching his father's actions and what was taking place in the medbay was like watching a train wreck. It had all started when his mother had simply stopped breathing, she had to be transferred out of her room in their quarters to the medbay and it things had just gone downhill from there. He had wanted to stay with her, but since his sister was no where to be found he had to run out to the desert and find the man who he hardly even knew.
    The constant sound of the heart monitor revealed a fact he knew was true, but had not wanted to admit since the day his mother first fell into the coma, she was doomed to die.
    He frowned and bowed his head, feeling the pressure from the world around him suddenly becoming unbearable.::


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      After ten minutes of frantic commotion, the doctors finally gave up, having failed to revive Oni Konrad. While Varlon continued to struggle against his captors, the doctors pulled the sheet that had covered most of Oni's body over her, concealing her from view before they each, in turn, shuffled out of the emergency room. The "head" doctor had come over to Varlon and whispered the news to him, the shock that had overcame the Sith Lord acting like no sedative ever could have. All the frantic energy he had only moments earlier bled off in an instant, leaving the Sith Lord staring blankly out into the room where is wife now lay, dead. When the arms that held him finally let go, he fell to his knees with tears starting to stream down his eyes, his gaze having also fell to the floor as he did. Guilt struck him harder than it had since she fell into a coma, leaving him wishing more and more that he hadn't brought her away from Coruscant.

      Oniā€¦ He quietly whispered in his mind as he lay on the ground on both hand and knee, crying openly, knowing that she lay dead because of he, and wishing that it had been his life that had been taken, and not hers.


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        ::Alone. That was what he was suddenly. Completely and totally alone.. His father had always ignored him, his sister...ugh. He didn't want to think about her. But now, his mother was gone.
        A sound he had never heard from his father before expressed his own feelings in a way he felt he simply could not. The world was so empty.::


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          *It wasn't long before the Sith Lord came into the room after being notified of his sister-in-law's death. He looked upon the sheet-covered body with a mild sense of sorrow. He knew how much his brother had cared for the woman, any beliefs he had about their feelings for each other was confirmed by the pathetic mass on the ground sobbing in tears. The young boy that sat on a bench next to where he stood seemed to be the stronger of the two, but the young one's pain could be felt just as easily. As time passed, the Sith Lord wondered where his niece was, but knew that the passing of her mother would mean little or nothing at all to the young girl. She was too cold to understand.
          Sith Lord Raine Sarin sat down next to his nephew and kept an eye on Varlon, waiting for the man to calm himself before he would speak to him.*


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            Varlon finally rose to his feet after having let out as much as he could, knowing it would not bring her back one way or another. Wiping his face on his sleeve, he turned towards the exit, snapping his fingers. "Come, Alexander," He spoke weakly. "It's time to go home..."