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  • A New Silent Haven

    :: Kekoa entered through the doors of the Sith Empire HQ’s building and walked along on the main floor level. As she passed by the other rooms, she noticed on the walls that there were holoimages of former Sith Masters, Lords, Lordess, and a few others. They were well depicted and they seemed to hold a great honor within the Sith Empire’s history. Kekoa’s long black cloak hung close to the floor and twisted behind her, as she walked around the corner on the main level. Kekoa left the main floor level and headed towards the next levels within the HQ building, as she stepped inside a turbolift. She was searching for her newly assigned living quarters on the 10th level. ::

    Kekoa had stayed aboard her ship most of the time, not trusting the outside surroundings or the security. But she did some investigating and spoke with a few others about the living areas within the Empire’s HQ building. The rooms were quite secured and much large than most ship’s quarters.

    ::Kekoa decided to check out her room and also took along a few personal belongs with her from the ship. Upon reaching the 10th level, she exited the turbolift and walked around on the 10th floor, checking for the room number that corresponded with the number on the holopad. Finding her living quarters, Kekoa engaged the security code and watched the door “swoosh” open. She stepped inside the room and the door “swoosh” closed once again behind her. She walked about and checked out the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and the small living room. ::

    :: Kekoa set down her pack upon the dinning table and opened it. She pulled out a few items and took them into the bedroom. Later, she returned and sat down on the couch within the sunken living room. Looking out the window, she observed a few ships and local commuter transports navigate by the buildings off in the distance. Kekoa leaned back on the couch and thought about a few things. ::

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    :: Sitting in her office in her quarters, Dara sensed the force signature of one of her newest apprentices, Kekoa Alkarin. This Disciple showed much promise and was very eager to embrace the darkness completely. Putting down her holopad, the Lordess headed out to go greet her apprentice and see if she had settled in accordingly ::


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      :: Awhile later, Kekoa stood up from the couch and walked over to the dining room table. She removed a few more things from her pack and laid them onto the large table. She sat down and began to read through the holonovel about the construction of a Lightsaber. She decided that her Lightsaber would be two single blades with individual hilts. Kekoa had already visited the industrial merchant’s shop and retrieved the parts required to build the Lightsabers. ::

      :: Gathering all the information together and sorting out the parts to start the process of building the Lightsabers, her mind wandered back to when she watched her father build his fourth Lightsaber. His skill and technique in build the Lightsaber was to be respected. Every detail, every piece, every step was laid out before he even began. Kekoa blinked out of her short wandering thought and looked at the table once again. Remembering how father sorted out the parts, she referred back to the holonovel, which Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial had given her to compare notes. Then, she set things into motion and laid down the first pieces to begin constructing the Lightsaber Hilts. ::


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        :: Kekoa worked on a few hours to get the Hilts fashioned the way the she want them to feel and look like. She had the Hilts roughly cut to the required length of 12 inches long. Then, she used different tools to shape the look of the Lightsaber’s Handgrip. Her mind and hands were guided by the instructions from the Holonovel, her memory of how her father built his Hilts and the Dark Side of the Force. She set the Hilts, gripping them in her hands and weighed out the balance in each. Kekoa put them down upon the table once again and made the required adjustments to balance them further. Then, she cleaned out the particles from within the Handgrips and added the Activation plate to the outside half of each Hilt. Kekoa left the wiring in an open circuit and would close it once the Lightsaber needed to be tested.

        :: Leaving the half finished Hilts on the table, she got up and went into the kitchen to see what she could make to eat. Kekoa took some fish and a rice-like dish placed it into the food dispenser and heated it up. Once the dispenser indicated the food was ready, she grabbed a fork and took the plate out of the dispenser into the dinning room once again. Kekoa sat down while placing the dish on the table. She ate quickly and looked over the Lightsaber’s components. She still had a long way to go in finishing this project. ::

        :: Kekoa thought of other things while she ate. She needed to go back to her ship to check on her dark creature. Knowing that he needed to be fed and allowed to run loose within an isolated area of The Sith Empire’s HQ grounds to stretch out his legs. She could take him to the south side of the main compound area without having any concern that he might hunt someone. At least, if someone did come into his path they would have a reason to run. Kekoa grinned upon that thought and looked back at her now empty dinner plate. ::


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          :: Dara arrived at Kekoa's quarters and sounded the tone to see if her apprentice was there ::


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            :: Hearing the tone go off from the main entrance, she stood from her chair and wondered who would be wanting to see her. Kekoa reached the main entrance and sensed in the Force the dark signature of Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial. She immediately hit the unlocking device to open the door, as it pulled back with a "swooshing" sound. Kekoa dropped to one knee and bow her head for a moment. Then, she rose to her feet once again and greeted her Master. ::

            “Please do come in. Is there something you require from me, my Master?” Kekoa was quite honored that her Master had taken some time to look in on her, knowing how busy the Sith Master was.

            :: Kekoa stepped aside, as the Sith Master walked into her abode. Then, the main entrance door "swooshed" to close behind them. Glancing to the right, Kekoa knew her Master would see parts from the Lightsabers laying on the dining room table. Looking back at her Master, she waited for her response before showing her Master into the sunken living room and offering her a seat on the couch. ::


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              :: Dara stepped inside, taking note of the lightsaber parts scattered on a table to the right as well as the dark decor of her apprentice's dwelling. She turns to Kekoa ::

              "I merely wanted to stop by and see if you had found a place to call home yet. It seems that you have by the look of things."

              :: The Sith Master smiles at Kekoa as she gestures over to the table ::

              "I see you have been busy. How is it coming along?"


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                :: Kekoa replied, “I have a long way to go, my Master. I think, I have all the parts. I just need to put them together. If you would like, you could inspect the hilts?”

                Still looking at her Master, “Have you eaten? I have some fish on rice ready in the kitchen, if you would like a bite to eat.”

                :: Kekoa glanced over her Master’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of the time being displayed in the quarter’s control panel. It was close to her dark creature’s feeding time, but she did not want to leave her Master’s side at the moment. ::


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                  :: Dara nodded and walked over to the work area and picked up a saber hilt. Things were coming along well and she turned back to Kekoa ::

                  "It is a well made hilt so far and should prove to be a fine weapon to wield once you have completed it. Oh, and something to eat does sound good now that you mention it. I get so busy sometimes I do forget to eat."

                  :: She smiled ::


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                    :: Kekoa grinned slightly. “Please take a seat in the living room, I will be with you in a moment.” Kekoa stepped into the small Kitchen and filled up two plates with fish on rice. Then, she took a bottle out from the cabinet, pulled the cork out, and poured the liquid into two glasses. Setting the bottle down on the counter, Kekoa picked up the two plates, two forks, and two knives. She carried the plates and the utensils while walking out of the Kitchen. Stepping down into the sunken living, Kekoa set the plates and utensils on the large wood table next to the couch.

                    Kekoa looked at her Master, “Please choose your plate. I have drinks coming.” She walked back into the Kitchen to retrieve the two glasses filled with white wine. Returning to her Master, she hands her one glass and sets the other glass on the table. Kekoa asked, “Would you like anything else with your meal?”

                    :: Kekoa paused for a second in case her Master requested something else. Then, she sat down on the couch, taking the second plate of fish on rice from the table along with a fork and knife. ::

                    Kekoa waited until her Master started to eat before she did. A few moments later, she asked her Master, “How long did it take to build your very first Lightsaber?”


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                      :: Dara gathered the utensils and selected her plate, taking a seat on the couch as her apprentice had indicated. The meal was prepared to perfection and it almost made her wonder if Kekoa had been expecting her. She took another bite of the fish and then smiled as she savored the subtle seasonings ::

                      "It's quite delicious, thank you. Ah yes, my first lightsaber. I had received the two sabers I use now as a gift from my father back on Garqi long ago. Being a smuggler he was always acquiring various weaponry.

                      Shortly after I had begun to work with the blades I wanted to know how they worked, so I disassembled one, much to the dismay of my father who pretty much figured I had ruined the blade, and then I reassembled it, gaining an insight on its inner workings.

                      I then gathered the raw materials on my own and made my first saber in about a week's time. I experimented with various power levels and adegan crystals as well. When will yours be completed?"

                      :: Dara took another bite of her fish and then a long sip of her wine before looking back over at Kekoa ::


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                        :: Kekoa glanced at her Master’s plate, seeing it soon to be empty. “Your quite welcome. The fish on rice was a recipe from my father and one of his favorite dishes. Would you like some more fish on rice?” ::

                        :: As her Master spoke about the Lightsabers, Kekoa noticed for the first time that her Master had a curious sense about things. In many ways, Kekoa experienced similar curiosity and wonder about all technological things and the Sith Arts. “Your father must have been happy that you were able to reassemble the Lightsaber.” Kekoa released a rare smile, as she thought about it. She had once taken apart the communications console within “Havoc Strike” wanting to know how it worked. Kekoa’s Father was not too pleased with her at the time, but she did manage to reassemble it once again. ::

                        “When you experimented with the newly constructed Lightsaber, was there anything that went wrong or did things just work out as they were supposed too? I do not know when my Lightsabers will be completed, but I would like to finish them soon.”

                        :: Kekoa looked back to the time display on the console and thought about feeding her dark creature again. Kekoa stood up and excused herself while taking her plate and glass back into the kitchen. Returning to her Master, Kekoa asked her, “Once we are finished here, would you care to go for a short walk?”


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                          :: Dara finished up her meal and set the plate aside ::

                          "No thank you, it was quite filling and very delicious."

                          :: She looked upon her apprentice as she displayed a natural curiosity about her master and that made Dara smile. The Sith Master had always felt it important to bond with her apprentices in order to know them better and train them more effectively ::

                          "Regarding my early experimentation with the saber, I remember once adding too many crystals and I believe I have never seen a saber extend as far as mine did that day. I think I about burned through part of the shed I was in. Father would have been upset had that happened. Luckily, I disengaged it once I sensed the unusual surge of power. You will be able to tell when you reach the proper setting on your saber. It is something best learned by trial and error, my apprentice."

                          :: She drank the last of her wine and placed the glass down ::

                          "A walk around the headquarters sounds fine to me, Kekoa. Whenever you are ready."

                          :: Dara smiled and nodded ::


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                            :: Kekoa picks up the rest of the utensils, plate and glass from the table. Heading back to the kitchen, she places the dishes away to be cleaned. Looking for her spare backpack, she finds it and puts the food required for her dark creature inside the pack. ::

                            Kekoa had bought some Rancor Meat (sealed inside a vacuumed pack) from the local market nearby the HQ. Since her dark creature could not hunt freely near the compound, this was the only way he would be fed.

                            :: Kekoa put on her dark cloak and carried out the small backpack while walking back to the sunk living room. Kekoa saw that her Master was ready to leave with her for a short tour of HQ and the surrounding area.

                            “Would you like anything else before we leave, my Master?” Kekoa paused for a moment......

                            Then, Master Dara and Kekoa headed out the door, as the entrance door opened upon the security release. They stood in the hallway while Kekoa secured the quarter’s door once again.

                            Kekoa looked at her Master and asked her, “Where are we going first?”


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                              :: Dara turned to Kekoa with a smile ::

                              "Wherever our feet take us, my apprentice. Come, let us begin our walk."

                              :: The two women began their tour by travelling down the nearby hallway. Portraits of the past and present Council members hung from the walls, reminding Dara of the past ::

                              "If there was anything in your lifetime that you could have done differently, had the opportunity arisen, what would that have been, my apprentice?"