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  • night sky (zena)(closed)

    blade brought zena a little grassy hill a ways outside of the sith compound. there was a crisp night air and a small northerly breeze. It was a clear night and the stars showed very brightly. blade turned to zena who a had followed him here from the bar.

    " this is where I come to think and meditate and I usually come here alone but now I want this to be are place away from the bar and the battle field. A place where we can forget the thing that **** us off for a few moments until we return down there."

    Blade pointed at the sith HQ of in the distance where the some of the lights where still on.

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    Taking in the majestic panorama with a deep breath, Zena gazed at its unspoiled beauty; the rolling hills and infinite vista of the starfield revived her senses, rejuvinating her unbridled spirit. She decided to lie down on the grass and lose herself in the monmental expanse of the heavens. She playfully hooked Blade's left leg with her right foot, as he crashed to the ground on top of her. She grinned taking the brunt of his weight, sliding him off her a bit, as they both relaxed on the hill.

    "You spoke of Xazor. I heard she is very talented, but there are other Jedi outside of the Greater Jedi Order whom pose a worthy challenge as well in battle. I speak of the Rogues, of course; though I have never fought one yet. Have you?"

    She smiled over at Blade.


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      blade laughed with zena's playful mood as laid beside zena on his side and moved his gaze from her eyes to the stars how awe inspiring it was to look at both the things they both must have seen. blade heard zenas question.

      " I have never fought a rogue jedi, I have heard of them though. I know there are many out there with skills that exceed even my own and some I could only hope to achieve there skill. "

      blade smiled back at zena

      " The universe is a interesting place I have seen many places in the memories of my past 5 years. Nal hutta,Coruscant, Kessel,Garqi,and a place I thought I would learn the ways of the force before I came here on roon. have you seen any of those places?"


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        "Only Tattoine..and here. We mercenaries had our hands full on that blasted infernal twin sun planet; raiding camps, assassinations at the Mos Eisley space port, guard details...Had some run ins with stormtroopers as well. Nasty bunch, well skilled, the new troops. I caught a few blaster bolts in my time. Was almost captured once. We were outflanked, but luckily annihilated them after a fierce battle. Lost alot of good men that day. That was when I almost died...well the second time," she paused reflecting on the past.

        "I was carried back to the camp. Caught a bolt in the left side of my chest. The second time was when that Sith Lord almost took me out, but decided to make me his apprentice instead."

        Zena relaxed with her hands clasped behind her head; her attention trailing in memories long past.


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          " hmmm. very interesting I worked for many Hutts on the planet Nal Hutta and they sent me on many missions that brought to those planets to kill people who ether owed them money or betrayed them. it was dirty work but for some reason I was a natural at it I could people with out feeling or caring."

          blade closed his eyes. and laid back on the ground

          " I wish I could have been there to see you in a fight with the storm troopers. I wish I could have been the helping you from the battle field instead of where I probably was at the time."

          blade opened his eyes again and stared at the stars in a daze.

          " do you ever think about the future? I try but it always seems to lead back to my past."


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            "The future will be..the past was..the present is..I live day by day and do not think of its aftermath."

            She smiled giving him a playful slug in the arm.

            "Assassin hmm..? So have your targets ever been women?" her eyes widened with fascination.

            "Show me how you would take me out if I were a target?"


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              blade thought for a moment and nod to her first comment in agreement but the thing for him was there never was a past and the future is just as unclear so all he has is the present but at this moment it was great.

              Blade smiled as she playfully slugged him.

              "Ow! that hurt" blade began to laugh.

              " There are many powerful women out there so yes I have killed a Few but in my Mind they are harder to kill then men for they hold a sixth sense that can sense danger before it happens this sixth sense is stronger then the force if you ask me."

              blade eyes shined orange as an intrigued smile crossed his face.

              " If you where my target and you where out here in the open like this I would start a conversation with you like I already have. then I would slid close to you."

              Blade moved close to zena there bodies really close

              " then as you stared in my eyes mesmerized in them I would steal a Kiss."

              blade began to kiss zena with a very powerful magical kiss in the mean time while in the kiss concentrated on his dagger in his boot as the force brought it his hands. then he let the kiss go with a smile on his face.

              " then I would pierce your heart with the dagger I have at your chest."

              blade held his dagger between zenas breasts point at angel so that if he where to just thrust up his dagger would pierce zena's heart.


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                Spellbound by his passionate kiss, Zena let her guard down; the sense he spoke of fogged over by a sensual mist of enchanting euphoria. The cold tip of his dagger woke her from the tide of ecstasy she was enveloped in as she shot him a broad smile.

                "So this is how you destract your female targets. Quite a way to die," she mused.

                "Yet you hesitate to plunge the dagger through my flesh. Is this because the assassin has feelings for his acquisition?" she smirked.

                Testing his reflexes, Zena embraced BladeIce, and returned a sulty kiss. The dagger from her right boot sleeve sailed to her hand 'via the Force,' the hilt gripped tightly, as she brought it up to the back of his neck, still playing the deadly game of chance.


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                  blade caught in zena's sulty kiss could feel distantly like a million miles in the back of his mind that a dagger had moved to the back of his neck but blade could careless at the moment he was so trapped in.

                  As the kiss broke a smile crossed his face again.

                  " It seems you Have the same feelings or you would have killed me." blade smirked

                  blade then moved his free hand up and slow pushed her dagger arm away, as he slow moved his own dagger hand away.

                  " You have found my only weakness I guess. " blade stated with cocky look.

                  then blade came in for yet another Kiss a deeply passionate kiss that seemed to last for a century to those locked in it not even a thermal detonator could break it apart but the kiss did come to an end as the both let it go. blade looked down at zena into her eyes.

                  " So this is what it like to focus on the present?"


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                    Smiling at his inquest, she spoke softly; each kiss extracting the loose passion that had boiled freely in her veins, untapped and unclaimed for two decades.

                    "Yes, the present. But it can also be incased in our memories to look back upon in the future with satiable pleasure."

                    Sliding her dagger back into its concealed sheath, Zena focused on his uniquely colored eyes.

                    "Your eyes burn with the infernal fires of damnation. Any Jedi in his right mind would retreat from such an omen of power and dominance. How do you alter the pigment of them?"


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                      blade leaned back on the ground but still really close to zena and stared up at the stars.

                      " I do not know how it happens from what I figure they change color when I show strong emotion and not just anger or rage also Happiness and sadness. I have a deep feeling in my soul that I only look human but am not really and some time in my future I will figure it out."

                      blades eyes began glow a light orange as he looked back at zena.

                      " I believe they glow now because of the feeling of love a feeling I have only felt for the first time."

                      blade quickly diverted the conversation

                      " but if you want to see real magic ask me sometime to show you my cloak not the one I'm currently wearing but the special one I own now that Has true power and magic unlike my eyes. "


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               addictive taste that initiated the fiercest of wars. Men and women alike have died in battle fighting over its command of seduction, and fought to reclaim its treasure through sheer self sacrafice.

                        "I share it as well for the first time with you, my love," she smiled.

                        "You look human to me. Are you a cyborg? Doesn't matter if you are. Would you tell me about it, and this mysterious cloak of yours?"

                        Zena fell to the loam gazing out into the infinity of space, as she listened to him like a child enchanted with its storyteller.


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                          Love was a great emotion a very potent one. Love could spread faster then any virus or disease know to the universe but love is the hardest of emotions to understand and some wars where caused by false love such as that for money and greed but blade some how new that this love was not false.

                          Deep with in blade was locked the secrets of his past but something unknown to blade was keeping him from them and for good reason. This entity that kept him from his past was one of the most fought about and unknown parts of man the soul. blades soul unlike normal peoples souls was separate from the body and could leave at anytime and create or take a new temple to house it.

                          blades soul was churning how much it wanted to let blade tell zena everything it knew but it had to keep the mind separate for the fact that if blades mind found the truth it might try to destroy itself. It was for the better good but blades soul understood the meaning of love and he saw it in zena.

                          blade began to speak to zena.

                          " I know I'm not cyborg I have been treated by doctors for wounds and as far as they can tell I'm human only with an eye change difference. some doctors I have talked to think its ether a mutation or a form of evolution."

                          blade then began to talk of his cloak.

                          " my cloak has a long history, It started way back when the universe was still really young a sith by the name of Darth deceiver began to make a cloak to heighten his power to destroy the jedi. He had it embedded with lots of sith magic so much that it would give a sith apprentice the powers of a Master. Deceiver started his war and conquered much until he reached the Jedi's last strong hold there he was killed by a jedi knight who's name was lost to time but the jedi instead of destroying his cloak they studied it and improved it with jedi magic make it impossible for any force user to distinguish wether the wearer was sith or jedi. they gave the cloak to the a very potentially powerful jedi apprentice but he could not control the cloak and it corrupted him and again the wars started up but the apprentice did not last long and then the jedi gave the cloak again to another apprentice but this one was to hide the cloak for they could find no way to destroy it. the apprentice hide it in the mountains of Dathomir the planet that is rumored to be the home world of the Rancor. this story was passed on to the apprentices, apprentice and so one until it came down to last to know a jedi knight with only one apprentice but his apprentice was an extremist he did not believe in that the jedi and the sith where an different from each other and was very extreme in his views he felt it was wrong to fight and use the force this man's master told him where the cloak was and told him to go it then leave the jedi order because it was not his place. So the boy did as his master told. The master died soon after of a core explosion in his ship.

                          The boy who went and got the cloak was my friend and former teacher his name was Jackson Mcgraves and in his early years he used the cloak to create his own organization the force underground where only taught peace. He taught nothing of fighting unless it came to defending yourself, He taught that the Jedi and the sith where the same out for control of the universe only difference was the means by which they did it.

                          I met him when I was contracted by his own twin bother Jason mcgraves to kill. He was the first kill I never got instead he caught me and put me in a cell as he began to teach final I gave up for the first time in my life and let him win. I began to listen to his stories and final about a 1 and half years ago he was dyeing he told me and his other student a man named gerbo lang to go get his cloak that he had hide back in the mountains of Dathomir and give it to a former student of his. He also told me I would never make it as a jedi but I was strong in the force and he had told me of this place TSE.

                          Gerbo and I got the cloak and gerbo was a good tracker we found out that the student Had died in a war but he had a son that lived and had went to the TSE as I was suppose to do. I told gerbo to hold the cloak until I called for him for he was not force sensitive and could not join TSE. I found the son and became friends with him his name was Morino Ryu. I called for the cloak but gerbo had been using it to get high in the ranks of vampire hunting so I had to fight him for it. I almost killed gerbo in the fight as I got the cloak but when I returned to the TSE Morino Had left with his master from the TSE. I found his master but he had disappeared and I can not find him so I hold the cloak."

                          blade looking at the stars.

                          " It is a long story that span many Millena and I only am part of the story for 2 and half years of it. I have not figured out how to use many of the powers yet but sure can surprise the hell out of the jedi with it. That Is the most exciting memory of the past 5 years of a past I can remember."


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                            Zena was intrigued, for she thought Force usage had to be learned as an apprentice, then honed over many years to finally master. Such a cloak would be dangerous in the wrong hands, posing a sizable threat to the owner's enemies.

                            "Quite a story," Zena commented

                            "But these Rancors you speak of...How many live on this planet of theirs? Is there a herd?" her eyes bulged with excitement.

                            Zena was keeping something from Blade, as well as her Master, Jedah Lynch, including the Sith Council. She would make her request when time offered her the opportunity. They knew of her prodigious deftness with most beasts and creatures; an inherent attribute past onto her by unknown parents, as she was orphaned at an early age and reared by a band of reputed mercernaries.

                            "Blade, I feel something in you that may torment you in the future. I can't explain it, but please be careful. I don't know how I could live on without you. You have opened my eyes to life...something I haven't felt since..." she ceased to finish what she could not say to him.

                            Gently placing her hand over his left pec by the heart, she flinched abit as that same feeling haunted her, but instead opted to resting her head on his muscular soft chest, gazing up at the illuminated heavens, content to be by his side, her comrade, a new found companion in the midst of neverending war.


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                              blade smiled as zena nestled into his chest looking up at the stars.

                              " I know the story is very interesting as for the rancors they do not travel in herds they travel alone nomadic on this planet which is claimed to be the planet of there origin. I have only seen three in my whole life and only one in captivity. They seem to lose there fight after being captured from my observations. The wild rancor I saw where interesting indeed fighting over fresh meat the biggest one lost surprisingly to the smaller Bull. They are nasty beast that can pack a fight."

                              Blade face twisted in a confused look when zena told him to be careful but then his face went back to happiness that he had never felt.

                              " I will be careful zena my love. I to have been opened to a new side of life that I feel is great and wonder why I did not try this love thing earlier. "

                              blade looked at zena nestled in his chest as the night lights shined on her face and made her blonde hair shine along with her blue eyes.

                              " you know if theres anything you need to get off your chest I'm here to listen zena."

                              Blade put his face on zena's head and kiss her forehand as he closed his eyes the he laid his head on top of zena's as they laid there looking up in the sky cuddled together.