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Prophecys of Old: Lightsabers (Closed)

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  • Prophecys of Old: Lightsabers (Closed)

    Studying the age-old information contained on the datapad before him, Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch furrowed his brow slightly. Despite his rank, the Sith had never built a lightsaber before, he used the two that were given to him. With any luck, and much studying, this was going to change, however. He hoped to build a custom saber. Double bladed, with a dark blue blade, activated via a switch contained within the casing, so that only a Force User could wield its deadly blades of pure energy.

    The parts were layed out before him, and what an interesting set they were. The hilt was an ancient one. Modeled after the sabers of old, it was given to him by his father years before. Though his father was not a Sith, the gold device was the one thing of value that he owned. It was quite an intriguing hilt. Daegal had looked up the History on it in the Holo Logs of the Empire, and it was said that the hilt had been effected by Sith Sorcery millenia ago. Though the Sith Knight did not know whether or not this was true, it did not scare him. Death did not scare him.

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    Picking up the hilt into his hand, he studied it. It was nearly as old as time itself, yet it appeared as if it had just been created yesterday. The flourescent light danced playfully as it reflected off of the hilt, making the gold look as pure as the suns themselves. He lifted it into the light, studying it. As a Sith, his lightsaber was his lifeline, and he knew that if he did not know his at least as well as his opponent, he was going to lose, and thereby dishonor his Master.

    Satisfied for the moment, Daegal set the hilt on the table and picked up one of the four focusing crystals. Four. That was what made this saber unique. Never had Daegal seen a saber that could hold four crystals, the power was just too intense. That was a risk that the Sith Knight was willing to take, for he had to get ahead of his opponents by whatever means he had. The light reflected beautifully through the flawless blue crystal, it was truely beautiful. Beauty was such a rare thing in Daegal's life, especially since he had not seen Lana in so long...


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      Lana. His beloved wife who he missed so dearly. He would give his own life to see her walk into the room, just once more. The pain was like a deafening scream, overtaking him and wracking his entire mind with a pain unlike any he had suffered before. It was unbearable, but Daegal knew that he had to perservere. Do do anything less would be a dishonor to both Lana, and more importantly, his Master. He could not allow that to happen. Never.

      As he set the golden hilt down, he began reading the Holo Log again. It was interesting the lack of information that existed about this hilt, for the Empire's catalogue was usually so precise and detailed. Shrugging it off, Daegal placed the hilt on the table. He picked up one of the deep blue crystals and held it up to the light. The light moved in and out through the Midnight Blue of the small crystal, it's beauty far exceeding it's tiny size, but not it's power. Power....


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        What a driving force Power was. So many lived only for power. Power over their enemies, power over their allies, power over their destiny; all these were things that people came to the Empire each and every day seeking. It was as if they did not see the glaring flaw in their quest for power. Though they may have power of everything and everyone else, the most important type of power is power over one's self. Yet so many forget this.

        Light danced through the small triangular crystal, forming a beautiful matrix of blue and white, it was almost unreal. Such a beautiful sight, it brought a dark joy to Daegal's black heart. The Sith Knight picked up the hilt in his free hand and ever-so-carefully placed the beautiful blue crystal inside. It fit perfectly, just as Daegal had hoped. Hope....


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          Sighing in relief as he placed the second crystal into the ancient hilt, Daegal's face changed to a small smile. The saber was to be named Lana, he had decided. It explimplified all that was grace, elegance, and beauty, just as the woman who also bore that name did. Daegal's heart was filled with a heavy burden as he slowly lost hope that his newfound bride would return to their Empire.

          She's have to face it.

          Daegal heard him telling himself that over and over again, but he could not face it. The Sith Knight layed the saber down and stood, grabbing the wooden chair on which he was sitting and picking it up.


          He let out a loud, inhuman, scream as he smashed the chair against the wall of his sparsely decorated room. Why did she have to disappear? Why couldn't we live our life together? Why did it have to happen like this? Why not at least in battle?

          The questions in his head swirled about. So many questions, but so few answers...