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    Danya stood in the center of her room. From her belt she whipped off a saber and ignited it quickly. Two bright red blades shot forth from the black Dragon hilt. A smile crossed the Apprentice's lips as she twirled it around in her hand. It was so much like her Bo-Staff.....this was something she could easily control. It was better than her single-phase saber. Jumping about, she weaved it in and out.....striking imaginary opponents. Suddenly she dropped the saber but then stopped it from hitting the floor.....somehow. What was that?! She thought to herself as the saber seemed to hover in the air. All she had done was wished that it would not fall.....and it didn't. Smiling nervously, she grabbed the saber and resumed moving it about, getting the feel for it as her Master had instructed her to do.....

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    Michin had been walking the halls and he heard the igniting of a saber blade. Then a second. Was someone fighting inside the HQ? Doubtful. He moved in the halls and he saw the woman hitting the air with the blades...

    He stopped at her entrance, his movements were silent until he spoke out to her...

    "Something the matter? "

    No one ordinarily drops the blade that often protects them from attack, and is the attacker from an onslaught of the wielder...


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      Danya suddenly turned around when she heard the voice of a stranger. She nearly dropped her saber....again, but this time out of shock. Smiling slightly, she shook her head.

      "No, nothing's wrong at all......a little beat up, but that's alright....I thrive off the pain."

      She said in a slightly muffled voice. On her nose was a large bandage and a make-shift brace.

      "I just sparred with my Master....Lord Darkstar....."

      The young Apprentice tried to explain.

      EDIT: OOPS!!! This is the wrong name.....drat, I'll change it when I have more time. This is Danya. *lol*


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        "Indeed...Don't we all thrive off pain?"

        The question was rhetorical and had no value to what he was really asking, it was merely a statement. He looked at the woman's facial features and did see bandages, and on her body cuts and bruises. Her stuttering and trying to explain made him raise his hand, cutting her off...

        "I understand, they can be harsh, can they not? Masters that is. But it is necessary."

        OOC - It's quite alright, I understand completely.


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          Danya nodded slightly and disengaged her Dragon Saber. Smiling slightly she motioned for him to come in.

          "Please come in....I have not formally introduced myself. I am Danya Argent....and you are?"

          She questioned slightly, pulling up two chairs to the small table that sat in the living room area. Getting to know someone new would be good seeing as though she was only familiar with a few people. She herself had only been accepted a week or so ago....


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            "Michin Troval..."

            He eyed her cautiously as he stepped in the doorway into her quarters. He had never been around the Headquarters area before, now was the real first time, even though he had been their months. He looked her over slowly and then stood up straight as he let his gaze fall around her room. Not that many personal effects, but they would no doubt grow..

            "Tell me, how long have you been in The Sith Empire?..."


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              ooc: Sorry it has taken me so long to reply....I have been really busy with other things.


              Danya smiled slightly and sat down on an empty chair and offered one to her guest.

              "It's a pleasure to meet you, Michin.....I have only been here for a few weeks."

              She said softly, eyeing him with curiosity. He handled himself as if he had been here a good while longer than she.

              "And how long have you been here?"

              The question was simple, but she was curious afterall. He had asked her....she figured to return the favor and find out something for herself.