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  • Walk with me (Jenobi)

    DarkStar left the council chambre with his newest apprentice. Jenobi had taken his coin, soon he would learn the magnitude of his choice when the training began, but that would come later, for now the ancient Force Vampyre wished to learn more of the man he had taken under his wing. He turned to Jenobi.

    "Tell me of your past my young apprentice"

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    jenobi nodded in response to his master's question " well... there's not that much to say. i was born into a royal family on my home planet, but there was constant war going on .it didn't take long for the clinging of swords, the shouting of orders, and the death cries of others to rock me to sleep. most of my family was involved in it, my father, uncle, cousin, and it seems my brother as well, but i wasn't in it against my wishes i was kept out because my father told me i was special. in the end my family lost the war, my family name no longer instills fear in the hearts of others, no longer holds the honor it had. people started killing off others in my family, because everyone heard that one from my blood line after the wars was over would rise and take revenge. i ran to a secret shed we had in hopes of getting off the planet, but while gathering my thing i found a black book that belonged to my grand-father and on the cover it had...TSE. i read it and how the sith were powerful, how that even the name of them made people run from the planet. that's when i decided to seek this place out...that's when i decided i will become the one that was to bring the vengence. i have already begun doing that, but when a lot of them found out they fled. so i returned to my planet, had them rebuild my castle, and made this *jenobi ponited to his double edged lightsaber* to intimidate people, if you cannot win against a single blade lightsaber then how will you do against a double bladed. * jenobi took it off the belt and ignited both ends, but then to his master surprise he pushed a button and the ligtsaber detacted but both ends were still active.* this was a little trick i picked up *he then put them back together and fell silent to listen to what his master may say.