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  • Rama and Nuriko's Quarters

    Sith Mistress Nuriko Sha went through the closet packing what was most important to her. Her husband had told her upon her return that he was planning to go elsewhere. Where would this place be? Certainly not Ord Mantell. She didn't know what the hell was wrong with her brother-in-law.

    Of course, Nuriko was one to talk. The spirit that invaded her body had drove her insane as well for a time. She knew what it was like.... it didn't change the fact that Trace's involvement in her life, the life of her children, and especially her husband would be minimal if existent.

    Sierra was an adult, however, and still missing. But it was her youngest she worried for the most right now... and THIS had nothing to do with Trace. Nuriko had almost harmed her and even as she went to tuck her in bed now, Kali was still apprenhensive.

    Nuriko had been surprised that Kali recognized her when she had returned to Rama but the recognition brought not relief as it seemed to for her husband, but fear. Slowly, Nuriko would have to ease that fear away.

    She walked into Kali's room and gently eased the stuffed animals she was playing with to the side of the child's bed. Nuriko and Kali said nearly nothing to each other, but this is nearly how it had always been-- even at good moments. Nuriko gave Kali a hug and tucked her in. "Good night."

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    :: Rama Came into this room and threw his cloak over a nearby chair were it almost always rested. it was a formal robe used in council matters, it seemed to be getting worn a lot lately.....and the battle gear far to little, but maybe that was for the better. The thrill of the battle was nothing compared to the importance of staying alive now....maybe that's why he was running. He was more powerful then Trace....that was for sure, but Trace had fallen in with a less then desirable crowd in his insanity and to kill them all would pose a problem.

    It was dark in the room, but a small light cracked for the bedroom. ::


    :: the lights in the main room came up and Rama slumped down in the couch, and rubbed his face with his hands. ::


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      She had heard her master in the other room. She patted Kali on the head and turned out the lights, now heading towards the other room.

      Nuriko glanced at Rama. "Tough day?"


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        :: Rama looked over at her. It was odd, he had just come to terms with her being gone and she reappeared. Now he was haveing to come to terms with her being around again. But she was as Beatiful as ever. But it was odd......she always looked different. Her look always changed as if she was hideing from someone or something as was afraid to stay in on skin to long. But he had grown to accept and even like these changes. It was always her...and he always knew it was. ::

        "You could say that......Is she asleep?"


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          "I just put her to bed. It shouldn't be long now."


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            "Oh..........good. She kinda wanders around this place as she pleases. It's good to actually know where she is for a change."


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              "So... how have you been holding up...?"


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                "Sama old, Same old. I forgot how stressful this job is."


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                  She got up and leaned over the couch, putting her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Were we... still going to move away from here?"


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                    "Yeah........But not like im giving up my job here or anything. Just don't feel safe haveing you guys here anymore."


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                      "......?? Why is that?"


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                        "Trace.......that's why. I heard a rumor he has been hanging around Sorsha as well. That cannot be good for us."


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                          Nuriko frowned slightly and grumbled. "That ***** was why he left last time.... I can't say I'm shocked."


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                            Nor am I......I should just go out and hunt them down and be done with it, but im still afraid they'll try to use you or Kali to get at me. And that is most unsettleing.


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                              "Is that the only reason... or are you just afraid to hunt them down, period?"