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The Dream Omen [Closed]

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  • The Dream Omen [Closed]

    Eve stepped into her room, her eyes half-closed. When was the last time she fell asleep ? Two, three months ago. Ugh ... She leaned her forehead against the wall after she closed the door. She let a ywan escape her mouth, but she shook her head. There was no way she could sleep now. Last time was nothing but nightmares ... Like all the times before.

    She glanced at her bed from the corner of her eyes and sighed. One more time shouldn't hurt, right ? She stumbled closer to the bed, and let herself fall on it then closed her eyes slowly, falling into deep sleep.

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    “So what is it you want now?”

    The face only glowed and gave what could be called an amused look as if knowing some private joke, if nothing else it was done so to anger him he knew. So many times the specter enjoyed playing such games with him as much as the Sith Master did with others, a minor annoyance but nothing that could be dealt with.

    Sitting down crossing his legs the Sith folded his arms while his cape flowed forward cascading down over his shoulders as the lights in the room faded, the source of power dwindling, deprived of their connections by an otherwise worldly source. He let his eye lids slide shut as the ghost before him hovered in the air too vanished into the darkness.

    Taking a step forward he looked around.

    It was pure white, un ending, totally encompassing emptiness. Was this oblivion or some sort of void?

    It did not matter he knew as the form of the specter soon appeared beside him and both began to walk off into the distance, a flash of light occurred as the Sith Master stepped out of the wall into the room. So they were back in the world of the living but his current form was much like that of the one he traveled with, an astral form capable of moving about without the limitation of his physical body that still sat several hundred feet further down in the complex of the Sith dwelling.

    “You do know who this is?”

    Stepping beside the bed Lynch looked down at the young woman who looked to have been bordering on exhaustion before the sleeps welcome embrace had welcome her into its grip. Yes he did know of her, this was his follow Sith Master Rama Sha’s apprentice, the one that was called Eve Siren. Yes he knew of her.

    Giving a nod the very air surrounding both wandering spirits shifted in the blink of an eye sending them elsewhere. This travel was more turbulent than the last and a thousand images, sounds, smells and mental pictures assaulted his senses threatening to shut down his own mind.

    With a crash he landed and looked up as he stagged to his feet. Such travels were not always comfortable nor pleasant. In the wind for if it was possible to call this wind a hum rang out and the air changed into a bright mixture of colors that would put many thunderstorms to shame.

    Spinning around he was going to ask the specter where they were. He was alone here and snorted his dismay, he had an idea of where he was and he didnt like the thought if he had been brought here by another and had not created a proper line to lead him back, if trapped he was in trouble.

    A wave of emotions ran through him than, not of his own but of another and he reached out to try and piece together these random assorted thoughts and feelings before they ripped him apart. Silently he cursed the ghost for bringing him here without giving a clue why.


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      Eve's eyes still remained shut. After all, she didn't sleep for months. She felt herself crashing but didn't bother waking up to see what was wrong. If she had to die, at least it'd be painless.

      She turned occasionally, but her muscles hurted everywhere. A slight movement of the neck hurted. Images flashing in her mind. Images of her other fellow Xs, of her creator, of her adoptive mother, of her admittance here, of Rama, of Vega, of Gitane, of Syren, of Lina, of Dyne ...

      Each image, she analyzed and over-analyzed. Why ? What ? Where ? How ? It was either too far in the past, or in the future. Why can't the present actually be something for her ? It was all too hard. So many questions, so little time.


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        Roaring at the quick second wave of assaulting image sights and sounds he braced himself, it felt like the images and sounds would cut through him. Growling to himself if no one else he yelled once sending the imagery and noise away, his own will pushing back that which lashed against him.

        Everything went silent until he began to hear the ringing in his ears. His astral self was still in tact and no true damage had been done, still this could not continue, too much of a risk, one that could cost him his own mind and whatever sanity he held.

        He thought to the people she had seen in her mind, the pictures. Shutting his eyes he sought back to those memories. Before him shivers in the air began to form and grow bigger, wider, taking shape into the same people Eve had seen.

        Such was necessary to coax her into coming here. To find her wandering soul that lurked beneath her subconscious so he could make contact.

        Eve Siren......we are here......we are waiting....Eve Siren....we are waiting for you.....


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          Eve Siren......we are here......we are waiting....Eve Siren....we are waiting for you.....

          "... What ..?" She murmured.

          Her eyes were still closed, but her other senses woke up. Her ears finally decided to listen to the outside, a slight smell of cinnamon teased her nose and her lips opened slowly.

          "Who ..?" She murmured again.

          Her eyes finally opened, she blinked once or twice before gaining full conscience. How long was she out ? She didn't have any trail of time.