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  • Time Stands Still (This is open...)

    *Nikka sat by the window late that evening, staring out at the dark, night sky. She shivered. A tingling coldness was felt on her shoulders almost as if she were being embraced or held. A draft was felt over her head and then, the sensation was gone in less than a second. Nikka would feel that sensation many times throughout the day and night and had a hunch on what it was, but never really wanted to know. She always had this belief that something of the unknown had followed her in her travels throughout the universe.

    Or was it someone...? She didn't have any reason to fear the being, whatever it was, but sometimes it would make her shudder inside. Perhaps the past had always been there to haunt her....

    Nikka stood from her chair and grabbed a warm blanket that was draped over the bed as she still felt a residual effect from the coldness that enveloped her. She sat back down and continued to stare out the window, lost in thoughts of her newfound love. Nikka knew that she was ready for a new life with a new love--a new love that made her heart stand race and make time stand still. Time stood still every time she looked into his eyes, but she knew that reprecussions could occur from finding love within the Empire walls. Although many had their own to care about, Nikka felt that many would criticize her for feeling such a soft emotion. She didn't care, though.

    Let them.

    She thought, with a daunty smirk crossing over her lips. Everyone had the right to fall in love, Light or Dark Side of the Force...atleast in her mind.*


    *A few moments passed while she continued to watch the skies and how the glistening stars would dance among the blanket of darkness. Anytime she would even glance up at the clear night sky, it would muse her at how the darkness can always overcome the light. Even in daylight, the darkened skies have prevailed. Standing from her seat, she decided that a stroll under the darkness would be in order. She took the cloak from her bed and wrapped it around her shoulders and stepped out the door, making her way down the HQ corridor.*

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    "Why hello there Miss Darkstorm. How are you tonight ?"

    Lina's words spoke suddenly in the dark, as she smiled silently. Her ice blue eyes shimmered a bit as she took her glance towards Nikka.