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Revenge or a headache ... ?

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  • Revenge or a headache ... ?

    Lina paced along the hallways, deep in thought. She brushed back her dark-blood red hair, and grumbled a little when most of it came flying back in her face. Her ice blue eyes shimmered a little, her black dress dragging below her feet.

    Get him out of your head Lina ...

    Her fiancee was coming into her mind over and over again. Slight pain waves sank in and out of her brain constantly. Her index and point finger, gently masaged her forehead. Either she was seriously sick or her fiancee's death was going to be haunting her for the rest of her life with headaches ...

    Needa ... sit ... down ..

    Lina found a dark corner ... a perfect corner. She at first leaned against the wall, her gaze dropping to the floor. More screaming, yelling and running was being heard in her mind ... She was afraid to touch anyone, for they'd probably waste away like her fiancee did.

    Mm's ... the same old circle.

    She gently slid down the wall, landing on her rear. Lina curled herself up into a small figure-like ball. She could feel the headache forcing it's way in ... she could feel herself wanting to cry, but forcing herself not to ... Once again ... Her fiancee was getting his revenge.

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    *Passing through the hallway that Xeno was beginning to grow accustom to, he handled his hair and pushed it back. As this movement occurred he then moved his attention to 'The Lady in Red'. She didn't seem well. He stood a few feet away from her and asked:*

    "Excuse me. Are you all right? Do you want me to get help?"

    *He saw her struggling with her head. Now this was not something Xenodoros saw every day. Again he asked*

    "Do you need help?"


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      Lina jerked her head up, feeling the pain waves to her head leaving her a bit. Strands of her hair were dangling infront of her face, her eyes flashed a sudden red ...

      " .... Umm. I'm okay ... just thinking a bit too hard. It's alright, I'm fine ... I think."

      She was breathing rather hoarsly, and sweat was practically racing down her face and body. She took minor glances to the stranger, and dropped them back to the floor ...


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        *Xenodoros did not believe the words of the young lady since she seemed to struggle with whatever she tried to do. Xenodoros saw her sweaty face. Immediatly he knew that things were wrong. He then said:*

        "No you're not all right... Do you want me to bring you some water or something?"


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          "Hon, slow down, it's ok !"

          Lina wanted to curl herself into a smaller ball so that she wouldn't be noticed by anyone when trying to figure out her own damn problems. She gently rubbed the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.

          "I'm alright ... A glass of water won't be needed, but thanks for caring."

          She gave a gentle smile to the stranger, trying to pick herself up. Her knees were failing her a bit, but she managed to stand up straight instantly.


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            "Let me say that you don't look that well to me. I don't want to feel guilty for leaving a young lady on the floor helpless. Especially here in The Sith Empire."

            *Xenodoros approached her as he saw her get up. He looked at the woman, and extended his arm as his lips opened to say:*

            "I am Xenodoros Stormrider, at your service."

            *As he held his hand in front of him, he looked at the rare eyes the woman had. But having rare eyes was not a bad thing.*


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              Lina smiled a bit, and nodded to Xenodros .. he seemed nice enough.

              "Umm, I'm Lina Alexis Capulet .. shortly Lina though."

              She saw his extended arm, trying to ignore it. The thought of him wasting away as well, also came to her mind not too shortly. Another pain wave hit her head, a silent groan left her lips. She locked her arms around her back, and dropped her gaze to the floor, trying to make herself seem expression-less to the sudden pain jolt to her head.


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                *Having his hand being ignored, he didn't care. Xeno knew that something was disturbing her. Her gestures and her face showed signs of something wrong. Xeno then came back to the conversation and said:*

                "Nice to meet you.... Lina."

                *An akward silence filled the hallway, and Xeno broke it by saying:*

                "So where are you heading off to? Didn't seem like you were doing much here..."


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                  "Just walkin' ... and thinking a little."

                  Lina gently shrugged, her face giving no expression. She didn't wish to tell him the entire truth of the matter .. she decided to carry on the conversation just to be nice.

                  "Umm ... what about you ?"


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                    "Just travelling around. you never know what you can find in these mysterious hallways"

                    *Xeno's sarcastic expression kicked in that last word. It had seemed that Xenodoros needed 'someone' to talk to; even if it was a complete stranger. Xenodoros had always lived a solitary life, but it didn't hurt to talk to a few people to get a few things off of his mind. The young man then told her:*

                    "How about you accompany in this little walk. Just to clear my mind from the training I've been doing."


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                      Lina chuckled a little at the man's sarcasm, and smiled a little.

                      "Umm .. sure, I guess I could use some company just to get my mind off .. someone."

                      She coughed a little, trying to find the strength to walk, feeling her knees getting a little heavy on her.


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                        *Xeno motioned her to go his way, and began to walk around. As he walked, he began to look straight ahead. He then turned his head to face hers and said:*

                        "I'm only a Sith Disciple and my Master's tough enough as it is. And I heard it gets harder... "

                        *Wondering what rank she was in, Xeno didn't bother in asking the lady.*

                        "So tell me, what rank are you in here at The Sith Empire?"


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                          She listened to him carefully as she could, for her head was throbbing her so. Lina felt her legs drag a bit weakly, due to her weak knees.

                          "I'm a Disciple like you, and apprentice to the beautiful and talented Dara Shadowtide ... she gives me scars in places I never thought possible."

                          She made the effort to laugh at her small yet true joke. Maybe a little talking and walking was doing her head good .. just not to her knees. She glanced up at Xeno, smiling, her ice blue eyes shimmering every now and then, trying to keep up the conversation he started.

                          "Who's your master ?"


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                            "Hehe. ...places you never thought possible...", Xenodoros said to himself, trying not to laugh too much.

                            *Xenodoros walked in a slow pace since it seemed Lina was dragging herself to walk. Hearing her question he quickly answered.*

                            "My Master? My Master is good ol' Daegal Murdoch. He's all right. Tough, but that's how he's supposed to be. Dara's a pretty hard Master to get nowadays. She has too many apprentices."

                            *Xenodoros kept walking, observing her dragging her legs around.*


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                              Lina chuckled some, trying to get her legs to keep up.

                              "She had an opening, luckily. Daegal seems nice, I've always admired him, just never given the thought of him being my master."

                              She glanced at Xenodoros, who seemed to be observing her for some odd reason.

                              "Umm ... something wrong ? You keep staring at my legs .. Uh, well, the way my legs are dragging .. I mean .. damn that didn't come out right."

                              Lina slapped herself in the forehead, finding her cheeks burning red of embarrassment, but chuckled a little bit, trying to laugh out her mistake.