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Scars of the past .. (Open)

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  • Scars of the past .. (Open)

    Lina once again could feel misery taking over. A greater one then her usual misery stages. She gently opened the door to her quatres, and pushed it back, carelessly leaving it open by a few centimetres. She didn't notice and instead made her way to her bed, flopping herself ontop of it. She raised her hand to rub her forehead, and then noticed a few red scars on her arms, as her sleeve slid down a little .. the wounds she had when she used to known as a cutter .. Lina remembered how she unsheathed her blade, and slid it past her arm. She saw a nice clean part of her skin ... clean ... not yet touched.

    "No ... I shouldn't."

    She couldn't help herself now .. her hand slid down her back pocket, pulling out the blade she owned all her life .. she unsheated it, and slowly pressed it against her skin .. she whimpered a bit, as she kept doing this back and forth, back and forth ... Lina felt small droplets forming in her eyes .. She tried to keep her whimpering down .. Blood appeared now .. she slouched her shoulders, just incase someone could hear her .. She couldn't stop herself, it was like the blade kept digging deeper into her skin by force ....