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Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as well)

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  • Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as well)

    Danya leaned against her bed as she sat on the floor. A few tears streamed down her cheeks as she eyed the bottle of pills beside her. She emptied a few onto her hand and shoved them into her mouth...then washed them away with a glass of water. More tears streamed down her face as she repeated this action once again....downing more pills and chasing them with water. She sighed and placed the back of her hand against her forehead as the warm tears continued to fall. I'll never find happiness and this place has brought me nothing....maybe there is something wrong with wonder no family ever kept me around.....I'm an outsider.... The thoughts poured through her mind as she felt lost and hopeless. She wished her Master was desperatly she wanted to talk with him......or anyone.......

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    Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

    "What are you bubbling about, Danya?"

    Elena leant around the frame of the girls door, staring in with a soft smile playing on her lips.


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      Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

      Danya looked up.....her eyes searched the doorway to her bedroom where she saw of the few who had actually spoken with her since she arrived at the Empire.

      "I'm a reject.....but that's about all....."

      She said softly and wiped some tears away with the back of her hand. The young woman reached for the bottle beside her just to find that it was empty. Damnit.... she thought to herself and then reached for another on her nightstand. Opening it, she took out a few more pills and popped them in her mouth....then chased them with the water. She sighed and leaned her head back against her bed......


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        Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

        A slight pout passed over her lips, and she paced over to sit down by Danya.

        "How are you a reject?"

        Looking at the pills, she smirked, and wondered what they were.


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          Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

          Danya began to feel very lightheaded as the question floated into her mind. She shook her head and sighed.

          "My family didn't want me....both of Master isn't Boyfriend is gone.....and even the Jedi won't talk to me! Sad isn't it.....I suppose.....I'll never be happy....."

          Tears welled up in her eyes once again but she held them back and looked to the nearly empty bottle of pills. She would have to find someone to smuggle some more for her.....her spice was all gone and now these new babies were nearly gone as well....


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            Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

            A cough came from behind the Van Derveld woman, there was a flicker of movement as the light asborbing cloak the ancient Sith always wore was pushed aside.

            "My dear, dear apprentice, I am always around, what is that old human saying? Speak of the Devil and he shall appear? Speak my name and I will hear,"

            He pushed past the other woman and moved to stand over his apprentice. He held out his hand and the bottle of pills flew into them, he regarded them with calm distaste.


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              Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

              Danya was a bit shocked by the appearance of her Master....and she was ashamed that he saw her in such a state. She had never relied on pills or anything before now. Sighing, she looked down at the floor as more tears rolled out from her eyes. She felt like crawling under her bed at this point.....afraid of what he might do to her for hurting her body with the pills.....and for making a fool out of herself.

              "I'm sorry my Master.....please forgive's just......"

              She then realized that he had probably heard everything and if not, he had ways of knowing. Sighing, she shook her head and refused herself to look up at him......


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                Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                DarkStar's hand clenched into a fist, the pills and their container were crushed, he opened his hand, nothing remained but a powder which floated to the floor, he regarded it was a sneer.

                He grabbed her ruffly by the chin and forced her face up, he moved closer to her, so close she could see the pits of darkness in the centres of his eyes. The green iris's were blazing with anger, a fire that threatened to leap out and burn her. His voice was quiet, with a deadly edge to it.

                "Never, ever, let me catch you poluting yourself with such filth again or you will learn why I am so feared, I will beat you to within an inch of your life, I will beat them out of you."

                He renched her head upwards and shouted at her, his voice was violent and filled with rage.

                "Do I make myself clear??"

                His hand came round, a visicous powerful slap to the side of her face.

                "Do I??"

                He roared at her


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                  Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                  *Nikka was reading in her room from her journals that she had kept for all of her years despite them not being hers. She was immersed within the material until she heard a man's voice yelling from down the hall. Making her way over to the door, she opened it and peaked her head out just enough to see what was going on.

                  As she saw the occurence, she fought back to interfere as this appeared to be between Sith Lord DarkStar and his apprentice. Whatever this was, she had to stay out of it since it wasn't her place to get in the way.*



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                    Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                    Danya was, mad. She growled deeply when she saw her Master crush the pills......but she did not know really what was going on for they had already gotten to her. That is, until he lifted her up by her chin and began speaking to her. She looked deeply into his eyes and fear gripped her soul at his words. The slap was very unexpected and it made even more tears fall from her eyes. Shamefully she looked away from him as they fell to the floor.

                    "Yes my Master...........I understand......."

                    Her voice was soft and just above a whisper. Now she wished to crawl beneath her bed and hide from him and the rest of the she felt even more worthless than before.... I should have taken both bottles before anyone could miss me..... she thought to herself....but then kicked herself mentally for doing so for her Master probably heard her thoughts. Sighing as the tears fell, she comitted to not making eye contact with him.....though she felt this was not the end.......


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                      Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                      Danya was right, it was not the end. He hoisted her from the floor by her chin till she was stood toe to toe with the Force Vampyre. He slapped her again, this time it left a bright red hand print on the side of her face.

                      "It seems this is probebly my fault,"

                      The Sith Lord mused, his voice had lost its angry edge, though his eyes still burnt with rage.

                      "It seems I have not trained you enough yet, your emotions still dominate you, you will learn control young one,"

                      He nearly spat the word young, and his voice had an edge to it now one that hinted at the worlds of pain he was going to drag her through. He threw her down on the bed with one hand and snarled.

                      "Get your things, we are going to the training grounds now."

                      He turned to Nikka who hovered just outside the door. He beconed her in. He smiled, conciderably more kindly than the face he had shown Danya.

                      "Is there something I can do for you?"

                      It was a calculated move, as well as being his usual politeself, he was showing Danya that all his anger was direct at her and none towards anyone else.


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                        Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                        Danya shook with fear at his words and did as she was told. She gathered her weapons belt and strapped it on....then placed both of her sabers on there as well. A few throwing knives and a dagger accompanied her other weapons. Sighing, she did not even bother to put a cloak on as she stood behind her Master, afraid to say anything.

                        "I am...ready, my Master....."

                        She managed to choke out though the tears still fell. She felt hated now, by him. I might as well have he's going to kill me..... She lifted her hand to a necklace she wore.....she had crafted a bit of the coin to allow a chord to go through it so she could wear it close to her. Sighing, she waiting his lead......


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                          Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                          *Tucking her binder beneath her arm, Nikka shook her head at the Sith Lord. She took another step out of her room and into the hallway.*

                          "No, I'm fine. My apologies for eavesdropping, but I couldn't help overhearing.... is everything alright?"

                          *Nikka couldn't help but be concerned for a fellow compatriot of the Empire, no matter what they were going through.*


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                            Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                            DarkStar nodded to Nikka,

                            "Yes, everything is fine young one, i'm just going to teach my apprentice a lesson i should have taught her much sooner..."

                            He smiled politely at her then breased past her, without looking to see if Danya was following, he was sure she would, if she didn't, he would beat her here in the corridor instead of the training ground, he supposed it didn't matter, so long as she learnt.


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                              Re: Happiness In A Bottle? (Lord DarkStar....but open as wel

                              Danya moved past Nikka and looked up at her for just a second before joining her Master in the corridors. The walk to the training grounds would be long, but not long enough...she just knew it...