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The Age of Loneliness (Open)

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  • The Age of Loneliness (Open)

    Jezebella wandered down the winding corridors... the faint sound of humming echoing off the well built walls.. which surrounded her. This was the path in which she usually took... when in deep thought... somehow... it had planted itself into her memory... and now... this was the only way.

    Turning into another hallway... she noted the sudden jolt of darkness... which sparked her senses... she knew... that she had never been here before.

    There were no lights of any kind that lit the hallway... leaving her in complete darkness. Something... she felt safe in.. something... comforting.. The sense of being completely alone... something she was use to by now...

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    Silent, un-noticed and deadly, the white wolf padded down the corridor after her, watching her every move. Contary to popular believe the ancient Sith Lord to whom he was a pet, could not be in more than one place at once. The wolf watched those DarkStar could not, it kept an eye on his apprentices for him when he was busy elsewhere and now, it kept its deep red eyes on Jezebella.


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      Then, suddenly, she wasn't alone any more. The strong and comforting presence of the ancient Sith Lord was suddenly in the corridor, heading her direction.

      As he passed the wolf he stroked it, the signal for it to leave and watch someone else. He had never really spoken to this apprentice of his, time to do so he desided.

      In the total darkness she couldn't see him, on sense his prensence, and the same for him. He smiled to himself.

      "Good evening young one, what are you doing all alone in this dark corridor?"


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        "My master.... I feel I belong in the shadows and darkness... rather than in the light. Being alone... can be bliss... though it seems I am not alone anymore."

        She knew instantly that it was her master... not by the way he sounded or... the way he had called her "young one".. but it was the same powerful and strengthening presence... that swept over her when she was submersed in the force... the one that told her if she was making a mistake... the same one that swept over the training grounds in a wave of darkness.

        Pivoting on her heel, she stepped back and leaned against the wall that was now behind her. Her arms came up to fold over her chest and her ankles crossed over one another. Though the long hallway was dark... she scanned the shadows over anyway... her yellow panther-like eyes glittering in the darkness.

        " Master... what would you like... I am sure you didn't come all the way here just to ask me that. Perhaps... you were looking to converse?"


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          DarkStar chuckled, that she was so confident it was him was a sure sign she was learning.

          "Yes...I suppose I did come to converse. I do not seem to have spoken to you properly,"

          He tugged absent mindedly on his leather gloves, he could relate to her feeling of belonging in the shadows, it was where he belonged he wasn't sure wether that was how he had always been or wether it was years of being an assassin that had conditioned him to be one with the darkness.


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            [i]Jezebella smirked slightly and tilted her head back, staring blankly up at the durasteel ceiling... even though it could not be seen through the icy darkness that filled the hallway. Her senses seemed to twitch at ever movement her Master made... even the slight gesture of his hands.

            Shaking her head, she pushed off the wall and came to stand in the middle of the hallway.

            "Well, my Master... what would you like to talk about?"


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              DarkStar chuckled, it was time to play a few games.

              "I know what I want to talk about, what do you think I want to talk about?"

              She couldn't see, but the green fire in his eyes dansed merrily as he prepared to teach her about games of the mind, a useful tool for all Sith and something the ancient Sith was very good at.