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Getting Acquainted

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  • Getting Acquainted

    Brace, newly accepted Apprentice of Eve Siren, takes her advice to mind and begins a trek through the many halls of the Sith Empire Headquarters, with no particular destination in mind except perhaps finding a room. Though he had only had a brief ammount of time in her presence, he made sure to get acquainted with her presence in the Force and therefore found no trouble in finding her particular room. He stops for only a moment, his mind processing the idea of perhaps getting to know his Master or questioning her on his training, but he quickly pushes the thoughts away and decides to merely wait for the day their training begins.

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    A husky voice speaks from behind Brace:

    "Looking for something, tiger?"


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      Brace halts in his step, not glancing back over his shoulder just. He brings his arms up, crossing them at his chest and casting his voice over his shoulder.

      "Nothing specific."

      Brace turns on the ball of his foot, placing himself face to face with the women. He takes a moment to give her a once over, sizing her up and studying her.

      "If I stumble on an empty room, all the better."


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        "Well suprisingly the room's without a name engraved on them are empty,"

        Elena smirked somewhat, mimicking Brace's actions by looking him up and down.

        "And if you just look, you'll see there's a room two doors down that isn't occupied."


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          Getting Acquainted

          Brace smirks as her words seem a mockery to him. He glances over his shoulder to the room that he would have eventually headed to and nods, winking and turning off from her to head to the room.

          "Must of slipped my mind that a non-named one could be the way, you can call me Brace."

          OOC: Will be away about 10 days.


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            Elena smiled thinly and nodded ever-so-slightly, folding her arms over her body.

            "Brace," she said the word, letting the 'r' roll right off her tongue.

            "... Elena Van-Derveld. A pleasure to meet you, I'm sure."


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              Getting Acquainted

              Brace steps up to and into the unmarked room, tossing his bag over beside the bed and stepping back out only moments later, in time to catch he last words. He chuckles and nods his head, mimicing her actions by crossing his own arms over his chest and standing a good 10 feet off from her.

              "And a pleasure to meet you as well, Elena."


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                "I suppose you want me to leave you alone to play with your toys in your new room now, hmm?" she called across to him with a defiant smile.


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                  Getting Acquainted

                  "Hmm..If I did, wouldn't I be in there now already...'playing'? No, there is no need for that unless you would like to leave."

                  Brace bids her a faint smirk and leans his left shoulder up against the wall.


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                    She rolled her eyes somewhat.

                    "I've got nothing better to do than roam the halls looking for unsuspecting people to prey on," she said without the slightest hint of sarcasm.

                    "... Going in invite me in for a drink, are you?"


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                      ' Ah...already getting your nails into poor innocent boys now..miss "Van-Derveld"' Sieken began the name van Derveld in a sercastic tone.

                      'How old are you...what...50? look like it...and the boy...what...20..25?..look offence but you got your work cut out for you...' A smile crept over his face, turning into a closed mouth laugh.


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                        Getting Acquainted

                        Brace brings his arms up to cross at the chest, keeping his left side to the wall. With the lofting of his darkened brow, comes his reponse.

                        "24. As the lady said, I believe I was going to get her a drink. Who said anything about He pauses for a moment, perhaps trying to put more of an effect into his words work?"


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                          "It's awfully rude to assume a ladies age, Sieken, but then you never were much good around women, were you?" Elena said with an innocent smile.

                          She sauntered across towards Brace, turning to poke her tongue out at Sieken.


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                            Getting Acquainted

                            Brace turns himself while remaining against the wall, the center of his back now aligned with the door post of his chosen room. A smirk plays over his facial features, finding the encounter fairly humorous.

                            OOC: Tomorrow, July 13, I should be leaving town for another week, just FYI.


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                              Hearing no reply from Sieken, she assumed immeadiately he was stumped, and at this smiled. Turning then to Brace, she rose one eyebrow.

                              "Well then?"