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    His encounter with Jezebella has been fruitful. He had departed her company with a lightsaber, and a basic understanding of the weapon. It felt good to be armed again, and in his free time within his room he found himself studying the intricacies of the weapon from it’s grip down to it’s balance. It was a far cry from the sword he was used to carrying, still leaving him feeling naked at times without the familiar weight to sag at his belt and the locale where he would occasionally set a gloved hand. In carrying a weapon, he carried his confidence once again, and knew who he wished to approach to be his permanent teacher. Once more he relied on the data pad gifted to him, using it to find the chambers of Baska Tankreyd.

    Before he knocked, his hands ensconced in brown cuffed gloves smoothed down his tan colored jacket across the breast, and gave a tug to the bottom hem downward. His hand briefly passed over the lightsaber hilt, and his shoulders rolled backwards. His hand rose finally, rapping the back of his index and middle finger knuckles against her door. He waited in silence following the knock, his hearing carefully tuned towards listening for movement on the other side of the portal, while his eyes roamed at first down the hall towards his right and then down the hall towards his left. He was alone, with no one approaching. They set ahead again, chin raising just slightly.

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    When she heard the knock on the chambers' doors, Baska was sitting in meditation. She had felt the ebb and flow of lives across the temple, and this specific area, for the past while. Immersing herself in the darkness, embracing her power and finding guidance from the Dark Mistress was part of her daily rituals.

    The tall blonde got to her feet in one swift move the moment she heard the knock. The Sith Master wasn't familiar with the aura she felt outside of the apartments she shared with her wife and their younger children. And she didn't receive people in, unless they were deemed worthy. So, she made sure that the twins were taken care of, before going for the door.

    She inquired as she stepped into the hallway, closing the door behind her.


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      Alastair wasn’t certain what to expect, but when Baska stepped outside to question him he was given his first look at his would-be Master. She was tall and lithe, but toned to represent she was not neglectful of her physical capabilities. It was certainly a far cry from the normal for him, to seek a woman for a teacher. He held no reservations about gender however, only that it wasn’t often to find women warriors from where he came from. His head gave a traditional bow, fair hair falling out of place that when he straightened it framed his face unevenly.

      “Master Baska Tankreyd.” He stated her full name and title as he knew it, just as the Counts of Serenno demanded their own titles be used. Their reasoning had always been, what good is a title if no one will call another by it? “Another of the Masters, Jezebella, gave to me on my first day a data pad with the names and brief biographies of some of the Empire’s capable trainers. I took my time, perused it, and wished to meet you to see if we could form that connection.” He wasn’t directly asking her to be his Master yet, but showing he had the wisdom to know compatibility would play some part in it.

      He had noticed the privacy with which she had greeted him however. The short one word question, and the way she both took her time and closed her door behind her, keeping her personal life well guarded. “I can meet you later, or elsewhere, if you are unavailable.” He played polite, as he was brought up, because he knew the value of first impressions. His thumb hooked in his belt, canting himself to the side and waiting for whatever judgment she would pass on the matter.


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        Baska appreciated the good manners and the respectful demeanor. That was appreciated for many didn't get this part as they joined the Sith. "Master Jezebella Shadana is one powerful woman." She mentioned with praise in her tone. While she knew her sister better, she only thought good things of Jezebella.

        "Let's walk." She said, gesturing for him to do this as they headed across the hallway, towards one of the many exits of the temple. She had noticed how he offered to see her later if she wished to, but nothing as the present.

        "Besides your name, tell me why you believe we would be a right fit for such a connection." She was curious about knowing more, for first impressions were one thing, but it was important to dig deeper.


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          “She has been most accommodating.” He wouldn’t soon forget the woman’s contributions. A weapon, some direction. It was more than anyone else had done so far, and more than he could have expected. Either she wished something of him, or she sought to strengthen the Empire. Her direction led into a stride to mirror the pace of her own, his hand slipping from his belt that it might pass evenly at his side as he walked with the tall blonde. The direction she had taken him was one he had yet to travel, and so he kept mindful of the path she led him down to see where it led and how to replicate it if necessary.

          “Alastair Kade, formerly of Serenno, now of Munto Codru.” He introduced himself with a brief glance to the side at her. Not expecting a name in return, since he had it already, he went on to answer the request posed to him by Baska. “Your listing said you do not tolerate mediocrity, and I would not tolerate having a teacher that would accept my mediocrity. The way I figure it, if I am being mediocre at something so foreign to me, I will never know it unless I am told I am not achieving my maximum potential. If a teacher accepts such from me, I may never know I am performing to such a poor level.”


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            If Jezebella had given direction to this man, it meant that she saw true potential in him, for the council member witch wasn't one to appreciate lesser beings. She took the new Sith across different ancient hallways, which would bring them to a rarely used entrance to the Temple. They crossed paths with very few people.

            "Well met, Disciple Alastair Kade." She acknowledged the introduction, noting the place of origin, but not asking further about it, for it mattered little for the time being.

            "Refusing mediocrity is a worthy first step. Many want it the easy way, want to take short cuts, be praised for the least interesting thing they perform. I have indeed no time for such individuals."

            Her icy blue gaze fell upon the man again. "My students risk their life, going through my teachings and developing their potential as Sith. I push hard, as hard as I have been, as hard as it took for me to earn my rank."


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              Braziers continued to light the path they walked, the architecture of the hall noticeably different than some of the other path’s they tread. The need for the braziers diminished as they neared an external exit, where normal daylight cascaded down the halls to illuminate their path more fully. He at once wondered what side of the structure they would exit on. It amused him how she described others, seeking praise for everything. Praise was all well and good, but useless when falsified. His green gaze turned towards her with a slight turn of his head, meeting with the ice of her stare.

              “Makes sense.” He commented with a simple sort of unsurprised tone. “It’s frustrating to see people earn what you have earned, with less.” It was the story of Serenno at times. It wasn’t power or the actual factor of being deserving that dictated the ruling Counts, it was simply your predecessor’s. “Risk life now, so it’s at less of a risk later. I accept these terms.” He nodded in finality, continuing to assure her that he was willing to give himself over to the hard path.


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                When they exited the ancient and somber building, they found themselves walking amongst half destroyed status, some still standing normally. They provided some shadow from the plaguing sun of Munto Codru.

                She appreciated that Kade didn't see fit to debate and ramble for too long. She was a practical woman and being straightforward could save energy and time. "If I take you as my apprentice, I request utter loyalty. Many think that Sith are just meant to take down their master one day and that deception is the game. I don't accept this from my pupils. The time and energy I invest in you request complete loyalty."

                She had already made examples of people trying to play her, and it had never ended well for them. "If you are ready to take this oath to me, I will teach you the ways of the Sith."


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                  Alastair's hand lifted to form shade over his eyes, which squinted as they still adjusted to the sudden transition of low light to a brighter light. His gaze burned briefly as his pupils rapidly constricted, moving into the shade of one of the ruined statues. His hand lowered before long, squaring himself off with Baska, proceeding no further unless she wished him to. Somehow he felt this was where they were meant to end up together, though he wondered why, and where the statues originated from.

                  "I understand." He didn't need to say more than that, like an explanation as to why he believed she felt as such. James had stressed loyalty, on his first day. "I am ready." His hands swept outwards to each side, and his torso bent towards the woman. "Master."


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                    Baska nodded to Kade's oath. This was enough for her, and she knew that if he tried to take this back, it would be extremely painful to him. Yet, she felt the Dark Mistress's guidance in this encounter and knew how to heed the calling when it occured.

                    "What does being Sith mean to you?" They were already talking so she could as well begin his training right away. It was only fitting to do so.


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                      His torso straightened from the bow he had given her. His glove hands fell in against his hips, resting just atop his belt line in comfort. The ensuing question was either to quiz him, or test his knowledge thus far. While he could confess his limited knowledge base, his encounter with Sianna had taught him a bit, and he already had a fair idea of an appropriate answer to her question. “It means I have a gift, and I choose not to squander it. It means I also understand that the weak serve the strong, not the other way around.” Alastair could never count himself among the spiritual types, giving a more practical and personal answer.


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                        Though she had always been a woman of faith, practicality was something Baska valued a lot. Mysticism had its place and guidance, but being able to get things done was crucial. Listening to Kade, she led them further away from the direct surroundings of the Temple, until they reached what had once been a graveyard. Bones and blood had made the soil as it was now and it was thick with ghosts and spirits.

                        "Beyond yours eyes, your ears, what do you sense here?" She provided guidance when need be, but she always pushed her students to figure things out as well.


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                          His place of pause had not been enough, Baska intending to deliver him further out beyond the grounds. The soil they passed over eventually changed, a coppery tinge to it, one he was familiar with to be the mix of blood and dirty. The air surrounding was far more stale, sapped of anything truly living and floral to give it a pungent aroma. A crunch beneath his boot drew his eyes down to the ground, bending briefly to examine a crushed knuckle bone. "You take me to the nicest places." He regarded with a hint of a smile, growing more comfortable with his new teacher. His hands slapped together, freeing the dirt from his fingertips and bringing his frame back to a taller posture.

                          "Alright..." His eyes closed, shunting out the sight of his surroundings. His ears he could do nothing about that wouldn't be perceived as silly. At first he heard a bird call in the distance, and the sound of blowing wind and rustling leaves was more prominent. He waited, attempting to shut himself out. "It's cooler, but I don't think you mean physical sense. It's cooler, as if beneath the skin. Eerie. Hard to place and describe. It's certainly not right here, but I can't say I can place anything." While not perceiving himself as noting anything special, he was more sensitive to that thinned barrier between life and death present, he just associated such feelings as being normal and gave rationale because he wasn't certain what to look for.


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                            "It only gets better." Baska replied with a dark chuckle to Kade's observation about the ancient graveyard. She definitely had a few places where she could take her students to push them as far as possible. This was the kindergarten one may say!

                            She quietly paced as he focused on expanding his perceptions. "The Dark Side allows you to feel beyond our mortal senses. To go beyond the tangible. This is the core of all abilities you will learn that will make you stronger. Discovering and strengthening this connection is what we have to focus on."

                            She let her presence expand, touching on old spirits, getting deeper into the violence and misery that haunted this place. "The spirits felt us, they felt you..." They would try to lash out at Kade, the lesser trained, and he would have not to be crushed by them.


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                              He couldn't say he was pleased, but he was amused. "Oh, I simply can't wait." He doubted her definition of better involved fine dining, a bar, any of the finer things. She already said she would press him, and he didn't mind, but everyone enjoyed a little comfort. His focus went more to the serious task set before him. She stressed the value of it, and how it would exist at the core of everything he did going forward. He understood he was supposed to find something, likely the Dark Side.

                              His head turned downwards, surveying the crushed bone and stained soil. The Dark Side was what he sought, he knew, but he had to remind himself what it was. Anger was supposed to be at the crux of the Sith, as well as fear, jealousy. He had all of these things, but it wasn't just him. "If there are spirits here, and they feel, surely they feel emotion still. Rage. Jealousy." They were the Dark Side made manifest then.

                              He tightened his hands into fists, focusing himself deeper. He pressed away at his five senses, and focused on the feelings of anger, jealousy, rage. He had those at times, for people, events. Knowing the feeling, and knowing what it felt like to look upon someone with such feelings, he could almost feel the anger as something palpable in the air. "I sense their emotion."