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They say beauty equals death...(Santeria)

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  • They say beauty equals death...(Santeria)

    Standing in the archives again for the sixth time this month, James kept looking through his mask at the tomes to which explained much about Darth Sion. Rolling his eyes because he couldn't find them he knew they were here somewhere. He'd seen them! After a few moments of scanning the shelves, James sighed out loud. Folding his arms across his chest, the Sith Master then rolled his eyes again.

    Where the frell are they? He said to himself.

    Pacing back and forth he then placed a hand to his chin. Maybe Sianna had taken them out for herself to read through? Or else another took it and decided to read through it. But, he was still in the process of getting the holocron that Sianna had presented him with at her promotion repaired. It was beat up pretty good, but, it wasn't in complete disarray. The thing could be repaired and he'd sent it to get just that. Repaired enough he could access it. But, he wished to find the tomes to begin his journey as far as the knowledge was written down about Sion.

    "Oh this is getting me nowhere! Where the frell is that book! It was here last time I checked. Course I didn't take it then! Ugh!" He said frustrated.

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    Lounged against a row of tomes that were as ancient as the day had been long was the coiled body of the Nightsister. Flick. Flick. One by one had pages been turned by the hovering of a phalange. Nothing had been of importance, at least not to her, as she continued her own research on other matters. As of recently, the ideals of bio-weaponry had intrigued her after an incident that happened to her at the hands of Imperials. As she desired an oasis of knowledge to present itself a familiar voice rattled her from her knowledge seeking.

    Shifting her body slightly, Santeria's head peeked from the row. "Loose something, Master?" Snorting as she called forth to James, her voice sizzled with a sardonic tone on the word master as she had done so. Using such a title was beneath her and she only spoke it sparingly considering she had no respect for any male. Including this one. There was perhaps, at bet, some acceptance of him --he did possess information she did not have.

    Closing the tattered tome, she dropped it upon the ground with a resonating thud as she had come to a stand. Growing bored of not getting what she had wanted immediately as she sought after it, she allowed her curiosity to be entertained by pondering what book that James was fitting over.


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      Hearing the snort come from Santeria he then rolled his eyes. His part-time student as he was teaching her Force abilities. Although they'd not interacted with one another in a long time, it seemed fitting that they would here. As both of them were in the archives the tall Sith Master watched her close the book then drop it to the ground. Wondering why she'd done that he then figured he'd answer her sarcastic inquiry.

      "Indeed. A book about a long dead Sith Lord. You've probably never heard of him, witch. Darth Sion. One such named 'The Lord of Pain'." James said with his deep voice nearly echoing through the rows of books and the what have you.

      Scanning again for something similar he placed a finger along each book, running it over them eyes searching. Once in a while he'd take his eyes off the shelves and onto Santeria. Not trusting her with his back turned. Knowing she was a Nightsister who knew Razielle and that they didn't trust anyone who wasn't female. With good reason. The Nighbrothers served their purpose of having the honor of mating with them. Well, if they weren't fighting one another. Since Aldan's departure he felt that he should lead them. To which his request was denied.

      Mumbling different titles of the tomes he kept his eyes searching and again keeping one eye on the Nightsister. Now that his wife had left him to wherever she was he was vulnerable. To anyone who was of beauty including the woman standing nearest to him. Although ever vigilant his vulnerability could be exploited and if so he'd pay a high price. In many ways then one.

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