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A Hike into the Wilderness (Open)

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  • A Hike into the Wilderness (Open)

    Asori eyed the forest in front of her. When she had first arrived on Munto Cudro she found it beautiful, having seen little natural greenery in her youth. Yet she had been warned to avoid the forests until she had proper training to handle any of the beasts that made those trees their home.

    For what seemed like the longest time, she had kept that promise, but not anymore. Now the burnette was a Warrior, and held a newly crafted lightsaber by her side. She was ready to venture into the wilderness, to face what lurked within and test her own strength. The Sith Council was watching her, ever since she came to them to tell of Ashaiya’s betrayal, they had been keeping their eyes on her. She had to face her old master eventually, to bring back honour to the Sith, and show her loyalty to them. But Ash had been powerful, and she wasn’t going to pick a fight unless Asori knew she would win. This, was just the start.

    As she walked through the wilderness, Asori’s heart began to doubt that there were any dangerous speices even in here. Maybe she was still too close to the Temple? Yet, the further she traveled she still couldn’t find any signs of a best to slay.

    “Great, a hunter without prey.” Asori sighed, and fell onto a nearby log. Maybe this was a waste of time, she should be focusing more on finding Ashaiya then training. She had no idea where her old master was, only that she was with some secretive group. Maybe Asori could lure her out like before, but she doubted Ash would fall for that now....

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    Layla took the less tread paths from her home to the Sith Temple, the dried leaves of winter crunching beneath her boots with no effort made to hide her presence. She chose for herself garments that covered her nearly completely, save for the hood she left lowered.

    Brown and black leather ensconced her lithe frame, a single streak of fabric hanging off her back left shoulder the only true form of a cloak she presently possessed. Words just over the rise gave her pause in her stride, listening carefully but finding none to follow up whatever the original statement was.

    “You look so forlorn, my dear.”

    She paused her approach to Asori, he right foot turned out to the side and her left angled towards the woman. She stood tall, hands at her sides and chin inclined under the cloth that wrapped about her neck.

    “Not lost, are we?”


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      Asori whipped around quickly at the voice. How could she have missed noticing another Sith approaching her? Her mind was too distracted, frustrated and focusing on her traitor of an ex-Master. When the woman spoke, Asori sighed and let her guard down. Probably the wrong thing to do against a Sith, but the brunette didn’t care at the moment.

      “I’m not lost.” She replied back, a frown on her face. “I was told when I first arrived at the Temple that there were some great, ferocious beasts around here. He actually warned me not to venture out into the forests until I was strong enough to handle myself. I’m trying to prove a point, yet... so far nothing.” Hands flapped to her side

      Asori looked at the woman, she seemed more prepared for a wilderness hike than Asori, her garb, and even mannerisms seemed to indicate she was familiar with the surroundings.

      “You wouldn’t know where I could find something to test myself against, would you?”


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        Layla smiled as the girl recounted the events that brought her to this point specifically, though part of that expression was for the way she dropped her guard so readily. She moved towards Asori, sweeping the back of her gloved hand against the log to clear away some moss before she sat herself beside her.

        "I only know of one ferocious beast who calls these woods his home, and that is one of my Apprentices. You are welcome to hunt him, if you wish."

        To those who knew her, it wouldn't be a surprise to see her offer her own student up as a target so readily. Her hands moved to settle onto her knees, drawn upwards with her feet kept close to the log.

        "What point are you trying to prove? My dear, deadly or not the Force has no rival on this planet. You hold an advantage, so little will actually test you save for another Sith."

        She took the motherly role, something she didn't even do with her own child. Neferis was used to playing the part she needed to play in an instant, and while she saw nothing to gain from the girl presently, she kept her demeanor up to see if something might reveal itself.


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          The woman, obvious a Sith Knight or higher moved to sit on a log. Asori began to wonder if she had dropped her guard too soon. If this woman had an apprentice, she was obviously in a position to rip her apart, or at least scold her for not keeping up a proper guard around a potential enemy. But she never gave Asori the feeling that she would be attacked.

          “You’d offer up your own apprentice?” Asori asked, a smirk on her face. “Either you have faith that your student can take me out, or he has given you some offense that requires punishment.” Asori had difficulty judging her skills with the other Sith, she thought she could stand her ground, but she didn’t want to sound too egotistical.

          “I’m trying to prove... that i’m... I don’t know... that i’m ready.” Asori knew the woman wouldn’t understand her meaning. Facing Ashaiya was something the Sith Warrior knew she’d have to do before she could face her Master Lykeria again. It wasn’t to talk, no that was over, the Sith Council had clarified what would happen if she didn’t found her ex-Master and didn’t engage in battle, or bring back some form of trophy.

          “I’ve got someone to confront... I want to make sure i’m ready for them, that I won’t lose when it comes to it.”


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            Her tawny eyes locked with Asori’s gaze, her expression remaining neutral so as not to convey an emotion that did not exist.

            “Neither. I do not know you enough to judge whether you are his equal, but you are looking for something to hunt and he exists. His skills as a predator, forgoing the fact he has the Force, are formidable. Tread carefully if you pursue him to ensure you do not become prey.”

            If Asori went after Volk, it would only make him stronger or teach him a lesson. Either one were acceptable outcomes to Layla.

            “What you were out here to do will not prepare you. It’s like practicing to swim when you need to climb a mountain.”

            Her torso turned to join the direction her eyes were aimed, resting her hand into the log to support her lean and twist.

            “You can’t ever guarantee victory, but you can change the odds. You are Sith, and nothing says you have to fight fair. I value cunning more than honor. What good is an honorable duel if you are dead? None. When you find this individual, stack the deck in your favor. Play on your terms and by your rules.”

            How Asori chose to do this would be up to her, but Layla had ideas for what she would do should she choose to kill Xander or Volk already. She didn’t wish to, but she knew she had chosen two Apprentices of fiercely strong will that might demand such.

            “What is your name, child?”

            It was Asori’s youthful countenance and mannerisms that bid Layla call her such a title, coupled with the fact that she was a mother herself and offering advice in the form of a senior to her.


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              Asori knew the woman was telling the truth, hunting beasts was not the same as to hunting other force users. They were more cunning, more unpredictable. It made the Warrior frown, feeling like she had failed once more. She came to the Sith to fulfill her family’s honour, as her ancestors have done years ago. She came to help drown the Imperials for what they had done to her father.

              Now... it seems the Imperials and Sith were working with each other... and Asori kept falling behind.

              The woman continued to speak, and to Asori it felt as if she was giving her some advice, and encouragement. Playing dirty wasn’t typically Asori’s thing, she preferred to face her opponent head on, but she recognized that in a fight to the death, anything goes.

              “Asori Terrek.... Sith Warrior.” Asori replied back to the woman. “You’re right, i’ve mislead myself here.” She gripped her hands into a pair of fists. “Thank you for your words of wisdom.”


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                A resolve set in Asori that Layla noted when her eyes dipped down to the clenched fists and witnessed the change in her eyes that would denote a resolve, maybe even anger. She chose to rise at that point, sweeping her hands down her backside to brush away the dirt.

                “Layla, or more formally known as Darth Neferis.”

                She posted her hands on her hips, kicking one out to the side slightly when she shifted her weight.

                “So you are a Warrior. Is this individual the only obstacle stopping you from becoming a Sith Knight? Who is it? And what have they done to bar your path?”


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                  Darth Neferis... Asori thought the name sounded familiar, there were many more powerful and higher rank Sith than her, all of whom she avoided when she could. There was a moment of hesitation, would Layla know about Ashaiya, and her circumstances around her? The Sith Council knew, and she assumed there were others too... it wasn’t some huge secret, but one that Asori didn’t like to talk about.

                  “She is.” Asori finally said. “Her name is Ashaiya, she used to be a Sith Knight.” She paused, unsure how much she should really give. Layla had been good so far, listened to her, encouraged her. Asori hadn’t had much female support in her life, it felt good.

                  “She is a traitor to the Sith, abandoning me. She helped me to Warrior, I thought we had a bond. Then, after not hearing from her for a while... I tracked her down, only to realize that she had left. I have already told the Council, they are aware of her transgressions and were upset that I had not done more to bring her back. I was in shock... I didn’t know what to do... I need to face her again. I need to prove to the Council that I’m not weak, that I won’t be bought into whatever new life she had found. I won’t be turned.”


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                    Ashaiya. Ashaiya.

                    She sifted back through her memories, her mind cluttered with ages of knowledge she shouldn’t have been privy to, but was. This was a name she did not know, and from the sounds of things it wouldn’t have positively effected her to know.

                    Layla straightened her form for sure footing, offering her hand down to Asori to bid her stand and aid her to her feet.

                    “A good Sith will use something, or someone, until they are of no use to them any longer. You are still a fledgling within the Sith, Asori. You still have use, and expecting you to bring back your own Master who has proven themselves to be a Sith Knight, while you have not, is unrealistic.”

                    She valued the Council, or some on it at least, but if their was a communal decision that Asori had not done enough, then Layla did not agree with wasting resources.

                    “So let me help you stack the deck in your favor. I cannot fight your battles for you, but I can help to give you the advantage. If you wish to prove yourself a Sith Knight though, you need to prove yourself capable of leading. This is your task, you must make the plans and tell me how you wish for my help.”

                    Her hand raised, index finger gently inclining Asori’s face to keep her chin high.

                    “This can make you stronger, maybe not in power but in character.”


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                      Asori listened with interest, a raised eyebrow when Layla offered her assistance if she could prove to give her a solid plan of action. In order to make Knight, she’d have to prove herself, Asori knew that, but there was also more. She would have to be a leader, someone who can think and strategize as well as learn to be flexible and resourceful when plans don’t go as plan.

                      It was like her school days all over again back in Imperial space. Always trying to stay one step ahead of the police.

                      “I understand what you’re trying to say. How I think, strategize and use others around me is important, not just physical power.” Asori answered her chin up. She was grateful for the Lordess’s offer to help, she was sure to use it, it was just trying to figure out her plan and how to fulfill it.

                      Tracking down an ex-sith wasn’t going to be easy... but it wasn’t impossible. Ash had a ship, it was a start. If she could track down the last known whereabouts of it, it would be a solid lead.

                      “How good are you at hacking? Do you know someone who could track down a ship for me?” Asori asked. “The first step of my plan is to track Ashaiya down, but that requires resources that I don’t have. The galaxy is large... but any lead right now would be a blessing.” The Warrior turned to the woman. “Once I locate her, I’ll need to keep tabs on her, figure out where she goes and such while not getting caught myself. Eventually, my plan is to lure her to a isolated area that would benefit me and face her head on.”

                      It wasn’t much of a plan, only an idea of one. Really, all Asori required from Layla is some sort of connections she could possibly have to help her track down Asori’s ship, and possibly location.


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                        Layla watched with interest as Asori worked through her words, to what would be expected of her. Even not knowing her, she liked Asori. As distrustful as Layla was, she knew she had little to fear from the Warrior presently.

                        "Hacking? Oh, dear. I am the wrong person for that."

                        Layla had offered to help, and maybe she had helped so far, but her and electronics did not exactly get along.

                        "My slave is a capable woman, but I don't think she is that skilled. For the right credits, you can always find someone though. Or, perhaps you could attempt to put our new allies to use. Imperial Intelligence undoubtedly has professional slicers."

                        Layla turned her focus on to the rest of her plan presented, choosing not to disassemble it too heavily.

                        "That is good, play on your terms. I have one more piece of advice. She was your Master, so you know her strengths and weaknesses well. She presumably knows yours. Prepare to conquer yours, and surprise her. I am certain she will not be expecting such."


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                          Asori’s face contorted into a displeased, disgusted expression the moment Layla mentioned the Imperial government. She would rather have her arm chopped off then go to them for help. She understood the alliance, but didn’t agree with it. It was the Imperials who had arrested her dad, executed him for ties with Force Users, then chased her off planet. She was not so keen as to trust them as other Sith seemed to be.

                          “I’ll take my chances elsewhere.” Asori finally said and forced herself into a more clam and kinder expression. “But... thanks for the options. I kinda doubted such hacking skills are easy to come by from a random encounter. I have some credits at my disposal and a few tricks up my sleeve... I should be able to get the information I need one way or another.”

                          Asori listened to Layla’s last bit of advice. Surprise her... yes, that made sense. She nodded her head to the woman. “I will, thank you for all the advice you’ve given me.”