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I'm in over my head(Gianna)

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  • I'm in over my head(Gianna)

    This...girl! Why are you so infatuated with this one, Antony?

    The voice in Antony's head spoke to him. Wondering why he would pick Gianna to be fascinated with now. But, his 'Dark Passenger' could tell she was on his mind these days. Although it never understood 'love' or anything of that sort. It rolled it's eyes at him though, standing in the corner of his room while he sat on his bed.

    Antony stared at the ceiling of his room. Smiling he then disregarded the thing's irritating words. He did care a lot about Gianna. Knowing she was innocent having her world taken over by a ruthless moron. Who wanted nothing more then to take over a place and destroy it in the name of some conglomerate. That seemed pointless in his eyes. Why not just take it over and utilize it's resources along with the sources of the one's who claimed it. That's what Antony would do. Bring it into the galaxy and not only make things better for them guide them to something greater. The Dark Side!

    "She's on my mind because I like her, you moron!" He said aloud to his passenger, "You wouldn't understand that! All that stuff goes over your head, doesn't it?"

    Yes, because it is for the weak! You know better then that! Don't fool around with her petty things. Focus on your growth so I may take over one day! I will you know! I always do sometime. It said laughing.

    "Yeah, uh huh. Whenever that is. Which will be never!" Antony said back sticking his tongue out at it and looking to it.

    You say that now...
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    Gianna sat on her bed cross legged, looking at the floor. Memories of her mother, her advisors, and even her pet tauntaun came into view in her imagination. She imagined them all at peace even though she wasn't there to experience it with them. Then she saw Antony; her abbil. Her friend who was her saving grace in this land of darkness.

    She smiled and felt a warm sensation all over. Despite all the madness going on in her life and the sacking of Kestal, Gianna still found something to smile about. At least if she couldn't be there with her family, she was here with Antony and one day she would return. Rolling a lock of hair behind both ears she rose from the bed. The pitter patter of rain outside on her window was supposed to lower the mood but it made her feel closer to him. She had to see him.

    Slipping into her black boots, she threw on her black jacket over her short white shirt that exposed her mid-section and made her way out into the hall and towards Antony's room. Every step she took, she felt a bit more at unease. This would be the first time since her arrival that they had actually had time to see one another. Going up the stairs, she followed the numbers on each door until she reached his. A pit grew in her throat and she ran out of words to say. Raising her hand up to the door to knock on it, she kept one hand in her pocket. Licking her lips, she pressed her knuckles on the door, pulled back, held her hand there....and then lowered her arm, letting out a sigh of relief. Maybe this was a bad idea after all. What if...what if there was someone "else" in there and she was leading herself to believe they had something?


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      Antony was still sitting there staring at the ceiling imagining himself holding her hand or something. It amused him as he ignored his 'Dark Passenger' for the while. Once he heard a knock on his door he then reached out with his Senses seeing her presence at his door. A smile crept to his face as he then rose from his bed in his red hooded sweat shirt. Black pants that slightly fell past his feet. Didn't matter to him he liked his clothes a bit baggy. Made him feel like a regular teen these days. Although he wasn't anything but regular. Not in the least.

      He then walked up to his door and then opened it with the Force. Upon seeing Gianna he then smiled warmly at her. It had been some time since he last saw her and when he did his eyes were full of rage and sorrow for her. Knowing her story he also wondered how she was doing regarding her training. The teen Warrior knew his dad was teaching her the teen then waved her in.

      "Gianna! Good to see you." He said warmly to her as he stepped aside to let her in, "How have you been? Hope your injuries are doing okay?"
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        When the door opened, Gianna straightened and pretended like all was normal. How did he hear her knock even though she barely knocked? She placed her other hand in her jacket pocket and smiled happily at him. "Antony." She said with a slight dip of her upper body before stepping into his room. "I've been good. Great actually. And my injuries too. Thanks to you." She surveyed his room quickly with her eyes before turning around and looking at him now.

        With a laugh to break the short pause, she continued. "And you? How have you been holding up?" She hoped he didn't notice her nervous nature. She had never even been around a male who was friendly, let alone in the same room as one. Though Gianna had only known him for a little bit, she felt safe around him. Perhaps it was just her forgiving nature who was letting him in, where others would have to wait to see this side of her. "I would of brought you another flask with medicine in it to repay you for what you did for me, but I'm not quite sure how you made it." She joked.


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          Ever the observant, Antony did notice a bit of a nervous nature from her. Maybe it was just her trying to get used to the whole thing. Who knows? Maybe it was just him she was nervous about. Either way he was a bit nervous now that she was standing in his room. All his walls displayed with things of the current teen scene. Holofilms, the different bands that were popular now. Plus he had a few pinups of some holofilm stars. Which, being a male, he would of course. Hopefully that wouldn't deter her from being there.

          "That's good." He said a bit nervous blushing, "I'm glad you stopped by I was gonna come down and see how you were doing."

          Once she laughed he then did so outta nervousness. Although once she made a joke he then calmed down. Only slightly though. A hint of a headache then came creeping up as the 'Dark Passenger' poked at his mind. Through sheer determination and will he kept him at bay. Though at times it took over and possessed him for quite a bit. Then Antony would regain himself although seeming to sleep walk a lot of times.

          "Oh it's complicated. It took me a while to get all the necessary things. I grow them on Naboo mostly where my family estate is. Maybe I'll take you there sometime." Antony said with a wink, "Some I grow here too in my room."

          He then motioned towards a few plants sitting in the window. They were growing nicely it seemed other then the many clothes sprawled on the floor. Noting that they were sprawled everywhere he then widened his eyes and then picked them up off the floor and put them into a hamper. He did a quick survey of anything else that was outta place. Noting nothing of the sort he then looked back over at Gianna.

          "Don't sweat it though. It was my pleasure." Antony said, "I heard my dad is teaching you? How's that going? Kinda of a...jerk...ain't he?"
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            Gianna walked over to his plants and stroked the petals of a few of them. She noticed them before he even spoke of Naboo. "They're so beautiful. So tranquil." She looked over her shoulder at Antony. "I'd love to visit there with you and see more of them. Diado doesn't get much plant life and my people would be fascinated to see more. My mother says that plants and trees are the planet's way of getting in the way of progress. That is why she chose Diado to be our home. Our homes are made of stone and the fires we make are from wood from other tribes who trade with us for meat."

            Strolling back to the center of the room, she held onto one of the poles of his canopy bed while she scanned the walls. "Your father is actually nice. I really like him. Jerk would be the last word I would choose." She winked back finally. "He does have an interesting way of...." She noticed one of the holofilm women on a pin-up. She was so pretty compared to the women of her city. They knew nothing of this "fashion" world on outside planets. The Queen claimed fashion was for the misguided and the clans who bargained with outsiders would be seen as enemies of Kestal because she didn't want that kind of foolishness tainting her girls.

            Gathering her thoughts again, she glanced at him and kept walking until she could lean her back against the pole closest to Antony and face him. "He does have an interesting way of getting me to see the dark side. I respect him a lot. And if I could, I would have a wall hanging of him as well." She stuck her tongue out at him as a playful gesture to poke fun at his worship of his females on his wall. "You have no weapons on your walls though. To be a place of war and anger, there are no real trophies in this room are there?"


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              "Seems kinda desolate if you ask me." Antony said with a shrug, then joked, "But what do I know, right?"

              Seeing her stroll towards the pole on his canopy bed he then blushed again. Then he got the butterflies in his stomach and then gulped. His red cheeks made him seem nervous to which he was because he was so fascinated with her. For obvious reasons. She wasn't one of the many girls he'd encountered here or elsewhere who would bite off his head...literally. When she spoke of his dad though he then shrugged. Either way she would chose whatever Master she wished. He just wanted to give her insight into what and who he was.

              "Try having him for a dad, Gianna. Then come talk to me." Antony said with a playful wink, "He's not that good of a guy. When you get on his bad side. Tell that to the guy who's neck he snapped the other day for failure. Just don't let him get into your head either. He loves doing that. Especially looking over my shoulder which infuriates me."

              Noticing she looked at his posters and stuff he was embarassed about that. Maybe he should have taken them down. Or not. She seemed to not care about them. When she faced him he then got that same butterfly feeling again. Although aroused by her looks and the way she carried herself he wondered if he needed those feelings. Would they make him weak?

              "You'd be the only one hanging a picture on your wall then." He joked again and then spoke of his walls, "No, the last thing I had for a trophy I gave to the council. But I'm getting there. Slowly but surely."
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                "Hmmm... Hold out your hand." She reached behind her neck and undid the necklace loops. The bright white necklace had a small, clear pill capsule as the pendant. Inside the pill bottle was water. How the water got in there, no one knew. Gianna walked to Antony and placed the necklace in his hand and clasped his hand in hers. She lifted his entire hand and pressed it against his chest. "I relinquish the waters of Kestal to you. That capsule is filled with the water of my city and I wore it as a little girl growing up. What makes this special is that even though Diado is a frozen planet, this pill capsule would never freeze. Why? Because Hope. Kestal is the city of Hope and as long as your heart is in anything you do, this water will be warmed by your heart. Never falter and never give up, Antony. This capsule is an extension of my city that has not been corrupted yet and I want you to have it. It needs a new person who has been untouched by Malcome Tsuni and his men to purify it. I wouldn't give it to you unless I liked you and trusted you. A step in the right direction for trust towards men."

                She removed her hands from his and placed her hands behind her back, grinning ear to ear. "And now you have a trophy."


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                  Antony held out his hand and then took the necklace, "Thank you, Gianna. I will take this and keep it. Hold you close to my heart they say."

                  When she pressed her hand to his chest he then got butterflies again, stuttering out, "A...trophy...huh? I thank you....for giving me this...Gianna."

                  He then turned away blushing again as his feelings were growing stronger. Antony didn't know why but he was starting to like her more so each second. He knew if time went on he'd really start to care for her like he was already. His eyes then lowered to the ground then nervously he then turned back around.

                  "I...uh...don't know what else to say." Antony said, "But I'm glad you can trust me."
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                    When he said he would hold "her" close to his heart, she blushed. She's never really blushed around anyone but him so this entire feeling was new and magical to her. When he turned away, she did so as well and when he turned around, so did she. A strange fluttering and uneasiness happened in her stomach. Both of her hands retreated to her stomach to hold the feeling in as it grew while he looked at her in her eyes. "You don't have to say anything. Your actions alone speak louder than words."

                    Gianna quickly dropped her hands back behind her back and stepped closer to him, blinking at him. "Your father said you were thinking about me a lot. Is that true?" She searched his face for any hint of lying. "Hmmm?" She asked, smiling warmly.


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                      Antony then blushed with a grin. Her saying that he didn't have to say anything and that his actions speak louder then words. When she turned around the teen then looked at the ground until she turned back around. The headache started again but he ignored it sending the Force through him. His pain then subsided for now. Now at least.

                      When she then clasped her hands behind her back he then looked back up. As she then asked if she was on his mind he then kept blushing. It was then he blinked a few times like he was surprised she'd asked that. Although it didn't surprise him his father delved into his head again. Maybe he knew now what was inside the teen's head.

                      "Umm..." He then began stuttering out, "...yes. Yes you are."

                      Then he looked at the ground playing with the ground with his foot. Kicking at it more then anything. His face was so red it looked like a stop sign more or less. A smile then crept to his face after he finally manged to look back up at Gianna.
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                        Gianna laughed softly and knew she was probably toying with him. "Well good." She said, walking even closer to him. "Because you are on my mind a lot as well." Her chocolate eyes gazed into Antony's and then to his lips, back to his eyes, and then his lips. The people of Kestal would be baffled by the behavior of their princess acting in such a way around a male.

                        Gianna shifted the subject down another avenue. "Why do you wish to come to Kestal with me so bad? Do you really care about the people or is it more for a cleansing from the many dark things you've done? Malcome Tsuni's men are more than just dangerous. Though the Force will have leverage there, it will not be easy to overcome the might of the Conglomerate. Even fighting together, we will not survive the walls of the city against over one hundred of those blasters firing upon us. I can't lose you, Antony. We have a life-debt, remember?" Smiling again, Gianna placed a hand on his shoulder. "Till my service is expired in this life, I will fight so that you may live and breathe another day, even if my own life is taken in the process."


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                          Antony didn't mind being toyed with. Not in the least. A wry grin on his face as she stepped closer as their eyes met once again. It made his heart flutter a bit as she looked down at his lips then to his eyes once again, then down to his lips. He was in a flutter now when she did this as he licked his lips. The teen wanted to pull her in close and kiss her but he refrained since he didn't know what her reaction would be.

                          When Gianna shifted the subject he then answered stuttering as usual, "Umm...I just...I just...wanted to be there with you. Doesn't matter where we go as long as your there, Gianna. I know the danger...I know I could die. Life debt doesn't matter and if it meant me dying then you'd have served it knowing that I'd rather die fighting for something then to never done it at all. Blaster...or no blaster...the Force...or nothing at all...I'd rather be there with you through it all...I don't want to lose you either...that's why...I would go. Blindly."

                          As she put a hand on his shoulder he couldn't take it anymore! He then placed both hands on her waist and pulled her in close. When he did they were pressed together nearly inches apart from one another. The teen looked at her eyes with his hazel eyes glinting as he then hugged her tightly. Pulling away after a moment or two he then went for it! Leaning in he then pressed his lips to hers embracing her in that sheer moment.

                          After the kiss he then pulled away, "I wanted to do that since we met. Whether it be the Force or destiny I feel as if we were meant for something. Meant to do something together."

                          Antony then smiled warmly at her. The redness in his cheeks faded now. It was a bold move, but, one he wished he'd have done before. Earlier when they first met.
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                            The kiss was so sudden and once he released her, Gianna brought her right hand up to her mouth and covered it. She stood there for a moment in complete shock, letting what just happened collect in her mind slowly. This was the first time her lips had touched another and the first time she really felt "something" for another person. Lowering her hand, she looked down at his lips again and went on the offensive.

                            Her arms looped underneath his and rubbed his back as her lips pressed against his once more. Once she had gotten her fill, she slowly recoiled her lips but rested her forehead on his, giggling. Her hands stroked his back as their bodies embraced. "I've never kissed anyone before." She said in between soft laughter. "I feel as though we were meant for something too. Something great. My mother always said that love was futile and made the mind and body weak. She said such attachments could corrupt the mind and weaken the heart. Well if that is what love does...then so be it. This feels all too good. The only other thing I wish is to see the galaxy. This planet and Diado were all I've ever seen."


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                              Antony wasn't sure what she'd do till she covered her mouth. They both stood there for a moment blinking. Once she finally lowered her hand the teen then raised an eyebrow till she looked down at his lips again and then came at him. When she embraced him and rubbed his back he was surprised at it. Although once their lips locked together the Sith Warrior then let the surprise subside and finally embraced it. Gianna then rested her forehead on his then giggled he did as well.

                              With her stroking his back he then kept his hands firmly planted on her waist, "Me neither. Your the first girl I've ever kissed. Most of the time I wouldn't even dare to. A long time ago I thought emotional attachments were for the weak also. The only person I ever trusted was my twin brother, Jaden. If you want to see the galaxy you can. I'm happy to go with you."

                              Antony then smiled again as he then hugged her again then pressed his lips to hers again. This felt quite right. If it be the Force or something else he didn't want it to end. The beginning of something greater and he never felt anything for anyone.
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