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    Posted by Loki on 11-05-2002 10:09 PM:

    OOC* This is open to any and all member of TSE, it's a let's get things rolling thread, between RHR and TSE.

    In the days of feudalism, Lord’s and Lady’s would send squires on diplomatic missions to deliver correspondence between leader’s of allies and enemies. Sometimes these messages were deemed only for the eyes of a particular personage, who would know whether the message had been tampered with by the condition of the seal. Other times the squire was told what they were delivering and sometimes expected to read the message to the recipient upon arrival. The message that Squire Loki of the Royal House of Rannon fell into the first category, it was for the eyes of one man and one man alone, Sith Master and member of the Council of the Sith Empire, Jedah Lynch…

    Loki sat in his personal quarters onboard the modified Nabooian Cruiser, Ambassador. He was well dressed, wearing royal fineries dyed in the color purple. He had not been groomed and dressed in such since his childhood… Memories flooded back, his eyes watered for a moment, slowly he pushed them back, and his past was his own and needed to remain buried. He didn’t even go by his given name any longer, he was now known by the name of the phantasm that haunted his thoughts and stayed with him as a constant companion.

    Loki was not detectable to the casual observer, the specter hid well as his master’s shadow. Carefully it he mimicked his host’s movements and if one was not observant they wouldn’t notice the miniscule delay in each motion that Loki made. However when, the apparition was afraid that its host may be harmed and he too banished from this plane, it became painfully obvious to Loki’s assailant that he had an assistant.

    As the Squire sat at his dresser, he combed back his long golden locks and tied it in a regal pony tail, suitable for a prince. Slowly he placed his white silken shirt with French cuffs on over his undershirt, hiding the brand on his right shoulder given to all members of the ruling house of Rannon. Slowly he tucked this shirt into his fine linen pantaloons, which came down just over his white stockings. He buttoned his shirt up to the second to last button, leaving it and the top one unfastened. He fastened his cuffs together with golden cuff links and placed a fine chronometer on his right wrist. Slowly he sat and slipped on his finely polished black dress shoes and tied them tightly to his feet. Rising he looked himself in the mirror, he was a regal sight to behold, clean shaven hair well kept, a mere shell of his previous existence. Slowly he placed his purple dress jacket, which stretched down to his knees, he looked fine indeed.

    As he approached the bridge the captain rose and saluted the junior member of the royal family. Loki nodded in deferment to the officer and ordered him to open a communications line to the planet below. The captain in turned barked an order to the communications officer who pressed a few buttons, turned a few knobs turned and looked at the captain and nodded. Loki then motioned for all to leave the bridge save the communications officer, the recipient of this message more than likely did not want a ship crew to know of his existence.

    “Attention… This is the Royal House of Rannon’s diplomatic vessel, the Ambassador, requesting permission from the Sith Empire to land vessel and receive an emissary of the House, who is on a mission to deliver a communiqué to a member of your ruling council. Please answer and comply… Ambassador over…”

    Now all Loki could do was sit and wait.

    Posted by Daegal Murdoch on 11-11-2002 04:13 PM:

    "Gah, damn the luck!", the Sith cursed. He had been looking for a communcation sent from an undisclosed party to the Members of the Empire several eyars ago, but had been unsuccessful in his search so far. He looked at the man who was in charge of the Communications office and scowled. He needed this communication, and he needed it quickly.

    "Failure will not be tolerated!", Daegal screamed.

    "Yes, sir", the man scurried off to look again for the communication.

    The screen in front of the Sith blinked, and a montonous voice spouted out for all to hear, "Incoming Transmission."

    "Play it", Daegal order.

    The machine complied, playing the message as it had been sent.

    “Attention… This is the Royal House of Rannon’s diplomatic vessel, the Ambassador, requesting permission from the Sith Empire to land vessel and receive an emissary of the House, who is on a mission to deliver a communiqué to a member of your ruling council. Please answer and comply… Ambassador over…”

    Daegal chuckled. He had not heard of this "Royal House", and he thought this might be entertaining. He pushed a button on the console, allowing him to speak with the vessel.

    "Ambassador, this is Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch of the Sith Empire. Permission to land granted. We'll be expecting you in Hangar 14-B. I'll depatch a security detail to meet you there. Empire, out."

    Posted by Lynch on 11-11-2002 04:30 PM:

    "A communication"

    For the second time the communications officer repeated the two words to his commanding officer. Sensors locked onto the Nabooian Cruiser scanning it for anything that could be telling of the intruders who had flown into the Sith ruled region. Replying the message for his superior the man looked to the more experienced officer. "So how do they know we are here?"

    Frowning the man looked to his com console and back to his officer offering nothing more than a blank look on his face lost in thought to that question. "Someone tracked one of the dark ones here or reports of them existing here has traveled beyond an acceptable capacity I would wager."

    Twitching his moustache over the thought the elder of the two knew this could be bad, bad for no other reason than if this greatly upset one of the dreaded Sith someone was bound to be blamed and punished. The thought of having to report this and write on that which was happening did not apppeal to him knowing odds were he was the one who might be on the receiving end of any first outburst of anger.

    The hushed chatter of the other personal in the room caused the senior officer to look over his shoulder and quickly salute to the cloaked image belonging to one of the Masters. "Sir, we have receieved this message a few scat minutes ago we are....."

    With an subtle gesture from the Sith Masters hand the officer fell to his knees, his hands tightly wrapped around his throat as the officer sought to find breath from the pressure choking him until the pain quickly subsided as it began. Swiftly moving forward behind the first communications officer the Sith regarded the monitors that displayed a technical display of the vessel and reports taken from the sensors. Narrowing his eyes at the displays of the ship the Sith Master spun around and began to take his leave.

    "Tell them they have permission to land on the outer region of the town called Karvark, there is an tavern from which they can talk if they so desire it....."

    Such was an acceptable place to meet, it was hardly what one called a palace where fine men and women dined but it could serve its purpose here. The home of the Sith was not open to foreigners who had no place in the majestic halls of the Sith.

    Posted by Loki on 11-11-2002 11:17 PM:

    Loki recieved the message from the Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch and opened a comm-link to respond. Suddenly another vessel appeared on his ships sensors.

    "Mssr. Loki the vessel is hailing us," the comm officer interjected.

    "Play it." Loki responded.

    A man who appeared to be apart of some sort of military outfit came on the screen and spoke.

    "This is the Sith Empire you are cleared to land outside the town of Karvark, an emissary of the Empire will meet you in a local Tavern and speak with you there."

    Loki looked at his comm officer and spoke; "Inform the vessel I will speak with only one who is of sufficent rank to speak to me or higher, and that I have already been given clearance to land in hangar 19. If he does not like it I suggest he have his master speak to me."

    The comm officer relayed this message to the vessel, as he completed the message Loki ordered him to open another comm channel this one with Sir Murdoch of the Empire.

    "Sir Murdoch, I am Mssr. Loki, thank you for you prompt reply. We will land at hangar 19 within 15 minutes. This is our outlined flightpath, if you see anyting that may present a problem please let me know. Also a vessel has recently hailed us, claiming to be affiliated with the Empire, it has given us orders to land outside of Karvark and meet someone in a Tavern, unless this is confirmed by yourself or someone of higher rank, I will disregard further hails from the vessel and land as scheduled." Loki nodded to the comm officer who closed the channel and notified the captain and the deck crew to return to the bridge. As they entered the helmsman programmed the nav system for the outlined landing. Nodding to the captain, Loki turned to return to his quarters.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-12-2002 12:23 AM:

    "Err......Sith Master Lynch sire, the ship was given permission to land in one of the hangers......."

    Turning an eye towards the com officer the Sith Master looked at this new turn of events with little more than disdain but it was no worry.

    "Very well. Close the hangers and open fire if it even tries to land, blow it out of the sky if it even so much as budges towards the landing pad. Prepare the Invid to attack and kill any and all survivors."

    What was one ship and a few people. Those on board could be replaced and overall it would teach a lesson to those involved next time to send people who dared not trifle with the Sith.

    "Lases locked and primed sire"

    Giving a nod the Sith Master looked to the sensor.

    "Send one shot across their front. Tell them the position as given by Sith Master Lynch will do or else, if this message is ignored destory them."

    Posted by Loki on 11-12-2002 01:02 AM:

    A shot rang across the bow of the vessel, the energy wake caused the hull to shudder. Loki however was unmoved.

    "Son of a *****... They're firing on us." The captain exclaimed. "Shields up evasive maneuvars!"

    "Delay that order..." A cold voice responded. "Mr. Davis, hail the vessel."

    "Sir they are hailing us, they are informing us that we are to land as ordered outside of Karvark, per oder of Master Lynch." The nervous comm officer replied.

    "Then do as the man says and inform him that the diplomat apologizes for the confusion, but the ships Captain was not forthcoming with the pertanant info needed for me to put myself in a compromised position. The message I carry is of the highest security." Loki responded.

    The comm officer relayed the message to the Invid and the helmsman adjusted course. Loki turned to his captain; "I'm sure you're lack of competence is now cured, carry on and try not to get us killed."

    As Loki finished his sentence he turned, his shadow however moved towards the captain. Beads of sweat appeared on the CO's forehead and he stumbled over backwards. It appeared as if he'd been tripped or pushed by something.

    As Loki walked towards his quarters, a conversation was going on in his head.

    Do you know who you are dealing with? Master Lynch for force's sake....

    I know perfectly well who and what I am dealing with...Your job is to keep him from probing my mind too deeply...Do you understand?

    Yes Vincent... The voice replied, it had become more subservient since Loki had began training under Lord K'canse, the man seemed to be in control rather than teh specter.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-19-2002 04:36 PM:

    The ride to the tavern had been uneventful, there was nothing to fear to get there. The local populace had long been beaten down into submission and they knew to even curse at the dark ones was to be a death sentence, any action they had taken, be it one rised weapon in protest had always ended the same. The death of five hundred of their fellow race. To strike at a Sith was a thousand.

    They had as such come to learn their place with the children being taught to worship their new Masters as mighty beings, the equivents of Gods. Their race never once knew who had come to their planet, the name Sith was not known. But the people did know the fear. Oh yes how they knew the fear. That one emotion the Sith had used, manipulated and mastered to terrify whole solar systems in times past.

    So it was done here as well. The race worked in servitude and remained faithful to their Masters, they had long ago realized to fight was futile. There would be no saviors no champion to stand up and lead their people to glorious freedom. Such thought had given way to reality and the stinging blast of fire and the sickning smell of burning flesh.

    Such it had been.

    Entering into the tavern the Sith Master walked to a table and took seat giving a sign with two of his fingers to the bar keep. Now, all there remained was to sit and wait and see what the "guest" wanted to talk about.

    Posted by Loki on 11-21-2002 09:44 AM:

    As the vessel came down outside of the city of Karvark Loki prepared to depart. Accompanying him were 4 Droideka, each specially modified for faster firing rates and better shields.

    "No one is to leave this vessel, is that understood Captian?" Loki barked at the middle aged commander of the vessel.

    "P-p-perfectly sire," The nervous man replied.

    "Excellent, realize I am doing this for your own good, this is not a planet one wants to be wandering about." Loki responded almost affectionately.

    "If I am not back within 8 hours lift off and get back to Rannon, inform them of the treachery that took place here." Loki added as he left the ship.

    As he walked down the street he seemed to get strange looks from the people, they muttered and spoke in hush voices, but Loki heard them.

    Who is this man who'd dare walk the streets so well armed...
    They'll kill him for sure...

    Loki just smiled, he knew that so long as he held the communique and so long as he didn't give them a blatant excuse, Loki would not die on these Grave Planet.

    Entering the Tavern he saw there was only one man there, a man who exuded power and embodied death. It was Master Lynch.

    Motioning to the Droideka, they stopped just inside the room and took up a defensive posisition, Loki could not be too careful. This man had the power to end his life with but a thought and there would be nothing the Droideka could do to stop him.

    "Master Lynch, I presume..."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-22-2002 12:12 AM:

    **A small girl had followed Jedah in. He had summoned her through the force and she had quietly arrived just before Loki had. There was something he had wanted her to observe, to witness. No children were in the bar, but strangely enough none seemed to really care when she had entered. A few stepped back away from her, but the most didn't even seem to notice.
    She had quickly sat next to her Master just before Loki had come. As usual, however, her head was bowed as she was looking down at her hands. Her long dark purple hair was covering her face for the most part, and the dark black clothing she wore covered the rest of her skin, making her practically fade into the black of the seat. So it was of no wonder that Loki had not noticed her.
    But even though she was looking down, she had noticed him. And had noticed his mind. The girl was a telepath, at least, that was the simple explanation. She could hear everyone's thoughts constantly going through her mind, though with this man, it was slightly different. The thoughts weren't as loud as most were and they were almost...hidden behind something. They came as if one was hearing someone speak from behind a wall. No, not someone...there was more than one.
    So she remained quiet, waiting for word from her Master to do something, or simply listen to them speak, for it was obvious she wouldn't be hearing much of the man's thoughts. Not that she had wanted to, though.**

    Posted by Loki on 11-22-2002 01:12 AM:

    Loki's head tweaked a bit as he felt a buzz of a presence invading his mind. It wasn't the normal sensation when someone tried to do it, but rather a passive eavesdropper over-hearing his thoughts.

    He looked down at the chair occupied by the little girl.

    "You must be Madamemoiselle Konrad, I have heard many things about you..."

    Try to stay out of my head if you would... He smiled as he opened his thoughts up for a moment and seemingly two voices screamed at her at once.

    Looking back at Master Lynch Loki nodded again.

    "I was suprised to gain an audience with you so quickly."

    Posted by Lynch on 11-26-2002 08:15 AM:

    Rising a cup of warm brewed herbal tea the Sith gave a gentle blow across the steam that raised out of the delicate piece and drank some of the liquid. Its warm taste flowed down his throat but the Sith Master was impartial to the soothing nature, such things as food and beverages had lost their impact and worth when he had crossed over to the dark recesses of the vampire nature. The drinking of the beverage was nothing but for show.

    Placing the cup down on its plate with only a small sound being made as the plate and cup touched each other the Sith Master stared up at him and took nothing but a simple look before returning to his tea. Drinking more of the beverage he signaled the bar keep with a snapping of the fingers to get more of the tea.

    A middle aged man quickly moved to the table and poured the Sith a fresh cup and quickly raced back to his previous position glad to be out of the area. How he always hated to serve those strange men and women that sometimes visited who would yell and go into murderous fits of rage should one of the waiters or maids make an error be it in reality or the mind of the dark patrons. Slumping his shoulders and carefully wiping the beads of sweet from his brow he was simply happy to be away from there.

    “All things take place when they are designed too either in deed or by greater powers than man. Thus I’am here and await for you to speak to say what is on your mind before I take the thought straight from your skull along with your life.”

    Posted by Loki on 11-30-2002 04:47 PM:

    Loki did not flinch at the Sith Master's words, life and death held no meaning to the man who was half-controlled by the spirit of a long dead Sith Knight. His shadow however moved between the two men and seemed to become larger at the threat.

    "As you wish Master Lynch." Moving his hands to his breast he opened the lapel of his jacket and withdrew a metallic cylinder, sealed with wax, he outstretched his hand making it easy for the Sith Master to reach.

    "A message from the Triumvarate rulers of Rannon. I have been instructed to give this to you, witness your examination of it and return with any message you may have."

    Loki's voice was cold and exhued confidence even in the face of such a powerful man.

    "Also as a gift to you, the crew of my vessel is yours to make sure that none save I, know how to reach you. I simply ask for my helmsman and first officer to be given back so that I may return on my ship."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-03-2002 02:04 AM:

    **She continued to watch everything that was occurring. Slightly bothered by the fact the man knew her name, but that thought did not last long, she was becoming far more amused with the thoughts of the man who had been serving her Master tea. The man had noticed her sitting there and had looked away quickly after making eye contact with the young girl for a brief instant, his face had suddenly gone pale. What exactly the girl had done to him was uncertain, known only to her and the man who looked as though he had seen death waiting by the door to claim his life. In truth, what he has seen was something that had been from a dream of his that he had been having as of late. A most unpleasant and disturbing dream...a nightmare.

    Her attention quickly returned to the man named Loki as he was handing her Master something. He bothered her. Just something about his thoughts. He was making too much noise for one man and the fact he had known she was listening to him was unnerving.

    She was annoyed, but didn't show it in her facial expressions. Her arms had crossed over her chest though, and she was looking away again, towards the man she had been messing with earlier. His mind was so easy to manipulate...she was bored anyway.

    His screams were loud in the room as the man went to his knees, clutching his head, his mouth open wide in horror, his face almost warping as his mouth continued to stretch open. By now almost everyone was watching him as he continued to scream, his knees pulling close to his chest as he sat on the ground, curling into a fetal position. He finally stopped screaming, blood was oozing from his open mouth, his eyes still wide in panic. And all the girl could do was smirk. True, she would probably get yelled at later for doing such a thing to a man who had actually proved himself useful. But he was too negative and needed to be made an example of. At least, that was the reason she would give. In truth she just liked watching people die, especially when she was the one causing it, even if he had only been her second victim. Leave it to a child to make such a scene during what might have been an important time.

    The smirk faded from her face as she once again returned to just...observing. Many people did similar, returning to what they had previously been doing.**

    Posted by Loki on 12-03-2002 10:06 AM:

    As the man began to scream the Droideka suddenly moved into position locking their weapons on the young girl and the Sith Master. Power seemed to surge through them as they prepared to fire.

    Loki raised his hand and shook his head in a negative response to their actions. The destroyer droids stood down.

    He glanced at the young girl who he knew was responsible for the action. Three different thoughts raced through his head in unison.

    No! Stop! What are you doing? He's done nothing wrong....

    Hehe... impressive, she has style....

    Such a waste to use the power simply because you have it... And to display it in such an open manner... Master would never approve....

    Each voice had a distinct personality, the first one being Prince Vincent, the origional owner of this body. The second Loki Barthol, the spirit of a dead Sith Knight, surviving off the body as a symbiote, the last and most prevalent, the man that stood before them, Loki. A mixture between the two personalites, he had created an identity all his own and was in control. Slowly the rest of the voices faded as he looked back to Master Lynch and awaited his reply.

    Posted by Lynch on 12-06-2002 04:11 PM:

    Holding the cup of tea to his lips he held up a hand and quickly as he had done so the letter flew into his awaiting grasp, eyes that had stared ahead now focused on the letter to study its outer appearance and the wax marking that sealed it. Placing down his cup he held out a finger that held a long nail easily slicing through the wax as it if were a hot knife cutting through butter. Opening the contents his eyes narrowed.

    Lynch was not quite pleased. First of was the man had said, having spoken of an Triumvirate on a planet called Rannon. The planet sounded familiar although he could not place it, it had not been a place uttered when he had sent Nya off after her re education that he had personally supervised. She was a stubborn one he remembered.

    The constant beatings and the slicing of flesh to cover the ground red. A battle of minds with wills that would go on for hours as he slapped and taunted her, every detail that had existed of her. Brutal displays that would remind her that his was the true path. And then he had sent her on her way.

    But this, what was this.

    The first contact from her since she had vanished and now this letter…narrowing his brow at its contents as his eyes festered on the words he read and reread attempting to decipher all that had come to past.

    A scream from the middle aged man stirred him from his reading but for a moment. Takai was having her fun; he did encourage her to use her powers so that she might learn the extent of her abilities, a pity for the man in this case whom had done nothing. The nature to kill without discrimination would aide her well as she continued to develop.

    Returning his attention to the man beside him and the letter he grew angry for there was something else written that had not gone according to plan, Nyas watcher whom Lynch had placed and manipulated the circumstances had been left in what the letter only would say as a state of semi permanent death.

    What had befallen Laran.

    This could greatly ruin future plans more so if Nya had regained her former senses and will than she had left as.

    “Why was contact so long, there should have been a report months ago.”

    Posted by Loki on 12-09-2002 01:53 AM:

    Loki was not well informed about the contents of the letter, partially for his own safety, the less he knew the less Lynch would bother him about it.

    "I am sorry Master Lynch, I was only informed to bring you the letter and return with your reply, either verbally or in script."

    Loki began raising his best mental barriers so that if the Sith Master wished to read his mind he would not only have to find three personalities, but interpret the ramblings of three seperate thought trains.

    "Do you have a message for the Lady Halycon?" He asked humbly, he was not here to start a war or atleast not here to be it's first casualty.

    Posted by Lynch on 12-11-2002 03:16 PM:

    Folding the message in two he placed it upon the table, retrieving a small device from his cloak he wrote a single word. Folding the message once more to cover the word he deposited it back into the metallic cylinder, the tip of his finger rubbing over the broken wax seal. Removing his finger the wax had been resealed a small bubble popping from the heated wax before solidifying whole once more.

    With a flick of his wrist he sent the cylinder into the man’s hands even as he pressed the cup of tea to his lips drinking the brew once more. “Go.” With a wave of his hand he dismissed the man.

    In time he expected more reports and they had best be on time. Otherwise counter measures that he had placed in effect would have to be activated. For now he would wait and see what was too be. Be damned the universe if it didnt agree with him.

    Posted by Loki on 12-19-2002 03:46 PM:

    Loki bowed humbly before the distinguished man; "Yes, m'lord."

    He looked at Takai and nodded as well.

    Goodbye little one, sorry we couldn't talk more Three voices seeme to come from his mind as he looked at the child, each saying the same thing in it's own way.


    Loki moved swiftly through the streets towards the location his ship was waiting for him at.

    As he walked he felt the prescense of people following him. Two men, lightly armed.

    "He's sure to be carrying something of value, just look at how he's dressed..."

    "Yes and walking alone in the dark streets, a stranger no doubt, the Dark Ones will not care if a stranger dies..."
    Loki could hear them speak, his Nisan ears were well-trained and he could hear their thoughts. They were starving, the Sith demanded a high tribute. There hearts had gone cold from the suffering these darksiders of Korriban had inflicted upon them, they too had lost their souls to the Darkside, they just had gotten nothing but sorrow in return.

    The two men split up, one trying to get ahead of Loki, the other stayed behind. Cut him off so he had no where to run. Suddenly the lead man leapt from the shadows: "Just where..." He stopped mid-sentence, Loki was no longer there and his partner had not joined him in the street.

    That was because his partner lay dead in the alley. His neck snapped and his back broken, he'd never even seen Loki coming, his shadow had hid him in the dark.

    You pathetic little fool...

    He heard a strange voice in his mind, the man called out for his partner: "Tomas?"

    Tomas is already dead...

    "Wh..who...who are you? Who's there?"

    Someone who knows what you were planning to do...

    Each voice that spoke to the man's mind was different, each distinct, each angry.

    Something brushed by the man, it felt like a gust of wind, but it looked like a blurred shadow.

    Suddenly a voice whispered into the man's left ear.

    "Did you think I'd let you take what is not yours..."

    The man spun around lashing out violently but all he struck was air.

    "Did you think you could just slit my throat without a fight..."

    The voice seemed behind him again, this time in his right ear.

    "Leave me alone! Let me be, I'll never hurt another again I swear, I'll never bother no one never again. Please just don't kill me." The hoodlum screamed out loud, but his voice seemed to be muffled, no one further away than 3 or 4 meters would have been able to hear it.

    "It's too late for that, you're going to die, you've seen me, you've seen my face, you've seen what powers I have, you can not be allowed to live, the question however is how long it will take for me to kill you. Yes, if I were you I'd pray for a swift painless death."

    The disembodied voice seemed to becoming from everywhere.

    "" Was all the man could say as he spun looking for his mental tormentor. After completing a circle, he saw Loki or one incarnation of him.

    "Oh by the force nnnnooooooooooooo!!!" Suddenly he was lifted off the ground by the throat, it appeared as if he was being held by a large unnatural shadow, though Loki's arm was outstretched and pantomining the action. His hand continued to close and his victim eyes began to bulge. Suddenly Loki let him fall, the man on his hands and knees gasping for air, hands clenching his throat. He hacked and gagged and gasped but couldn't take anything in, his wind pipe had been crushed, he was slowly suffocating, recieving just enough air to make his lungs burn and ache for more, keeping him him just alive. His nerves and muscles began to spasm as the his life slowly drained away. It was excruciating.

    Slowly a hand was placed under the man's chin, Loki the Innocent, looked in his eyes, his icy blue staring deep into the man's soul, seeing nothing but hatred and death, the man deserved death, but nothing deserved something this horrible.

    "Would you like the pain eased?" A soft voice asked sincerely.

    The dying man's eyes blinked tears and his head shook a violent yes.

    Loki's eyes flashed with a beautiful and terrible glare, his countenance once again changed, to the face he was often seen with most, the emotionless facade. His right hand shot forward gripping the man's temples between his thumb and his pinky finger, the rest of his hand gripped the man's skull, Loki's arm flexxed, the muscles tighten, his fingers dug into the mans lobes, a sickening crunch was heard, blood flowed through the dead man's nose, Loki removed his hand and released the corpse, it fell to the ground with nary a sound.

    "And ye shall feel pain no more..."