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The Dark Art.

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  • The Dark Art.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-31-2002 01:59 PM:
    The Dark Art.

    The Sith Knight smiled as she walked into the council room. It was open for a general meeting and her announcment. No she was not leaving in a fit of rage once more. She had gotten over that.

    " Master Shadowtide, if you dont mind I wish to make my skills of Sith Magic and Sorcery open to be taught to other members of the Empire. Seeing how it has run in my family for years and I am skilled beyond most people within our grand Empire. I feel it will bring great power to the Empire. And who ever took up this opertunity would increase their power. That is if you dont mind. "

    She thought for a moment.

    " If anyone wishes to test my skills first I dont mind. I am not here to take anyones apprentice's I will only mentor them. "

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-02-2002 11:16 PM:

    " Mmmmmmm. "

    :: The Sith Lord stood silently in the Darkness and Shadows with his arms folded across his chest, listening to his old friend speak. The Sith smiled slighty at her suggestion, and nodded to himself in agreement ::