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  • Speaking To The Council!

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 10-28-2002 07:02 PM:
    Speaking To The Council!

    Dark Emerald Jade walks into the Council Room and kneels before the Council Members, her head bowed in deep respect for her Elders. She stays as she is, even as she speaks.

    "I have come to seek out a new Master.

    Master Shadowtide, if she is available."

    Jadey still kneels, awaiting a reply.

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    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 10-30-2002 12:15 AM:

    :: The Sith Master sat in her council chair, aware of what it was like to require a new master for training. Pausing only a moment, she rose from her high backed chair and walked down the steps to approach Dark Emerald Jade. The woman had always impressed her and it was without hesitation that the Sith Master came to an expedient answer to her request. Standing before the Sith Disciple, she folded her hands behind her back and spoke to her in an even tone ::

    "I shall take you on as my apprentice, Dark Emerald Jade. A reawakening to the power of the Dark Side is at hand once again. I sense much potential in you and I anticipate glory to the Empire in your future accomplishments. Go to the training grounds and wait for me there. I will be along shortly, my apprentice."

    :: Dara nodded to Jade ::

    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: The Lady Athena, Lyra Darkstar

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Varlon Konrad, Dyne Darkforce,
    The Lady Athena, Bio Hazzardous, Callista,
    Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha, Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin,
    Dark Jedi Kitano, Abydos Nighthawk, Lina Capulet,
    Nikka DarkStorm, Crescent, Dark Emerald Jade,
    Michin Troval

    Mentor to: Saharia

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides, custom Sith Blades

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

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    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 10-30-2002 09:30 PM:

    Jadey stands and faces the Sith Master now, and bows her head once more in acknowledgement.

    "As you wish. And thank you Master Dara."

    Without another word, Jadey turns and leaves the Council Room, on her way to the training grounds as requested.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 10-30-2002 11:41 PM:

    :: Dara gathered her things and departed the council room for her personal quarters. There were a few matters she needed to attend to before making her way to the training grounds to meet Jade ::