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    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-22-2002 08:51 PM:
    *Returning from the dead*

    *His boots fell soundlessly along the stone corridors as he approached the council room of the Sith Empire for the first time in several months. It was, indeed, the first time in several months he'd been here, even existed in the eyes of this dimension's time and space. Thoughts coursed through his mind, of ideas he'd had during his long absence. Would those who had come with him expect his return? When he'd used the last of his energy to open the rift for the others to get home, he'd thought he was going to die. It seemed only likely that that belief would have been emulated in the minds of those who had managed to escape. After the quest had ended, no word had come for months, which would have had to only confirm the worst, that Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks had indeed died in that other world. Stopping for a moment as the memories flooded into him, he almost wished he had..*


    *They stood on the black plateau, MnT, Dalethria, Rama, Vega, and Tempist staring at the demon, awaiting even the slightest sign of attack. The creature had paced back and forth, looking almost feline in it's movements, although the enormous wings folded against it's back were proof enough that it was not. Finally, hell had broken loose. The ground underneath the ground had erupted, black tendrills of the strange shadow-flesh that the inhabitants of this land seemed to be made of, rising out of the moss-coated rock, and lashing out at the Sith. Light flashed off of impossibly fast sword-movements, as the far-from-inexperienced warriors defended themselves, slashing through the lethal tentacles with the thoughtless ease of well-trained reflexes. However, inbetween waves, glances towards the demon showed no sign of damaging it at all. It simply stood there, it's white eyes glaring out of the black, watching them, as if it were testing them.*

    *On a whim, MnT leapt towards the creature, the blade he had dubbed DemonSlayer glowing brightly with the many runes he had engraved in it. The energy seemed to trail through the air as he brought the sword around to strike out at the demon's head. However, in an instant, it dodged out of the way, and he barely avoided being disembowled by an effortless swipe of a claw. Turning around to face the creature, he saw that it was no longer interested in him, the darkness of it's head splitting into a rather vicious looking maw as it lunged towards Tempist. Nothing he could do would be fast enough to save him, Yet MnT still launched himself forwards with a scream, just in time to be nearly blinded by a flash of magick erupting from the axe of Ogre Mal Pannis, that had apparantly just been thrown by Dalethria, into the side of the thing's neck. The demon reared back and shook, the axe falling out and landed with a clatter against a rock, coated with a steaming dark green liquid. She had saved Tempist, and now he was backing out of it's way during the temporary confusion. However, as the creature fell back down on all fours, they knew the battle had barely even begun..*


    *Shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, MnT moved over to the wall, fading into the shadow as a disciple he did not recognize walked past. With all aspects of his existence well hidden, the Disciple didn't even have the faintest inkling that someone was there, and continued along her way. Leaning up against the polished stone, MnT closed his eyes and rested a moment, as more memories flooded back..*


    *Vega lay off to the side, barely concious after the demon had hit him in the back hard enough to shatter most people's entire skeleton. Amazingly, the Lupine Lord appeared only to have suffered a broken arm, and a few ribs. However, internally, much more must have been damaged, or MnT knew that he would not be yet out of the fight.. The battle had been raging on for minutes now, every second taking it's toll on the collected Sith, while the demon showed no sign of wear. It was as if no matter what they hit it with, no damage resulted from it. MnT fought on with a large gash across his chest, helping defend his apprentice who was now battling with a broken leg. Mistress Dalethria and Master Rama had taken not a single hit between them, yet it was obvious from their movements that they were starting to wear out.*

    *With an audible grunt, MnT lunged the DemonSlayer forwards into the incoming palm of the creature, to try and stop it from hitting him. However, all this accomplished was MnT losing his sword, as the blade was yanked free of his grasp, and tossed over to the opposite side of the plateau from Vega, and off the edge.*

    *Backing off from the Demon, MnT moved to get out of the way of the return attack, but the creature's long reach caught him with a backhand that lanuched him into his wounded apprentice, nearly tearing his wounded leg off in the collision. The two hit the ground and rolled, Tempist being knocked unconcious by a rock sticking out of the ground, and falling off the edge of the plateau to the ground almost 20 feet below, while MnT grabbed onto the edge with one hand.*

    *He hung there for a few seconds, catching his breath and relaxing his mind, so that when he climbed back up, he'd be in the best condition for fighting that he could muster, however, his focus was completely lost when he as much felt through the chaos medallion, as he heard Dalethria scream.*


    *He remembered she'd taken quite a blow from the creature, from the way she'd been curled up on the ground when he climbed back up.. Rama had moved her off to the side with the force, keeping her out the Demon's way, as he continued to fight by himself.. He remembered watching Rama fight, and being in awe of his skill as he caught his own breath and prepared to re-enter the melee.*

    *Looking both ways to ensure that there was no-one coming, MnT stepped away from the wall and continued towards the corridor that led to the council room.*

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-22-2002 10:04 PM:
    Re: *Home again*

    OOC:OH DEAR GOD. I wrote up a LOVELY little hour-long 2nd part to this, copied all the text, clicked on preview post. It went to the preview screen, then "IE has performed an illegal error" No big deal. it shuts down the window, I open a new one, and go to paste all the text.


    It's all gone.

    I hate my computer >_<

    Rewrite will come in an reply of this...

    Yes. I said reply.. ^_¬

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-22-2002 11:34 PM:
    Re: *Home again*

    *As he turned the corner and saw the large wooden doors of the council room appear in front of him, MnT had to drop back against the wall again. Another unknown disciple was coming by. However, this one must have seen a slight glimmer of movement or something, because he stopped, and looked back and forth curiously.. Moments passed before he tacked it up to being just a trick of the light, and went in through the doors, leaving themto close behind him with a loud slam-*


    *A loud slam resounded throughout the rock arena as MnT was smashed hard into, and through, a wall in the side of the mountain. Leaving Rama alone to fend off the demon.*

    *As he slowly opened his eyes, the heavily wounded Sith Lord looked around.. It was apparant that he was in a cave of some sort, and from the thickness of the wall he'd crashed through, it had been covered up.. Which brought a thought into mind..*

    *Quickly, he stood up, igniting a ball of ki to act as a light source.. He was right, there in the back of the cavern, lying in a pile of rubbish, was Damnation's Touch.*

    *Stumbling back towards the sword, MnT grasped the handle and lifted it.. He could feel the latent energies still coursing through it, it had not been damaged or corrupted by the demon.. This was definately a good sign..*

    *Outside the cave, Rama Sha collided with the wall, almost 10 feet in the air, before bouncing off and falling to the ground, where he landed on one knee.. He sat there for a moment, staring up at the demon that was staring right back at him, it's head split open in a vicious grin. Suddenly, the beast reared back, and launched forwards, about to snatch the Sith Master up into it's Jaws. However, it was stopped dead in it's tracks, by a sudden burst of bright purple energy from within the cavern. Both the Demon, and the fallen Sith looked over, just in time to see MnT dash out of the cave, the glowing blade of Damnation's Touch held back and ready to strike.*

    *Taking advantage of the moment of confusion, MnT leapt forwards and swung, taking the Demon's left arm off clean at the shoulder. For the first time in the battle, the creature screamed in pain. A horrible screeching sound that caused even Rama's hair to stand on end. However, MnT remained focused, as he brought the backswing through the beast's side, a wide green gash opening up amidst the black shadow.*

    *It didn't take the beast longer than that to react, although it was apparantly still unsure what to do. It's huge wings unfolded, and lifted it up into the air. Which was just fine with MnT.*

    *Launching off the ground by propelling ki through his legs, MnT followed the Demon into the air, slashing the sword out once more towards it's head. This time, however, it was prepared, and MnT found himself on the recieving end of a rather powerful wing sweep.*

    *A second later, he hit the ground with a thud, Damnation's Touch still in hand. Groaning, he looked up, to see the demon swooping down at him. Closing his eyes, he prepared for the end, but it didn't come. Looking once more, it appeared the creature was being held in mid-air, and a quick glimpse confirmed the cause. Both Dalethria and Rama were sitting against different sections of the wall, keeping it stationary as MnT scrambled to get out from underneath it. Their combined strength couldn't prevail against the Demon's though, as it suddenly broke free, and crashed down just behind the running Sith Lord*

    *Turning back, MnT started back at the demon as it began to lift off the ground once more, and with a well-timed Jump over a claw swipe, and a well-aimed swing, he cleaved it's left wing right in half. However, he wasn't able to avoid the double-back kick that followed, smashing him hard into the side of the mountain..*

    *Coughing from the broken ribs he could feel in his chest, MnT relentlessly stood up again, and prepared to charge. The Demon was busy trying to mend it's unhealable wounds, and wasn't paying attention to him, and MnT knew that he couldn't beat it if he didn't do it now.. Starting off with a slow stumble, MnT began to feel his movements grow easier and easier.. Glancing back and forth, he could see that Vega, Dalethria, and Rama were all aiding his final attack as much as they could, through the force..*

    *Breaking into a run, MnT let out a loud scream, as he neared the confused demon. Leaping, everything seemed to slow down, as he brought the blade back behind his head, to strike.. He could feel the corrupt air passing along his body, he could smell the fetid stench of the Demon's breath and musk, and he could hear his heart-beat pounding against his ear-drums.. Looking down, he saw the exact spot on it's head, that he was going to strike. This was it.. They'd finally be able to go home.*

    *That is, if the demon hadn't reacted.*

    *MnT was knocked unconcious instantly by the sheer force of the Demon's swipe, hitting the wall and collapsing against the ground in darkness. It was over, they were going to die.*


    *Opening his eyes, MnT looked around.. Heaven or hell, he wasn't sure what he was expecting to see, but the corpse of the demon lying on the ground, with Damnation's Touch protruding from it's head, was most definately Not it.. He must have released the blade when he was hit... *

    .. H-

    *He began coughing, blood splattering the ground with every convulsion.. Apparantly he couldn't speak audibly, he was too hurt physically.. Closing his eyes from the pain, he lapsed in and out of conciousness..*

    *As his mind began to recover from the shock of it all, he heard voices around him, voices he recognized.. Opening his eyes, he saw Dalethria, Rama, and Vega kneeling around him, calling out and trying to wake him.. Even Tempist was there, although still unconcious, and lying behind the three.. Remembering what had to be done, MnT spoke out through what remained of his force energy, as his mind was still too weak even to speak telepathically..*

    " ... I can't have any of you die here.. More demons will come, and if I don't open the rift now, the sensetivity of the area could fade.."

    *He knew they were still talking, but he couldn't hear what they were saying.. He was slipping back out of conciousness, and he had to open the rift before then.. Fortunately, it wouldn't take much energy to open it, but he didn't have enough to close it, if he went through as well.. As he began focusing the energies for the rift, his mind slipped into a dream-like state, yet his mind continued the process..*

    *Around the four Sith, the air began to shimmer, and the same process that brought them to this dimension, began to take them back from it.. As the four dissapeared, and the rift closed, a slight smile etched across the face of MnT, and everything went black.*


    *MnT didn't want to remember the following few months, as what he experienced in that time had led him to want to die many many times... What was important though, is that he had survived them, and was now home again.*

    *Feeling the once-more familiar weight of Damnation's Touch against his back, MnT felt it was time to come back from the dead. He stepped away from the wall, stood in the middle of the hallway, and walked forwards, the doors opening via the force...*

    *Feeling the stares of many on him, MnT didn't show any signs of noticing, and instead simply walked forwards into the middle of the room, where he knelt down in a bow, as was his custom, his trenchcoat resting behind him..*

    ... I've returned..

    Edit: Changed a bit.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-24-2002 02:18 AM:
    Re: *Home again*

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide was finishing up some correspondence on her holopad when she looked up to see Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks kneeled before the council. It had been such a long time since he had departed and his presence was a welcome sight once again. A small smile formed on her lips and then spread into a wide grin. The tale of his travels would most likely yield stories of the strength and skill that undoubtedly must have been displayed in order to make such a trip and return ::

    "Greetings, Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks. Your return has been long anticipated. Tell me, was your journey successful?"


    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss (deceased), Lyra Darkstar,
    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Dyne Darkforce,
    The Lady Athena, Bi0 Hazzard, Daegal Murdoch,
    Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha, Lyra Darkstar,
    Kekoa Alkarin, Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke,
    Michin Troval, Abydos Nighthawk, Lina Capulet,
    Nikka DarkStorm, Densetsu Roninichi, Elena Van Derveld

    Mentor to: Vega Van Derveld

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides, custom Sith Blades

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    AIM Bio The Sith Empire Tides of Darkness



    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-24-2002 04:48 AM:
    Re: *Home again*

    ... Thank you, Mistress Shadowtide, it is a pleasure to hear I was not simply thought to have died..

    *This was entirely true.. If those of the Empire had faith enough in his strength and skill to have survived so long out there on his own, especially considering the condition he had been left in, it showed that he was at least doing something right.. Looking up at Dara with a light smile, MnT nodded his head to the handle protruding up over his right shoulder..*

    ... And Indeed it was a success, Mistress, and I'm glad to report with my presence, that not a single fatality was suffered during it.. That's not, however, to say that there weren't any close calls...

    *Closing his eyes and shaking his head slightly, MnT continued, his smile hinting ever so slightly at the embarassment he felt about his initial bullheadedness..*

    ... I guess I truly Was wrong in believing that I could have taken on that quest alone..

    OOC: Oh, and Rama, Dale, Vega, Temps, if any of you want me to rewrite different parts into that flashback, pm or email me with your ideas ^_^

    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-28-2002 06:27 PM:

    They had come to hunt the beast.

    The village near the massive cliffs with a fair sized fishing fleet had been hounded, attacked and terrified in the last three weeks on a regular night basis. A demon they said in sheltered whispers and huddled masses that bordered on mass hysteria. The reality of broken homes and bodies dropped from the air spoke the truth of the matter very well.

    Splattered blood and gore on the roofs of many a villager was found in the morning lead to a dwindling population and people looking for an answer, any answer or salvation to their crisis. Children did not go out during the day, only men went to fish and gather fire wood for the stoves and furnaces. Some of the more fit men in the village had decided enough was enough.

    Gathering a few basic primitive weapons and blasters(some of which no longer worked or fired properly) several patrols were sent out in the surrounding grounds to counter the plague that had descended on their village. Such it was for four days until the demon did return.

    Three groups of four had spread out to cover as much ground as possible, when two of the groups were spread out far from the first shouts of pain and terror rung out. It took only minutes for the eight remaining men to discover the torn and shredded bodies of their compatriots.

    Returning to the village a further shock awaited them at the wharf where several of the boats lay tied to the docks. In the early morning a ship had gone out to pull up their traps, the ship they now saw were devoid of all life, the steering wheel tied to set it on a preset course back to the docks had returned it and the tragedy of the day had not been enough tied to the mast was the broken and battered remains of one of the fishermen, his arms and legs sickening twisted and bent enough for bones to protrude from ripped pieces of flesh covered in blood.

    The men looked on dread, the women cried and the children thought all their nightmares were coming to life.

    Far away from them upon wings of death soared the chaos Sith as he landed on a mountain side and twisted several large sized branches of roots from his path to reveal a cave. Entering into the darkness his glowing green eyes shined. Descending into a large cavern he traveled through a massive layout of twist and turns through numerous traps and security precautions that would have torn apart any intruders.

    Back into his home he walked down an corridor and walked directly into the council room without a pause in his step to hear Miryan’s last few words. So he had returned, a change if slight was noticeable but when one encountered death and possible eradication of one own self a person often would be reshaped by their experiences.

    “Many are the times the proud think they can conquer all there is with nary a hand but the proud tend to be the dead. Live and learn for death is only a way to ends one existence before achieving much more greatness.”

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 08-18-2002 03:50 AM:

    “Many are the times the proud think they can conquer all there is with nary a hand but the proud tend to be the dead. Live and learn for death is only a way to ends one existence before achieving much more greatness.”

    *Nodding, MnT smiled slightly.. They were true words of wisdom, even if he did not quite think they fit his situation perfectally... It had not been due to cockiness that he had wanted to go alone, it had been due to not wanting to risk the lives of others..*

    ... Indeed Master Lynch, death does strike me as being a terrible obstacle in the quests one may partake in their lifetime..

    *It was a touch of humor, somewhat out of character for the Sith Lord, and obviously so from the fairly unhumorous nature of it..*

    OOC: Gah. I'm back from yet another bout of net-sickness. Who wants to take bets on how long it'll last this time? >_<

    Posted by Lynch on 08-19-2002 08:13 PM:

    “You must tell us of your self induced trials one day and the events that you have place yourself through. I have no doubt they are of great interest. But for now take your time to recover from anything that may have befallen you We shall have many days to come that will test our limits.”

    Giving a knowing grin he let the words hang in the air with nothing further needing to be said. They were Sith after all. The future held only one course for them..