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Return To Time: Take Two. And Action!

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  • Return To Time: Take Two. And Action!

    Posted by Sierra on 08-04-2002 02:08 AM:
    Return To Time: Take Two. And Action!

    She strode into these great walls and rightfully so, it felt like a bad case of deja vu. She had been sent here with a purpose once and now that purpose was two-fold. The survival first and foremost of her mother and sister had been on her mind. This she did not remember. She was told. She was lectured as if it were the line that death loomed directly over and above. And now it was.

    Her very existence in this material world was dependent on what she had to first and foremost do. That first, the rest later... The rest... would either fall into place or not be. The first.... it was no option.

    She looked around the council room and saw what appeared to be stares of recognition from a few although it was impossible they actually could be.

    She spoke loudly.... "Council of the Empire... I search for my father, Rama Sha."

    Posted by Lynch on 08-04-2002 09:24 PM:

    “Rama Sha......what do you want with Rama Sha?”

    Giving no outward emotion from his face his eyes darted to the young girl, the child of two Sith he had known for years now. A time that felt as ages if nothing else. Why had she returned to them, why had she come back here now all of a sudden.

    It did not make sense. The dynamics between the Sha family was even more chaotic than the average family on several accessions. Chaos was something that the Sith Master enjoyed save when it gave him a splitting headache.

    “Why have you returned.”

    Posted by Sierra on 08-05-2002 08:10 PM:

    "Returned? You're mistaken. I've never been here before."

    Posted by Lynch on 08-06-2002 07:42 PM:

    “Yes you have been. We know you. The child of Rama and Nuriko Sha. You once resided here along with the rest of your clan until you left. So you see my dear, you are quite wrong, you have been here before.”

    Posted by Sierra on 08-07-2002 09:05 PM:

    Judging by his insistence there was no doubt that her... "counterpart" had already been here. This would be difficult to explain, especially to someone that she not only didn't know, but who appeared to be somewhat hostile towards her. Or was that her "return"? "You are correct about my parentage, however... that was... another Sierra Sha. She was not me, nor I her. Please, is my father here? It's imperative that I see him, sir..."

    Posted by Lynch on 08-08-2002 01:47 AM:

    Raising an dark eyebrow at the female Sha he studied his face than stared directly into her eyes looking for truth to sort out her words. Another one of her? A second Sierra Sha. What kind of nonsense exactly was this. In another time and place he might have thought of such an thing to be impossible if not an outright lie. Yet her words however puzzling, no matter how questionable might ring of some basic truth.

    The lives of force users and especially that of the Sith was ever one twist and turn after another with surprises around every bend.

    “If you wish to speak to your father he shall be summoned here...”

    Giving an quick silent signal to a guard the man left the room to seek out the womans father. If anyone could explain this than surely the Sith Master could, if nothing else the pieces of the puzzle would not fall fully into place until his arrival.

    Posted by Sierra on 08-08-2002 10:13 AM:

    "Thank you." She stood her ground and waited patiently.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 08-11-2002 02:36 PM:

    :: Rama entered the room and took his seat next, and sat silently looking at girl ::