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    Posted by Belial MadHatter on 07-30-2002 02:58 AM:
    Black and White

    The doors to the Council Chambers were pushed open as a figure clad in black strode in. A black hat adorned her head, and it was removed to reveal the fiery, red hair beneath. It was Belial, whose face was always painted, whose mind was always twisted. She knelt down on one knee and bowed her head, adressing the Council.

    "Great Council, as you may know, I was the apprentice of Trace Sha. He left the Empire, and during this time I have been training myself in the Dark Arts. I come here to ask to study under a new Master .. only if I am deemed worthy enough."

    Closing her eyes briefly, she awaited their response.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-30-2002 03:38 AM:

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide looked up to see one of the members of the Sith Empire she hadn't seen in a while. Belial MadHatter had always struck the Sith Master to be a very promising member of the Empire although the Sith Disciple most often kept to herself. Upon hearing Belial mention that she had been training alone and wished to have another master, Dara nodded at the reasonable request of the woman standing before her ::

    "Greetings, Belial. All members of the Sith Empire are certainly worthy of training, especially someone as dedicated as yourself. Do you have someone in mind already? If so, just indicate that choice here and you should hear a response soon for I see no reason to delay your training any further."

    :: Dara smiled at Belial and awaited her response ::


    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss (deceased), Lyra Darkstar,
    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Dyne Darkforce,
    The Lady Athena, Bi0 Hazzard, Daegal Murdoch,
    Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha, Lyra Darkstar,
    Kekoa Alkarin, Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke,
    Michin Troval, Abydos Nighthawk, Lina Capulet,
    Nikka DarkStorm, Densetsu Roninichi, Elena Van Derveld

    Mentor to: Vega Van Derveld

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides, custom Sith Blades

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

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    Posted by Belial MadHatter on 07-30-2002 03:41 AM:

    Her painted lips curved into a faint smile at Dara's words.

    "I humbly request Darth Varlon to teach me in the ways of the Sith."

    She continued to kneel on one knee, clutching her hat to her chest.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-03-2002 03:20 PM:

    Stepping out from a pillar's shadows, the Sith Lord's illusion of invisibility faded as the shadows receeded from his body, making it seem as if he had materialized out of the shadows themselves. Coming to a stop not far behind Belial, he looked down at the apprentice before walking up to Dara's side and turning to face the one whom had spoke his name. "Disciple Belial MadHatter, why, I ask, is it you wish me over the others that could continue your teachings?" Varlon asked as he crossed his arms across his chest slightly. "What is so unique about my ways that it they are better for you, than say, Master Lynch's methods?"

    OOC: Sorry about taking so long to reply to this x_x;

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    Posted by Lynch on 08-08-2002 02:00 AM:

    What a unique question.

    One that he had not heard before spoken or asked and as such made it all the more interesting to the chaotic Sith Master of The Sith Empire.

    Why indeed did some choose one Sith to teach them in the dark ways over that of another, was there something they saw in one from another or thought the stylings and practices of various Sith fit in with their own far more better.


    Always there were questions.

    What would her reply be to this one.