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  • No Matter What I Do

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-05-2002 03:21 PM:
    No Matter What I Do

    A deep monotone voice spoke out of the shadows.

    "Members of the Council, my name is Aurora/Eve Siren, apprentice of Rama Sha and Sith Knight of this Empire. I am 19 years old, 5'5", am genetically engineered with feline DNA."

    Eve took a slight pause, she looked down on the ground, then back up to the Council.

    "Members of the Council, please let me repeat my stats. My name is Eve Siren, I am 19 years old, 5'5" and am genetically engineered with feline DNA."

    She made sure to take off all the parts concerning the Sith Empire, her master, her rank. The Council seemed confused, but she knew that they'd get it eventually. She brushed her fingers against the sides of her Skull Helmet before taking it off silently, putting it on the marble floor in front of her.

    "Members of the Council ... I am Eve Siren, and I've decided that the Empire is not the home sweet home I thought it was, for me. I will no longer cause you problems, and will be on my way now. Maybe I will come back, maybe not. But after seeing how Vega Van-Derveld and Lana Westbrooke were so warmly welcomed, I'd rather not risk it. Any last words that doesn't consist 'stupid' and 'idiot' ?"

    Posted by Drako on 08-05-2002 04:26 PM:

    The ancient Sith Lord shook his head saddly as another of the Empire's children took a path that led them away from the fold.

    "The reception you recieve depends on where your path takes you young one, perhaps yours will lead back here, perhaps you will get a warm welcome, perhaps you won't, only time will tell,"

    The Force Vampyre leant against a pillar in the council chambre as he spoke, his cold green eyes never leaving Eve, she was no longer family, and anyone who wasn't family was potentially a threat. Almost unconciously his hand drifted down to Widowmaker, he gripped the lightsabre inside his cloak, ready if he was needed.

    Posted by Rama on 08-05-2002 05:30 PM:

    :: the Sith Master rose from his seat and walked forward to the young one, and simply nodded ::

    "Then if that is your choice.........."

    :: He then turned and walked back towards his seat, and then turned back ::

    "But such insurrections will no longer go unpunished!!!!!!!"

    :: his face was now a knrawled mass of rage, as he let lose bolt after bolt of Force lighting at Eve. Hitting her repeatedly. ::

    "You will pay for your lack of commitment."

    :: Again the lighting came running threw her body lighting the whole room and taking her to her knees. Rama ceased his attack and walked about down to his young Apprentice, till he was standing over her. In a Red Flash his saber was out and lit and he held the blade close to her face ::

    "No.........this would be no fun. "

    :: Rama pulled back his blade and quickly kicked her across the face ::

    "Thank whatever deity you believe in that I have decided to let you live for now."

    :: He then turned and deignited his saber and made his way back to his seat ::

    "This little one now lives on borrowed time........"

    :: He turned and sat back in his chair ::

    "Such will be the fate of all traitors."

    Posted by Nuriko on 08-05-2002 07:09 PM:

    "Husband you're nothing but talk!!" Nuriko darts out from her place near the council walls and darts at Eve, grabbing her by the neck and pinning her to the floor. "This entire Empire is nothing but talk, isn't it!" She looks up at Rama while pinning a knee into Eve's back. "You chose to spare her life when I was ready to kill her the minute she entered this room and declared herself the ANGEL OF DEATH. You chose her as your one apprentice... she defies you, wastes your time and your teaches and you just let her go. ENOUGH OF THIS TRIPE!!" Nuriko shoots lightning into Eve's body.

    Posted by Rama on 08-05-2002 09:29 PM:

    ::Rama Chuckled Slightly and rubbed his hands across his Chin ::

    "You miss Judge me my love......she came here to me. It would take no effort to kill her right here......but if we let her go. Then we'd have to hunt her.....and the hunt is what makes it fun."

    Posted by Nuriko on 08-05-2002 10:07 PM:

    "'The hunt' my ***! They leave, we threat, and then do nothing else but spew out venomous words never making good on them! Punish traitors immediately! Especially this one! She's insulting! Whining about Vega and Lana whoever... whining about home-sweet-home."

    She continued to keep Eve pinned. "If you wanted 'home-sweet-home', coming HERE was your first mistake! This isn't a clubhouse, you insolent child! This is war!"

    Posted by Rama on 08-06-2002 12:38 AM:

    "Fine kill her.........ruin all my fun. You know sometimes your a real Buzz Kill."

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-06-2002 07:49 AM:

    Blood rolled down the corner of her lips as she growled. Nuriko Nuriko Nuriko.

    "I ... refuse to commit to ways and beliefs that I don't believe in ! I refuse to continue living the ways of the Sith !"

    Though she was pinned and Nuriko's knee was jammed in her back, Eve pulled her hands back, grabbing her woman's head, and spinned her in a three quarter circle, Nuriko landing on her back. Eve stood up, breathing heavily from the lightning shocks.

    "Kill me, Nuriko. Go on ! Whatever satisfy your selfish little soul. Torture me all you want !"

    She leaned down a few inches from the woman's face, whispering, a few drops of blood falling on Nuriko.

    "It doesn't hurt anymore, *****."

    Though she respected Rama before, all of that went down the drain in the second he had hurted her. They had done their road together, but somewhere along the road, there was a split. And it was sure a pain.

    "Nuriko, you always were such a pain in the *** ... You can be sure I won't miss you." Eve muttered as she stood back up. She would've kicked the woman there like Rama kicked her, but it was no use trying to anger such a bomb.

    Eve took a moment to adjust to the pain, then stood high, limping lightly towards the exit. As she passed it, she spit on the ground some blood, sat on her motorcycle, started the engine, growled and rolled away without looking back once at her ex-Master and his wife.

    have you ever been hated, or discriminated against, i have
    i've been protested and demonstrated against
    picking signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times
    sick as the mind, of the mother****in kid thats behind
    all this commotion, emotions, run deep as oceans explodin
    take flaring from parents just blow him off and keep goin
    now takin nothin from noone give him hell as long as i'm breathin
    be kicking *** in the morning and taking names in the evening
    leave em with the taste of sour as vinagure in their mouth
    see they can trigger me, but they'll never figure me out
    look at me now, i'll bet your probably sick of me now
    aint you mama i'ma make you look so ridiculous now

    Ugh. Kiss my genetically engineered ***.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-06-2002 10:19 AM:

    From the shadows lining the walls of the council room, Eve recieved a message through the force. It was short, and simple.

    Goodbye Eve.

    Nothing more, just a simple goodbye.

    The man that had emitted the message closed his eyes, and the red glow faded from the shadows. He remembered his first fight against a jedi, one Nash Stolar. He had won, but it was a bitter victory. They had both gotten shattered femurs. At the end, Eve had come with her bike and brought him back to headquaters for healing. She had truly been his first friend in the Empire, and it hurt to see her go. But pain was the essence of the dark side. Pain, hate and anger.

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 08-06-2002 06:24 PM:

    Watching silently from the shadows, Jadey had not moved or said anything as she watched. She had another short leave of absense coming up, but she had planned on returning, just like the last mission she went on, she had returned from.

    She nods a silent goodbye to Eve and steps backwards farther into the shadows, vanishing among them.

    It's All About The Game, And How You Play It!

    I AM The Game!

    Posted by Nuriko on 08-06-2002 06:30 PM:

    Nuriko quickly sat up in a crouch and threw out a long-range bolt of lightning out of the door way knocking Eve and her bike over. She walked over to the doors, where she could just see Eve. "Feh... torture you? You had all the time in the world to NOT commit to our ways but you made a choice to! Don't come here and whine and expect it to be acceptable you changed your fickle mind, you disrespectful little snot!

    YOU'RE the only ***** here... thinking everyone is as 'selfish' and 'little' as you are!" She rubbed her face with hands and licked the blood off her fingers. "Pain in the ***... you don't even know me, drugged-up freak. 'Miss me'? What are we, graduating highschool?" Acknowledging that she read Eve's mind, she replied, " You just a user who feigned respect to Rama because it was convenient to your weak-*** needs! If you truly respected him, you'd understand. He saved your life and you paid him with ingratitude. You're just stupid and pathetic!!"

    She blew out a tire of the bike with more lightning and waved lightly. "Goodbye..... *****. HAHAHAHAHA....." She shut the council room doors on Eve.

    Nuriko looked at the blood on the floor. "That mess isn't fit for this floor..." She turned around, scowled at her husband, and returned to the darkness next to wall... remaining unseen.