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  • Senger Seke'olath - (Lucianus / Council / Open )

    Master Van-Derveld sprawled in her Council seat, one booted leg hooked over the obsidian protrusions of her throne that made up it's 'arm'. Despite her apparently disinterested slouch, she was very alert to the occupants of the Council chambers who had gathered at her summons. It had been some time since she had lauded one of her apprentices for their training, hard work, and service to the Sith Empire. Today that wait was over..

    Swinging her leg up and over the spiny obsidian, the Sith Master straightened in her seat, ready to proceed. Her penetrating amethyst stare sought and settled on her apprentice.

    "Disciple Adair..", she intoned. "Come here..."

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    All he had received was a missive to arrive in the council room on 'this day, this time' and no detail as to why, but as the summons was from his Mistress and he was no stranger to punishment nor praise, he had little to hesitate for... not that he would hesitate if all that was there for him to gain was another wound to add to the collection on his flesh.

    He would and did go, waiting with a patience brought into being by the way of the predator, tamed by self-restraint, to be called upon. That restraint was the hardest won the moment he had set foot in the halls and rooms of the Sith, for he was no submissive creature, but possessed with intellect and reason he had and would continue to do what it takes. Whatever it takes.

    "Yes, Mistress," he replied with the full depth of his voice, looking up from his waiting to find amethyst with his ice; he stepped forward in response to her present summons to receive whatever it was he was here for. He had never been in this room before, and all these eyes were now on him.

    What a strange feeling...
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      Finalizing a few things as the priestess had been approached by another Echani for training, Sianna was happy to finally see another of her kind enter the halls and have the goal of being one of them. The chance to be around another that fully understood their culture was seized upon as silver orbs took in Razielle's posture in her throne, prompting a grin on her pale features. Moving to her usual spot at the base of the dais, the priestess remained silent as the master's voice echoed through the chamber. Bluish-white light picked out many other members that were on Munto Codru at the time, many wishing to be seen for one reason or another.

      Soon, she noted the Dathomiri queen's apprentice whom she had not met yet and scrutinized his manner as he approached. Having become a loyal friend to the Van-Derveld queen, Sianna expected a bit more respect from him. Apparently her example wasn't catching on, she mused. "If you don't bid the Force to serve the council, then at the very least show some respect," she bit without thought, her silver orbs darkening from beneath the black cowled robe. "You haven't yet achieved the position to approach any of them without some form of deference," tendrils of darkness began to seep from her robed form as she spoke.

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        The words of this unknown entity gave him pause in his forward movement, pale eyes drifting over to the equally pale woman in consideration, a half-moment passing in which the thought crossed his mind once and briefly as to whether the discipline of his person was her business to partake in, moving on in the next shade of a second to... he blinked, the spike in the rage of what laid deep within him headed off at the pass, a sharp intake of breath, eyes turning to those seated high on the dias, coming to rest on his Mistress herself...

        "My apologies."

        ...before those eyes became downcast, pointed to the floor as hands folded in front of him, and head tipped forward in his usual manner of deference - as he had always done from the day he crawled hand and knee into this place in her wake. He did not move forward another step and remained so for one moment, then two before his head lifted again and yet, the eyes did not follow all the way up. This was the way of things for as long as necessary, this he knew, and it was unlike him to forget himself; should there be a consequence... his was a body riddled with the marks of many consequences. What was one more but a fount of power from which he could derive the pain and pleasure of it?
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          Her gaze slipped from her apprentice, to the High Priestess as she chastised Disciple Adair for not humbling himself before the Council.

          Razielle had mixed feelings on this, not because Sianna was wrong. In fact, Sianna was one who she would wished more of the Empire would model themselves after. Rather than whining about what she felt like the Empire was not doing for her, as had become the fashion there for a while, Sianna went out and accomplished things on her own. Things worthy of hearing about, as opposed to hearing the constant griping which seemed to be the only thing some Sith had become capable of accomplishing. The Council was not a democracy there to please the whims of the rabble, they were the strongest of them. Those who had served the longest, accrued the most influence and experience. Razielle longed to make an example of some, as had been done in days past. Tear a few tongues out at the root. Light someone up with enough jolts of lightning that they were reduced to char stains and drool...

          Ahh, the good old days.

          This was not the example she wished to make of Lucianus though. Not today. Today she wanted to raise him up a rung higher on the pecking order of the Empire, knowing that one day he too would be a Master in his own right and when that day came.....

          The Sith Master smiled, keeping the visions to herself. Some things were just too tasty to share.

          "Yes, you have suitably groveled now.", she said to him, sensing for a moment the predator that lurked within her apprentice, clawing at the surface of Lucianus Adair, eager to be freed. She was eager to see it freed..

          "What does it mean to be a Sith, apprentice?"
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            Finally, his eyes rose to look on his Mistress again and those that flanked her, but only after sparing another glance at the pale-faced woman that had seen fit to chastise him. Interesting was what she was to him, a curiosity that would have to be sated at a later time. The intensity of his attentions, his frigid gaze were on the one that gave much not in breaking him - others had alread tried - but in taking what was already there and making it more.

            "Control," said he with a rumble, "dominance, power..."

            This was, from his observances, the most basic of definitions. There was some doubt that this was to be a philosophical forum.

            "...and patience, my Mistress."

            This last concept, he knew, was not intuitive when it came to the consideration of what a cultural Sith was... and it was a culture he found ease in adapting to. Much ease.


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              Xander stood observing. Lucianus was a "firend," but one Xander did not trust as far as he could be thrown without the aid of the force. It was the way Luc looked at his Dangereuse with bothered the king. His appetite for the finer things, more refined ways, made up for the wandering eye however. The disciple was also a skilled bladesman, something which had earned the Knight's respect the moment they sparred. He was one of few who understood what it meant to truly be Sith.

              Monsters was the word which described most Xander had met, but Lucianus kept it well hidden. The quiet calculating type, poised to attack when the time was right. He was not a monster, but a predator. It was his nature which made him truly Sith. Xander woulld be proud to see him ascend if that was was Master Van-Dervelds intent today. There was good chance of it since the man was not writhing in agony on the ground.... yet.

              "Perfection, Lucianus, you forgot perfection," the mental probe came.


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                "Dominance and power." Adrasteia grinned down at her apprentice. "Yes, there is no place in our lives for compromise. Very good, Lucianus.", she inclined her head.

                "Patience sounds easy, but takes a very long time to master." It had never been her own strong suit, but she had become so much more than she once was now.

                "Control... We shall see. " Control was something she knew he had in great supply. There was always a sense of some monster lurking, yet never seen.. It was what had drawn her to him, tempting her to take him as an apprentice...but she would love to see him lose that control, all the same.

                "You have learned much about the nature of the Dark side of the Force, and of what it will take to thrive as a member of this Empire. You have fought and bled at my side, endured much cruelty from me, and grown stronger for it. I confer upon you the title of Sith Warrior. Congratulations, Warrior Adair."


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                  The commentary from Blackmoore made one corner of his mouth twitch upward. He was unsurprised that the royal was here, what for the support he had given the younger man on his ascent to the Induparian throne. The level of trust, however, was the same in both directions - the reasons on the part of Adair being different, yet not altogether unrelated to those that his ally felt.

                  I did not forget, Blackmoore. Proof over words... or commonly known as 'no need to state the obvious'.

                  A slow, faint grin took his mouth, yet his pale, cold eyes remained solidly on the Van-Derveld woman, his Mistress, her, as she examined his answer with her approval, and conferred to him an ascension in rank and with it, greater access to power.

                  "Thank you, my Mistress," he said, bowing his head briefly in an accentuation of that thanks, before raising it and his eyes again, "I will continue to do what is necessary."


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                    "I am quite sure that you will.", Razielle said to the newly made Warrior..

                    In one fluid movement, she had pushed herself up from the throne she sat and began to descend the dais steps toward him. At the same time, two of the Temple thralls came forward, boys of Dathomir who had not been granted the honor of facing the Selection and becoming Nightbrothers. The only choice left to them for their lives was to serve at the behest of the powerful, either as a slave on Dathomir or as a thrall on Munto Codru. Their situation had not improved much, but because they were of Dathomir, Adrasteia had taken them into her service. Now they met her at the bottom step, each holding a side of a long black case that seemed immensely heavy to them, even though they were both corded with muscle.

                    In the space around the case, darkness filled the air, chilling it.. The Dark side of the Force was present in whatever the Sith Master was about to present to her student. One thrall went to his knees and placed his palms upon the stone floor, while the other maintained balance on the case as it was set atop the bent form, as though the boy was no more than a table. At a nod from the Master, the second boy unlatched the case and stepped away.

                    Razielle gestured to the box before her. "To do what is necessary you will need the proper tools."


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                      He watched his Mistress descend the steps - his eyes in many circumstances were solely on her - as two younger males came into the lines of his vision, carrying a long case that without a doubt strained the musculature in their arms; a fact that caused one brow to creep upward an imperceptible millimetre. The thralls acted without instruction, one going hand and knees to the floor as he had once done, and the other placing the long case to balance on the back of the other - a weight carried as he had been made to do in the first of their lessons. His eyes traveled back up to her face, as a click sounded, and the one thrall left standing set the case open. The darkness appended to whatever was within seemed to crawl upwards on the scale when it was no longer confined, and it drew his eyes down, pulled them down to look on it, and affixed them.

                      It was a blade, slid into a fitting scabbard, and it was on this dark sword that his pale eyes remained, until he could manage to pull them away to seek the face of his Mistress again, to find her inviting gesture and words - it was really all that was needed to pull him forward the one step, then two to reach out and touch it, the three acid-scarred central fingers of his left hand running tips down scabbard. It called to him, and after a pause and a softly shuddering breath releasing, he took it by its hilt, and lifted it from the case in his right hand hand, holding it up for a closer, more critical look, sliding it outof the scabbard to reveal a blade, long, sharp, and of a black very well as ink-like as the aura it gave off. This was a deeply satisfying gift, much better than that which he had killed to take in his lesson with Master Tankreyd. Glacial orbs tore away from the blade, to look on her, she that made him stronger.

                      "Again I must thank you, my Mistress. It is a most stunning blade, and I will find much use for it in service to this Empire."

                      With that said, he slid it back into the scabbard. There was no telling what was or was not on the blade - it would be unfortunate to succumb to its effects upon reception.


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                        "And yet that is exactly waht she asked you to do was it not, WARRIOR Adair," Xander intruded mentally once again.

                        He moved from the shadows where he had been to look upon the man who had just ascended to the rank of warrior. A rank Xander had recently vacated to find himself now the monarch of his people, and Knight of the Sith Empire. His hand toyed at the jewel around his neck as if it were part of him. A treasure, most valuable, that never left his sight. The purple jewel contained a secret he must know.

                        "Wine, wine friend, when you are free, I suggest you enjoy some wine with me in my chambers. I will be sure that a certain assassin is there as well, if you promise to keep your hands where I can see them."


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                          From the back of the Council chambers, the Tapani noble came forward in a slow glide to stand at the side of her lover, the king of the Indupar crown worlds, Sith Knight Xander Blackmoore. She stopped there, but her eyes were fixed to the form of her own master, the High Priestess of the Sith. To her, the assassin bowed her head reverantly and spoke to her through the Force.

                          'May the Force serve you well, master, my lady.'

                          Not wishing to disrupt the ceremony that was already in progress, she did not abase herself before the Sith Council at this time, but to them she also inclined her head in respect for the leaders of the Empire. When that was concluded, only then did her gaze travel to the man who was being honored this day...


                          Dangereuse's lips curled upward in a smile of pleasure, knowing the attention he was recieving had been well earned. The sword he had been given by his master - it oozed the Dark side of the Force, and Dangereuse knew at once that it was a Sith sword, forged of the Dark side itself. A rare and special gift. she wondered if she might be permitted to touch it... At her throat, the amulet she wore, twin to the one worn by the man at her side pulsed, as if it too were intrigued by the makings of the weapon.

                          'Congratulations, Warrior...', her voice carried from her mind to Lucianus.


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                            His lips had curled into an amused and lopsided grin. Laughing to himself, Hydrocus watched with a simple curiosity at the display put on by the Lupine matriarch. Dathomiri thru and and thru was his friend and she was never one to miss an opportunity to remind you of it. Poor saps, reduced to playing furniture pieces for their Mother. On another world who knows, these men might have been Kings. For all they knew, these men had been kings, their thrones ripped from them by the very witch they served now. Hydrocus pushed those thoughts from his head instead focusing on the whole point of being here.

                            His gaze fell on the newly appointed warrior, a face and name he had never heard until now. In normal circumstances that fact would have been enough for Hydrocus to pass the man off for one of the many quickfires to have come through the temple. Flames that burned bright and hot at the onset only to burn out quick in the end. This was not normal circumstance however. This Lucianus was of Razielle's stock and that was reason enough to merit attention. The young Sith as well had brought out some unique characters to see his ascension.

                            Eyes drifted to each one, noting each as a possible ally or friend of Adairs. It was a small gathering, but naturally so. Sith did not like to be reminded of their shortcomings and seeing another rise why you stood idle was a good reminder. Small, yes, but a crowd full of future promise and glorious past deeds. Adair had built himself a nice little*base to build off. Razielle had done well with this one.

                            Remaining silent, Hydrocus watched on offering Master a student a silent congratulatory nod silentonce their eyes had met.


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                              Watching and listening to the exchange Sianna could sense a well within the newly promoted Sith, one simmering and she only hoped that he took his master's words to heart, actions in Razielle's world meaning much more. Silver orbs continued studying the new Warrior, though opening herself to the Force, gazing at his soul to find the reason the Dathomiri queen had found him so intriguing. Surface thoughts being eloquent, she knew him a thinker and fighter which was definitely a dangerous and exhilarating combination. Much like herself, she mused.

                              Soon, others began moving up to view the cold blade given as a reward to Adair and her eyes drifted to her student present for the gathering and nodded her head to Dangereuse. ~ Evening. ~ Noticing the bond that her student had with the Knight gave her a moment of pause, hoping their relationship didn't impede Danger's dedication to the cause or herself. An issue that she may have to address at some point.

                              Thanks Satkia