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Rise and Conquer (Adgertesse, Open)

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  • Rise and Conquer (Adgertesse, Open)

    Dalethria had kept close tabs on her apprentice - knowing how focus and dedicated she was to learning the ways of the Sith despite how she, her master, was often called off Munto Codru for other matters. The times that they had trained one on one, the girl had shown potential and a perseverance to succeed, learning from mistakes and a thirst for knowledge.

    Now it was time for Dalethria to let the rest of the Empire come to learn of its asset known as Adgertesse.

    The Sith Master rose from her seat amongst her peers and spoke. "Adgertesse. Come forward."

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    Having been summoned to the council chambers, Adgertesse felt a bit of trepidation and excitement at the same time, knowing that her master was sometimes unpredictable. The Force however told the assassin from Adan II everything she needed to know when the time came and as the teenager made her way into the long chamber, she noticed the construction for the first time. Tall columns, each sporting an ornate sconce alight with the signature blue flame that graced every room in the temple, rose high and supported the vaulted ceiling. Grandeur that had faded somewhat with time, the impressive room was the pinnacle of their home.

    Initially standing in the lower gallery with the other disciples, Tess' right forefinger seemed to gravitate to the long scar along her palm. Her gift from Dalethria when they first met and the master took on the new apprentice. Once quiet had been gained, her master rose and electric blue eyes gravitated toward her, then hearing her name prompted the assassin to emerge from the crowd and move to the dais. Bowing respectfully to her master, she awaited the next part, forefinger coursing up and down the angry wound across her palm even more now. One that she was sure would never quite heal fully.

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      Standing behind her wife's seat, her shadow as always, Baska Tankreyd watched as Dalethria summoned one of her most recent apprentices to the Council chambers. She had heard good things about Adgertesse, but wasn't familiar with the woman yet.

      She remained silent as her blue eyes drifted to the Disciple, appreciating the manners of the woman, wondering how she would grow as a Sith as time would continue to go by.


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        From her own seat upon the Council dais, Master Van-Derveld watched as her Bloodsister, Dalethria summoned forth one of her students. One that Razielle knew a little, having traveled with the assassin, Tess, once before. She had found her both capable and inventive. If Dalethria was her master, she was also going to become a very worthy Sith. For now, Razielle remained silent and let things unfold more.


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          James also watched from his seat on the Council looking as Dalethria had brought forth one of her own students. A smile crept to his lips as he then saw the assassin step forward from the shadows. He knew very little of her but if she was a student of Master Tankreyd then she was worthy of something. Like the other two Masters he also remained silent.

          Raising a hand to his chin he would watch the proceedings for now. Only time would tell why they were all gathered here. Time had a funny way of doing things. So did pain!

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            Archer stood among the disciples of the Empire having been told of the summons. When he heard who it was who had been called out, his blue eyes looked on with great interest. He was not foolish enough to think he could spare her if her master wished to crush her, though he felt he owed the woman a debt because of her help on Ec Pand. Should she need his aide, it was hers.

            ~"I will have your back if needed,"~ Pen said to her telepathically, though he was not sure it would calm her nerves.

            The features of his face remained hidden from the crowed under the shadow of his hood. His typical green attire was enough to give away who he was. The Assassin apprentice of Jack Sheetai.


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              Dink sat atop an awning, over his fellow assassin trainee, taking in the proceedings.

              He'd never met this Adgerteese, but any gathering of the council was worth taking in. One never knew what one could learn. And there was always the possibility of an execution. Those were fun to watch, he mused.

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                Her chin lifted, eying her student's subconscious caress upon the wound that was inflicted by Dalethria's blood. A permanent reminder of whom she owed her allegiance to. And she was correct - that wound would never heal fully.

                "For the spirited passion that I require in embracing the dark side of the Force, your dedication to your training and this Empire, for seeking personal understanding of your place within the Dark Mistress' plan for you ... i hereby give you the title of Warrior of this Sith Empire." Dalethria nodded, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Congratulations and well done, my student."


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                  Lowering her head once more at the recognition given her, Adgertesse knew she was one step closer to gaining more power and wisdom. "Thank you, milady. I shall endeavor to continue to make her proud." Hearing the voices in her mind offer support and praise, she grinned knowing that Pen had no clue what he was offering. Things that they had done together and accomplished on his homeworld could never happen here. She had seen glimpses of the power that one Master wielded, she couldn't imagine all of them at once.

                  And she would never see that aimed at her, she determined. Rising once again, having been given what she sought for now, blue eyes rose to her master and the others who had achieved what she desired. One day.

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