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  • Convergence [Sevrin, Open]

    It was seldom that Jezebella actually occupied the cathedra reserved for her in the Sith Council Room; often having to resort to using holoplatforms to convey her opinions while she explored forsaken worlds far from the Sith's primary stronghold. Today, jagged shards of black quartz framed her physical body and her fingers drummed upon one of the throne's arms, soldered together with bits of iron and skulls from numerous species. In truth, she had only just arrived a few hours ago from a perilous mission on the world of Darvannis. She had changed into garb more suited for the mountainous, forest rich worlds of Munto Codru and now awaited the arrival of her apprentice.

    When he appeared at last, Darth Nemeseia leaned forward in her seat; her splayed knees supporting her elbows and her fingers cinching loosely before her. Her shoulders sloped and her amber eyes followed the straight path he followed to stand before her. "Sevrin. You have been summoned before the Council and your peers today to be rewarded for your loyalty to our cause, tenacity in your missions, and your fierceness on the battlefield. I have overseen your training and find you ready to advance to the next tier within the Empire. I bestow upon you the rank of Warrior."

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    Standing at the base of the raised dais occupied by the council members, the wraith in black robe holding the staff capped on either end in brass Keth dragons, Sianna's silver orbs watched as the apprentice was being recognized for his accomplishments. Having never met him personally, there were many that had entered the atrium and soon disappeared, grabbed up by various higher ranked Sith and taking them to other worlds sometimes to train. Having her own small collection of students, the priestess of the Sith'aria enjoyed being closer to the temple and it's archive.

    Hearing the voice of Lady Razielle's sister in the chamber was a rare treat and taking in now the one that she found worthy to be recognized was also in the Echani's sights.

    Thanks Satkia


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      Standing not far away from the priestess was one of her most loyal servants, Darth Zeta. arms crossed, gaze unwavering from its usual unemotional expression. He contently watched the proceedings, thinking the event a much well deserved result. True, he did not see much of Sevrin, but at least knew the mysterious figure to be quite the hard worker, as any student of Master Shadana typically was. As of late, the open chamber had been much too quiet, and it was of benefit to see so many Sith out, taking time to recognize a fellow brethren.


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        When given leave following their return from Darvannis, Sevrin’s first two instincts were to seek out Lucette and take a sonic shower. Before his Master had even arrived on the desert planet, he had scouted out the important locales to near completion. It had left him without the usual accommodations many took for granted, like a soft bed and readily available water source for personal hygiene. It was as much a survival test as it was a task for his teacher, but it was not the first time he’d had to survive alone with a task to accomplish.

        He hadn’t expected to be summoned so quickly, having only the time to clean and change before he was bid to join her. The venue she had chosen was far more public than he would suspect for a debrief, which gave him the suspicion of her intentions. A simple robe with tattered sleeves and edges swallowed his form, save for the opening down the middle which revealed the black tank top he had changed into for comfort. Advancing down the center promenade, he came to stop before his Master.

        Following his arrival, she was quick to praise him for his accomplishments and then bestow upon him a new title. He at first nodded his appreciation before speaking. “I look forward to continuing to display such to you, Master.” He knew the majority of his training had been done away from the eyes of others, and thus he would not be a familiar face to many, but he knew the close ties he and his Master had. It had cemented their bond, a loyalty to each other not often found amongst the Sith.


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          In attendance for this occasion, Dalethria sat on her chair with elbows bent on the arms, fingers pressed together as she watched the exchange between master and student. She was not as familiar with Sevrin as some present, but if he were deserving of this recognition, then he wouldn't be here.

          She inclined her head in acknowledgement, a silent congratulations for his achievements.


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            "Well deserved," Xander said telepathically.

            Xander had seen him in action on Darvannis. This one was truly Sith and his ascension deserved. He would have to watch this one as he was connected to his own apprentice.


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              Per her mother's request, Lucette had come to the Council Room to witness the promotion of her dear Sevrin. Her lips formed into a deceptively sweet smile as he claimed his reward, her svelte form slightly reclined against a pillar in the rear of the chamber. One day soon, she hoped to claim the rank of warrior, herself. But, she knew that there was much training that yet needed to be done. Folding her arms over her chest, she waited for Sevrin to make eye contact with her before she offered him a congratulatory nod. Her eyes briefly stole toward her Master, who had come by to offer his own felicitations, as well. Her eyes darted between the two men, wondering if they had met before now.
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                Remaining in the shadow of her wife, as it was custom in the council chambers, Baska made sure to attend to such events, as to remain up to date on what she could, regarding the dealings of the Sith Empire and progression of its members.

                Listening to Master Shadana's words to her student, a male with whom she wasn't familiar, she then nodded towards the newly appointed warrior, conveying her tacit acknowledgement.


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                  They had all just arrived from their exploits on Darvannis. Jezebella and Sevrin, Xander and herself, and yet it seemed the matter could not wait another moment. Razielle understood. When her own apprentices had done something worthy of acknowledgment, she had been known to make promotions in the field of battle..

                  To the one being honored today, she gave a single slow nod. She too had seen him in action, and knew that her sister was training a most adept apprentice.

                  Neither did she miss the round of shared looks. Xander and Sevrin. Lucy and Sevrin. Xander and Lucy...indeed. Razielle simply grinned as if watching something terribly fascinating, but said nothing of it.

                  "Congratulations...Warrior.", she flashed her approving grin toward Sevrin.


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                    The yellow red-rimmed eyes looked out frothy shadows of the observation area, looking upon another ally growing in the ranks. The pearl skinned Nagai clone, Rakai, had been busy keeping up business as usual on Korriban for his Master's studies to continue unabated.

                    Moving to the light, the raven haired Sith nodded to Sevrin, not to give approval, but to signify respect. Reaching out to the man with his telepathy, Rakai's voice whispered in the man's mind.

                    ~Well done. We will all be waiting to see great things happen because of your growing strength.~

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