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    Dark brown, well worn boots beat upon the deep grey stone as the cinnamon toned witch moved to the council chamber doors, both tall barriers had been before her on many occasion, but typically for someone else's promotion. Rarely with herself in the limelight, but today was different. She needed some guidance on an issue that she couldn't take care of herself and since the disappearance of Nova, no master to direct her. Motioning with her mind, she pushed the right door open, it's creaking hinges needing some attention from the servants, and allowed the witch inside. Curly, long ebony hair fell across her shoulders and down her back, bare except for the brown leather vest that she typically wore, open except for two buttons keeping it closed and vainly covering the tattoo that commanded her toned abdomen.

    Continuing her journey toward the raised dais, Lykeira bowed respectfully at the halfway point, hazel green eyes glancing briefly to the Echani priestess who always made such a spectacle of that tradition, then back toward the most powerful of their order. Stopping shy of the bottom step, fingers knitted together, her nails done in a crimson just this morning. "Masters, I've accomplished all the requirements as a Warrior of this great empire, save for one. Without a master of my own, I have no guidance for a test to finally be named a Lord." New power just out of her grasp that she craved desperately.

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    "Indeed that is an issue that needs to be rectified," she stated in agreement, from her chair. Dalethria leaned forward slightly, addressing Lykeira. "Have you not approached any of the other masters her to train?"

    Quite a few Sith had often sought out other prospective teachers without the need for the council to intervene. She was curious as to what methods this one had used and hadn't worked.


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      Baska remembered having met Lykeira in the past, shortly prior to the discovery of her pregnancy. This had been quite a long time ago, she inwardly mused to herself.

      Standing as a shadow behind her wife's seat, she observed the woman who had presented herself before the leaders of the Sith. She wondered what was going on and knew that she might be interested in seeing to what remained to be taken care of for Lykeira's training and trials, depending on how the discussion would unfold.


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        "The last bit of training I gained was from one that's abandoned us for another Force using group or died. I've been training my own students since then and hadn't needed any guidance until now." But, the master was right there had to be someone that could take her on, but few that didn't already have a load of students or were too busy with their own agendas. Many traveled quite a bit as well, so few opportunities had availed themselves. "I've spent much of my time at this level helping with the conquests of Dathomir and Korriban as well, madam."


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          From her own Council seat, Razielle leaned forward slightly to share a look with her Bloodsister, Dalethria. She gave her a single nod, before sitting back, but it was a gesture that spoke much. She approved of the witch, and what she said was true, she had been an asset in the influence of Dathomir, and continuing influence upon Korriban.

          "I agree, something must be done."

          Razielle had a full compliment of apprentices. Darn things sprung out of the wood work, it seemed. Her time was already stretched thin, but she could make time for the witch if there was a need.


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            Baska listened with interest to what was said, by both Lykeira and Razielle. It was true that something had to be done. The woman she had once sparred had proven to be of valor, and what she exposed of her recent ways of spending her time as a Sith comforted her in this.

            The Master had a few students of her own, and mentored others as well, but she was always willing to help the Empire when finding worthy candidates.

            "With the Council's approval, I will do something." She expressed with deference towards both her wife and Razielle, with a slight bow of her head. While she was a Master as well, the leaders of the Empire were still higher of her position.


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              Dalethria pulled her lips down in thought, not seeing any reason why her wife couldn't take on Lykeira as a student. For that was the reason why Baska had spoke up in the first place.

              "If that is your wish." She looked from wife to her soon to be student, that is if there was acceptance. "I presume this is an acceptable arrangement, Lykeira?"


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                Nodding to Baska in thanks, hazel green eyes then drifted to the master's other half and grinned. "It is, thank you all for your help in this." Bowing once more, she backed, spun and left the council room. Time to get packed, she mused.