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A Darker Bond [Marcus, Open]

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  • A Darker Bond [Marcus, Open]

    It was the first time Alice had returned to Munto Codru since she had given birth to Sarae, Herak and Ph├Ędre about a month ago. Marcus and her had traveled to the Sith Temple with their children, all the way from Vjun. Given how things could have taken a tragic turn, the Master had refused to leave their babies behind, and they stayed, along with Enara, their nanny, the woman who had once raised Alice, aboard Marcus's ship. She knew it was a little paranoid, but the brunette wasn't willing to risk anything happen to their children and had even added some Sith protection to the ship, thanks to Razielle's teaching a few months ago.

    Today was an important one, for her husband and pupil, for herself and for the Sith Empire. A Sith climbing up the hierarchy was always a reason to celebrate, as the stronger their ranks were, the more the Order flourished. She had watched the Corellian become so much stronger over the past years and was extremely proud of him.

    Arriving in the Sith Council chambers, she bowed to the members of said council with great respect, before standing at the bottom of the obsidian staircases. Vibrant blue eyes set upon the large door, Alice sent her mental summon.

    "Knight Pyrrin, come to me."

    Avi and Sig by Jez.

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    Having learned the protocols of the Sith since joining, Tess maneuvered through the other disciples in the lower gallery and though she hadn't attended many of these knew what it was about. One of their own was going to be recognized for his dedication and training and she was eager for the day when her own master would be calling her name. It wouldn't be long, she mused.

    Blue eyes took in everyone around her, those who hadn't been seen very often except for the great hall on occasion. Beyond that, the native of Adan II was still a newcomer to this temple and the assassin enjoyed her anonymity, for now.

    Thanks Satkia


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      Knowing his summons was coming, Marcus was not far from the council chambers. He thought it funny that the idea of a break from their new triplets meant a trip back to Munto Codru for a ceremony. Clad in less-than-formal wear because it was his style to be grating, his lightsaber hung loosely on his hip, Marcus strode into the chambers and cut straight for the platform, dark blue eyes fixed on Alice.

      //Nice crowd here to see me,// he projected to her alone, telepathically. //Think they missed us?//


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        Marcus's appearance was as per usual and while she kept a perfectly serious expression, Alice's amusement to his mental quip rolled off through their life bond. "They might have. We've done well as 'cleaners' for the past while."

        They had found this role of cleaners to be something they excel at together over the years, and it participated to give back to the Sith while letting them live away from Munto Codru for the most part. It was a most profitable arrangement.

        "The last months have been challenging for you, Knight Pyrrin. What did this teach you about the Dark Side?"

        Avi and Sig by Jez.


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          Because there was very little in life that Marcus took truly serious, he drawled in reply, "Didn't realize there was one last minute quiz to go with this."

          He heard a nervous ripple from the assembly and smirked.

          "Wasn't nothing I couldn't handle, besides," Marcus said, completely downplaying the violence they'd brought to their foes and the trauma his family had nearly endured. His tone took on an edge, then. "But, it taught me that - with the Darkside to power me - I can achieve anything."


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            "I am most certain you prefer a last minute quiz than some ancient riddle." Alice replied wryly, staring t her husband and apprentice. They had delt with so many ethereal threats over the years, though they had prevailed against their foes. The last time had been a close call, during her childbirth.

            As he answered her question and his last words had a recognizable edge, she nodded solemnly to him. "I and our children are the living testimony to your accomplishments. This is why you are to stand before all of your peers today as a Sith Lord, not a knight anymore."

            She was so proud of him. "Congratulations, Lord Pyrrin." Only to him, she communicated something else. "Well done, handsome. You impress me."

            Avi and Sig by Jez.


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              Nodding as she sat on her seat above the dais, Dalethria offered only a few words to the newly appointed Lord. "Congratulations, Lord Pyrrin. May the power of the Dark Side continue to grow within you."

              She could appreciate his dedication to family and how he had protected them in their time of crisis. Especially since one of her own trials had occurred long ago towards the end of her pregnancy with Aliandra...


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                Marcus bowed to Alice, then met Dalethria's gaze and gave her a respectful bow too. She had been a worthy teacher during his time as a knight and he hoped that she'd play a role again in the future too.

                Lord Pyrrin, he thought to himself. Incredible. And hilarious.


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                  OOC- Sorry I'm late. :/

                  From her Council seat, Master Van-Derveld tilted a nod in the direction of the new Sith Lord among them.

                  "Congratulations, Lord Pyrrin. The Empire grows stronger with your ascension."