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The Trials of Firebird (one of Seven.)

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  • The Trials of Firebird (one of Seven.)

    :: Rama enters the council and waitd for Firebird to arrive. ::

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    -- With her helmet on to hide her wounds on the face, she followed her Master silently. She just stood there, waiting for whatever her Master was waiting. --


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      *Lord Firebird enters the Chambers and approches his Master Rama Sha. He then lowers himself to he knees and lowers his head.*

      I am ready my Master.


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        Your First trial is Simple and it is deadly. There will be 7 trial each will get harder, surive all 7 and you shall be a Sith Master. Are you ready to accept this risk?


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          *Firebird's right eye glowed slightly as his head was bowed to the ground.*

          I am ready for what ever may come, what is my first task, my master?


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            :: Rama pulls out a small music Box. ::

            This Music Box is must repair the delicate gears useing only the force. You may not open the box. You must use force insight to fix the inner mechanizes. But there is one deadly twist. Also inside is a deadly gas. If you do not fix the box within 5 mins the gas will be released, if you allign the gears wrong the gas will be released.

            :: The Box floated outta of Rama's hand and into Firebirds. ::

            You have 5 mins starting now.


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              -- Eve stared carefully at the music box. Such a pretty box ... but so deadly. She stood behind her Master, just wondering what was going to happen next. --

              ". . ."


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                Dalethria sat at her seat amongst the Council ... waiting patiently as the first test was being carried out. Firebird had long served the Empire and he accession was more the deserving ... now it was time to prove not only his loyalty but skill and intellect as Master Rama led the trials ...


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                  *The music box floated into Firebird's left hand, it touched it for a moment, but then began to float into the air again, just a few centimeters above it. Firebird then closed his good eye, and the light went out in his right eye, he would not need it for this. He began to concentrate on the Music Box, slowly examining it through the Force, mentaly noting each gear, not setting any of them into one location. One minute passes...*


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                    Watching patiently Jedah did not move, his eyes were shut yet he saw and heard everything. It had been a long time Firebird had served TSE, one of the longest of any Sith, one of the very few who's loyalty never faltered and now for those watching they knew Firebirds day had come.


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                      *Now knowing every gear and spring of the music box, Firebird begins to concentrate on each individual gear. Using the Force as a guide, he begins to carefully set each gear into place. He slowly concentrates keeping his mind clear and on the task at hand. The gears begin to fit together slowly, connecting, beginning to fit together untill only three gears remain. Three minutes left.*


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                        *The fitting of these three gears were a tricky undertaking, for there were only room for two of them. The first gear fitted in one location perfectily, leaving one space open that allowed the key to turn the spring that wound up the Music Box. Slowly Firebird began to feel one of the gears with the Force. He almost moved it into place, but at the last second he stopped. He followed the gearshaft that the gear was connected to, and it went away from the rest of the parts.... One minute thirty secons remain.*


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                          :: Rama leaned back a little and then looked down at his watch. ::

                          I would hurry if I were you.


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                            *Firebird then Follows the gearshaft to a point where he can see that this gear is not apart of the device. He uses the Force to set the remaining good gear back into position, and made sure that the gear that did not belong was bent slowly away, making sure not to rotate or move it. The time runs down to ten seconds, and finally the gear connected to the gas is out of the way of the rest of the device, wedged so it could not move. As the final seconds run out. Lord Firebird grasps the music box in his hand, and looks at his Master.*
                            Done Master.
                            *The Music box slowly opens....*


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                              :: Rama takes the music box in his hand as it begins to play it's song. ::

                              Nice..........cut that a little shorth though.

                     have passed the first trial.