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Encripted Message: 800-865-40943

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  • Encripted Message: 800-865-40943

    ::The Message had been traveling for several hours therefor it had about a 6 hours delay, the encipted message had been picked up by the enemy force by discarded as a family farwell::

    ::A screen pops up on the link showing a Via General Reysa Sashara::

    " To all council members and other members of the TSE, about 47 hours ago, GMA troops declaid war on us and have blockaded our planets in as well as the Vongs we have a small fleet mabey 40-45 ships at present and clearly going to be over-runned, i wish to seek to find allies to defend off our planet and to be able to keep our civilisation a happy and conteneted place, i beg of you to help us anyway you can and send what ships you can to be able to defend these barbarak and in-human people of who wish to destroy our homeworld simply for plesure........*The message shut off leaveing lines going across the screen of the Via standing there*

    OOC: we would appesiate any helpyou might be able to send weather i big task force or a small recon sqaud, we are gratefull we need all the help we can get TSE


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    No body wants to be around us till they need us.


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      I think that's just you, Rama.


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        Thanks.......I think. <img src= ALT="">


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          A communication is sent back to the General of the Viashino Empire, encrypted using the same techniques that they employed so they can decrypt it.

          "General Sashara. The Empire has discussed your request for aid for the war against the Imperials. It is my duty to inform you that the Empire is declining your request for military action.

          Good luck in your campaign ..."

          Signed Dalethria Mal Pannis, Lordess and Council Member of the Sith Empire.