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Victory again.

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  • Victory again.

    :: Chaos walks into the Council Room.::

    "I have the relic's of Exar Kun! I have went into Jedi area to get them. I have teh statues that gave him his power. I plan to make it into a mighty weapon! When I am done, all will bow before TSE!


    here is the thread

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    "I got the rocks!"

    Yurza puts his hand into a bag next to him and throws diamonds and rubies and emeralds out onto the floor.

    "As far as i know these can be used for a lot of stuff. So, if you want one just tell me what color you want and I will give it to you.."


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      She looked at everything that was brought inside the Council room and frowned a little, "I do hope you know what you're doing ... tampering with such things of old could be fatal .. especially when touch by Exar Kun."

      Her gaze then befell Yurza and chuckled, "You offer gems but do you know what they do? I rather not have members of the Empire finding out what they do on their own. Repairing the HQ isn't something I think we would look forward too."


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        :: sieken came in smerking as his succsess at the Temple, apon seeing Dale in what looked in a bad mood he quickly span on his toes and back out the door::

        " G'luck fellers"


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          "I wouldn't let anything like that happen to the HQ. I already know that if you cut them a certain way they can be used to make different colors in a lightsaber. Other than that, you'll have to find out yourself."


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            Standing near his fellow councillor he stood with an impartial look on his face while he waited for the reply of the two Sith.


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              "I know what I will do with them. I am working on a way to capture the power of the statues and make weapons with the gems. I know what I am doing. All will tremble when I am done. I will make TSE an unbeatable force. You can bet on it."

              ::Chaos smiled on of his smiles. They would see.::


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                "Yurza, I suggest that you find out what they do before you start handing out these crystals. You, Sieken and Chaos found them so it is your responsibility to know what they do."

                She then turned to Chaos with a stern expression, "I do hope you know what you are doing but I congratulate you on completing a part of your goal."


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                  "I always do my Master. Don't worry to much. I can't complete the task till I am stronger. I think I will please you though."


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                    "I certainly hope so. You are free to go so you can pursue what knowledge you seek. And please ... once again .. don't blow up again in the HQ."