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Nuriko Hessen Sha come forward......

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  • Nuriko Hessen Sha come forward......

    :: Rama stands in the middle of the council room eyes fixed on the door. Next to him on a table is a small box, heavyly decortated. ::

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    Nuriko enters the council room after spending some time healing in the medbay. She sees her husband, and lets her eyes meet his...

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      Jedah has told me you passed your trials.

      :: Rama walks down towards his wife. ::

      Now you must pass one last trial.

      :: Rama begins to walk around her. ::

      Don't worry you won't get hurt doing this, or have to even move. You Just have to answer one question. "Do you deserve to be a Master?"


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        "Probably not."


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          :: Rama walks back around to in front of her ::

          And I guess now I have to decide if that's humility or self loathing.

          :: Rama walks back to the table and then beckons her to come closer. ::


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            She lifts an eyebrow and grins. "Well no one said your job was easy." She approaches the table.


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              Shhhhhhhhhhhhh........already made my decsion.

              :: Rama open the box and takes out a small metal brand. It has small metal blades on either side. Rama places it in his hand and closes it around it. A Small amount of Blood Trickles down. ::

              The Blood of a Master will soon mingle with your own......

              :: Rama's eyes then Brust into a barrage of Force lighting. His hand begins to rapidly heat the Iron. Smoke and the smell of burning flesh. ::

              .....The Symbol of the Master will be burned into your flesh just as the hate has been burned into your soul.

              :: Rama then turns back to her. ::

              Now this Usually goes on the Chest............but Im not going to ruin such a perfect set of breasts as yours. Females usually recive this mark on thier shoulder. Roll up your sleeve.


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                She grins at his breast comment and instead of rolling up her sleeve, pulls her jacket just off her shoulder. The seam of her top just inches from her neck and the edge of her secondary glove-- more like a stray sleeve-- exposing more than enough skin....


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                  :: Rama takes the Brand and Allpies it to her skin. A Sizzle can beheard as the brand burns into her skin. Rama then pulls the brand away. He quickly throws the brand away and pulls back his own burnt hand ::

                  Now you are one of us.....

                  :: He takes his non burnt hand and pulls up his shirt to reveal the same mark burned into his right bicep. ::

                  I have given you the mark my master gave to me when I attained the rank. You are now and forever.....Sith Master Nuriko Hessen Sha.


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                    Sith Master Nuriko Sha."


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                      Your Droping your madien name?


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                        "It'll always be there and a part of me. I simply prefer being Nuriko Sha."


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                          Very well......Sith Master Nuriko Sha


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                            She nodded at him and then stepped away. She about-face and left the council room, without a word to anyone.