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*Lying broken in a pool of blood*

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  • *Lying broken in a pool of blood*

    *It had likely not been the smartest move, going to the council room before the emergency room, but at the time, MnT's mindset had been on no more than providing Lordess Dalethria with the Jedi Teka Kenobi's saber, which he held now in his hand.. His neck had suffered extreme trauma, the majority of his ribs had been shattered, and his face was coated with blood from the numerous attacks he'd recieved to it... If his labored breathing had not made it obvious otherwise, it would have been easy to believe him dead...*

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    She looks over at the mess of blood and flesh. "......... In a condition such as this, you CAN get medical attention and then come present your gift to your master. I trust she'll be appreciative just the same and you can spare the floor some blood strains."

    She walks over to him and attempts to help him up. "I'd hate to do this to you, but Dalethria or no Dalethria, we need to get you to the medbay right away."


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      *Nodding slightly, he called up as much strength as he could, to get up with... Obviously struggling against his injuries, he barely managed to make it to his feet, even with the help of Mistress Nuriko.. *

      ... I...... I.......

      *Upon the realization that he could not hope to speak a proper sentance or two of gratitude, he gave up.. His neck and throat simply would not allow it..*

      ... Thanks..


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        Having watched and listened Jedah walked and knealt beside the body of Miryan no Trunks running a finger though the pool of blood that had gathered on side of the floor beside him.

        "Tasty. And here I had thought someone had brought me a live snack. Tis a pity but then I do prefer more lively virgin females as a treat myself. And for some reason you dont look like one to me."

        Standing up he looked down at Miryan nudging him with his boat while inspecting the young Siths injuries. "Under such conditions I agree with the lady Nurikos assetment that medical treatment is best warrented after such a fight, no point dying when your going to get praise for a victory is it?"

        Helping Nuri to get the Sith Knight on his feet he smirked.

        "Your going to pay for my dry cleaning if my cloak gets stained by the blood. As tasty as that stuff is its a real ***** to get out."


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