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    (blade walks before the council and kneels)

    I need information from you the TSE Council if it is permited.

    (blade awaits there answer)

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    Dalethria raised a brow, "Depends on what you need it for and what information we are talking about. Care to explain further?"


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      Yes I will explain further it is info on a person by the name of Xanatos Etanial. I wish to know who he is I had a run in with him at a jedi Bar in a little trip i took. He mentioned he once use to be from here.


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        "You want to know about a man that has risen from the grave as many times as he has switched sides?"


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          ::smirks:: "And why couldn't X himself answer any questions?"

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            He told me to ask the people here about him. So is he allie or enemy. What made him leave the TSE.

            (ooc: ya i finally found away to get away from my boarddom at least know i found something to rp about.)


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              She crossed her arms and smiled, musing over this. "Ally or enemy..., hmmm? I simply like to think of X... as X."


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                so thats all the info i'm going to get.


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                  "He's an enigma to himself. If you figure him out ... you solved an unsolvable mystery," laughs to herself and wonders if anyone else on the Council had anything to say about X.


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                    She senses some frustration from BladeIce. "That's all the info you're gonna get because that's all the info we know. I myself was never a close associate of his when he was here previously. He leaves and comes back for his own reasons, which I don't know of. If the need to kill him presents itself, then I suppose I'd have to kill him.....

                    ....but I really don't see a moment like that coming soon."


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                      so all i got is he is royality of mythos where ever that is and he has already died twice and from the council he is an enigma and he is just X. also he doesn't like rules. Wow he is truely his own person.


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                        "Everyone is their own person so I am not sure what you mean by that last statement."


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                          It means he doesn't follow the crowd no matter what.


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                            "Ah ... and is the Empire a crowd in your eyes?"


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                              a group working together to destroy a common enemy. an allience if you wish it said that way.