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A visitor emerges from the shadows

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  • A visitor emerges from the shadows

    A tall man entered, moving with the grace of a large feline predator. His step was inaudible, no Force presence emanated from him as he walked thoughtfully along the hallway. Only fifteen minutes ago, his shuttle had docked, and he was already wondering why he was here.

    He looked up for a moment while he collected his thoughts. Coming under an overhead light strip, more of him could be seen, although he had not yet met anyone that had taken any notice of him. He was wearing black Sith robes, but that was not uncommon in this place. More noticeable was his eyes, fiery green.

    He was alone by design, leaving the guards at his shuttlecraft. He was here because he wanted to think alone, somewhere far away from his usual companionship.

    There is many and important things to consider. How should I go about this? Maybe I should just see what happens along the way… It is not like I can not improvise, although I prefer to have everything straightened out ahead of me, like a road..

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    It is good that no one knows me here. Less chance that anyone would stop by to inquiry me.

    Ace was troubled by conflicting emotions – something not good for a Dark Jedi, and even less so for Ace. He wanted to be perfectly focused at his goals at all times. But now it was not so. His personal development wasn’t going as well as he had hoped, neither the larger goal of bringing order to the Galaxy.

    He crossed his arms, putting his hand inside his long sleeves and looked down, as he strolled on, deep in thoughts.

    I wonder if it would make any difference to join an establishment such as this. It doesn’t seem all that good to me. Restrictive.. locked in petty squabbles and ancient traditions.. what is needed is a new way. Palpatine was right in that… if his overconfidence and arrogance had not brought his fall, he would have achieved to create a new era. I wonder if all Sith falls into that trap… and I wonder if it will happen to me some day…


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      Ace finally reached the end of the long hallway, and a decision at the same time. He never remained ambivalent for long, not in any case, so also this time. He was not going to change his ways or direction this time. He was depended upon, and he was needed elsewhere.

      I wonder if I will ever come back to this place. Maybe. To the very least, it was what I was looking for – a quiet place to collect my thoughts and reach a conclusion. Some day maybe... but not now.

      He turned and walked back the long hallway, still at leisure pace. His shuttle would wait for him, nevermind for how long.

      I have business to take care of. Wonder why I felt so indecisive.. I should have had more trust in my original choices.

      He was about to reach the docking bay and board his Sentinel-class shuttle Avalanche, when he felt something that made him slow down his steps a little.

      Hmm, what is that? With all the continuous small to medium movements in the Force around here, it is really hard to pick up anything useful. I suppose those that live here get used to filter it out.


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        :: athena turned down the long hallway. she noticed the new person and just followed him. His force signature not of one she knows. She was careful he didnt see her. ::


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          :| ?? ::scratches her head::


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            WHY HELLO THERE!!!!!!

            :: Rama bounds in and outstreches his hand for a Shake. ::

            Rama Sha is the name....Sith Master is my game..... Who and what may you be?


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              :: Athena's eyes widened as Master Rama had shown up. She took off back down the hall she had followed the new person up. For some reason this master had always scared athena. ::


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                With all the lingering swirls of Dark side energies around, Ace could not quite pick up the one behind him deep in his own thoughts as he was, but he certainly knew when somebody was greeting him.

                He stopped and turned around slowly. He viewed the person carefully, as like seeking to determine just what he may be like. It was hard to tell around these parts just by the look of it. He grasped the hand of the person who claimed to be a Sith Master, and judging from his strong Force presence this was hardly a lie.

                “Greetings, Master Rama Sha. My name is Ace Roscoe. I am simply a visitor to this facility.. although I have had some loose thoughts about joining up, but I wonder if this is quite my kind of place. I know of none here, and I perceive the establishment to not be the most inviting of places.

                I am a.. student of the Dark lores, you might say..”


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                  Sneaking up on Athena, Eve put her hand on her shoulder lightly then put a finger on her own lips as Athena turned around. She pointed at the visitor discreetly and tilted her head to the side, moving her hands slightly, asking without talking what was the 'dealio' with the newcomer ?


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                    :: Athena turned to see EVE and almost let out a scream ::

                    " ooh him. I duuno, i saw him looking around so i followed him. Then Rama and his daughter showed up and well everyone knows Rama scares me. "


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                      :: Khan suddenly appears out of nowhere behind Eve. He stares at the vistor with dark eyes, stayng back and not interfering with his superiors' conversation. He remains emotionless, lost in his own dark thoughts ::


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                        Slightly startled, Eve looked at Khan. She didn't know who he was but now was not a good time to ask. Looking over Athena's shoulder, she just watched her Master almost scaring off the visitor then whispered to Athena.

                        "Heh, I know he can be scary at times ..."

                        She winked with her left eye, looking at Athena.

                        "Least you're not training with him."


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                          Student of dark lores huh? What is that mean?


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                            "That means, although I have gained some proficiency using the Force in training on my own, I have yet to master the many aspects of the Dark side. I was considering the possibility to join and train here, although I remain uncertain of this. A few things I have noted a natural skill with, although I completely lack knowledge of energy disciplines, necromancy and other complex Sith rituals. What I do know is Force sense, telepathy, hibernation, the arts of the lightsabre, telekinesis and a few more things. Up until recently, I have been content with learning what the Dark side has shown me that I needed. However, now I feel a possible need of more then that.”

                            Ace emerald green eyes continued to look thoughtfully at the Sith Master, feeling that there was much hidden from plain sight in this man., and that he might not want to know all of it.

                            “I am honoured to meet you, Master Rama Sha. If you feel inclined to, I suggest we go somewhere we could talk further, and I will buy you whatever you intoxication you prefer.”

                            With that, Ace made a slight bow once more.

                            He had noted people further along the hallway involved in discussion, and he perceived he was a major subject in it. He thought nothing of it, since it was natural to wonder about him, stranger in these parts.


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                              Well if it is a place to talk and drink you may want to venture to Rama's Corner.......the purchase of a drink there for me won't be needed....I own that little pub and I never pay anyways.