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He walks in, searching for Dara.

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  • He walks in, searching for Dara.

    Kaine walks into the Sith Council Room, waiting for his master.

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial senses the force signature of one of her apprentices in the Council room and makes her way there. While approaching the magnificent double doors, she gives an almost imperceptible gesture with her fingertips and the doors to the council room glide open slowly as the Lordess enters and walks gracefully to the front of the room where she sees her apprentice, Kaine Darklighter, facing her ::

    "Greetings, my apprentice."


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      Kaine respectively bowed to his master, then raised his head, and stared into the eyes of the Sith Lordess.

      “After training, you sent me out to go defeat a jedi. I have done exactly that.”

      The hilt of Teka's saber came into view, as he removed one of his hands from behind his back.

      “I defeated the Jedi Padawan Teka Kenobi in battle, and took this saber from him.”

      The Sith Disciple gave the saber to his master, then waited for her answer; one that would hopefully approve of what he had done.


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        :: The Sith Lordess accepts the saber and smiles with a nod of approval. Dara had already been monitoring her apprentice's battle with the Jedi named <a href=>Teka Kenobi</a> on the holonet. She turns to the side to address both the members assembled and her apprentice ::

        "Kaine, your recent battle with Teka Kenobi has proven your skills worthy. It is with great pride that I hereby promote you to the rank of Sith Warrior. Along with this promotion I customarily present my apprentices with a <a href=>Sith Blade</a> from my personal collection. Carry your new rank with pride, my apprentice, and remember this day. Congratulations Sith Warrior Kaine Darklighter."

        :: Dara smiles and nods in respect to the newest Warrior of the Empire ::


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          Congrats, Kaine...


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            Congratulations, Duos


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              Kaine bowed respectively to his master, then raised his head once more, looking towards Dara.

              “Thank you, Master, for bestowing upon me the rank of Sith Warrior. It is with great honor that I accept this rank with, and I will continue to serve the Empire unquestionably.”

              Once again, the new Sith Warrior bowed to his master, then turned to the rest in the room.

              “Thank you Snack.” He said, grinning his way.

              He heard another familiar voice, and turned to see Vega.

              “Thank you also, Oran.”

              The people in the room probably wondered why Vega called him Duos, and why Kaine addressed the Sith Knight as Oran, but if they really wanted to know, they could ask him.


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                *Bi0 nodded at Kaine's upgrade to Warrior*

                "Impressive Kaine....".


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                  "Congratulations, Kaine. And well done."


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                    "Congratulations, Kaine."


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                      “Thank you, everyone.”