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  • Deliverance of a Member.

    ::Angelique smiled rather absently, her red eyes distant as she trot into the room, Eve Siren rather limp in her arm from a tranquilizer, her other hand nearly leading the girl's motorcycle. She looked around, blinking as she tilted her head::

    "I found the dolly.. I didn't do anything to her, just made sure she couldn't do anything to herself."

    ::A pout formed on her mouth as she sat, propping Eve up to the side of the cycle and eyeing her::

    "She didn't make a very fun dolly.. Does she belong here?"

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    Athena looked over and saw Eve. Then noticed the other person and spoke from the shadows

    " you may leave her i shall get her to the med bay and i as well as the rest of the Empire thank you for her safe return. "


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      ::Her pout quite obviously grew as Angelique looked at Athena. She blinked for a moment before hopping to her feet, tugging Eve up as well::

      "Couldn't I stay and watch? It's so boring out there.. No screams. No voices. Not even a little child's whimper."


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        If you stay the only screams you'll be hearing are your own.

        :: Rama walked in and then turns a looks right at Angelique, then outstreches his arms. ::

        Give her to me.


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          "I wasn't going to hurt her..."

          ::A pout was seen over her face as she let Eve rest into Rama's arms. The pout staying, she turned around and started to untie the thin rope from the girl's motorcycle::

          "I only wanted to see if she's okay."


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            Eve couldn't even stand up after her fight against the Jedi. Plus with the tranquilizer, she couldn't even move and was nothing more but a mere doll. Her eyes half closed, she couldn't even talk ...just like a dead body.



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              Entering quietly, Vega looks to the unknown being with a scowl on his face before moving his gaze to look at his blood sisters body.


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                Athena looked over at master Rama as he took Eve. She was just happy Eve would be taken care of now. Athena then looked over at Vega, whom looked Very displeased.


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                  :: Rama took eve up in his arms and began to walk towards the medbay. ::